array(4079) { [0]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kabul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AFG" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kabol" ["Population"]=> int(1780000) } [1]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Qandahar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AFG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Qandahar" ["Population"]=> int(237500) } [2]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Herat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AFG" ["District"]=> string(5) "Herat" ["Population"]=> int(186800) } [3]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Mazar-e-Sharif" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AFG" ["District"]=> string(5) "Balkh" ["Population"]=> int(127800) } [4]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(5) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Amsterdam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(731200) } [5]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(6) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rotterdam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Zuid-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(593321) } [6]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(7) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Haag" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Zuid-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(440900) } [7]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(8) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Utrecht" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(7) "Utrecht" ["Population"]=> int(234323) } [8]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(9) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Eindhoven" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Brabant" ["Population"]=> int(201843) } [9]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(10) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tilburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Brabant" ["Population"]=> int(193238) } [10]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(11) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Groningen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(9) "Groningen" ["Population"]=> int(172701) } [11]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(12) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Breda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Brabant" ["Population"]=> int(160398) } [12]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(13) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Apeldoorn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Gelderland" ["Population"]=> int(153491) } [13]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(14) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nijmegen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Gelderland" ["Population"]=> int(152463) } [14]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(15) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Enschede" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Overijssel" ["Population"]=> int(149544) } [15]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(16) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Haarlem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(148772) } [16]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(17) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Almere" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(9) "Flevoland" ["Population"]=> int(142465) } [17]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(18) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Arnhem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Gelderland" ["Population"]=> int(138020) } [18]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(19) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zaanstad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(135621) } [19]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(20) ["Name"]=> string(17) "´s-Hertogenbosch" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Brabant" ["Population"]=> int(129170) } [20]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(21) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Amersfoort" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(7) "Utrecht" ["Population"]=> int(126270) } [21]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(22) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Maastricht" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(7) "Limburg" ["Population"]=> int(122087) } [22]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(23) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dordrecht" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Zuid-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(119811) } [23]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(24) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Leiden" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Zuid-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(117196) } [24]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(25) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Haarlemmermeer" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(110722) } [25]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(26) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Zoetermeer" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Zuid-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(110214) } [26]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(27) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Emmen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(7) "Drenthe" ["Population"]=> int(105853) } [27]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(28) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zwolle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Overijssel" ["Population"]=> int(105819) } [28]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(29) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ede" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Gelderland" ["Population"]=> int(101574) } [29]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(30) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Delft" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Zuid-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(95268) } [30]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(31) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Heerlen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(7) "Limburg" ["Population"]=> int(95052) } [31]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(32) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Alkmaar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NLD" ["District"]=> string(13) "Noord-Holland" ["Population"]=> int(92713) } [32]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(33) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Willemstad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ANT" ["District"]=> string(8) "Curaçao" ["Population"]=> int(2345) } [33]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(34) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tirana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ALB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tirana" ["Population"]=> int(270000) } [34]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(35) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Alger" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Alger" ["Population"]=> int(2168000) } [35]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(36) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Oran" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Oran" ["Population"]=> int(609823) } [36]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(37) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Constantine" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Constantine" ["Population"]=> int(443727) } [37]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(38) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Annaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Annaba" ["Population"]=> int(222518) } [38]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(39) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Batna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Batna" ["Population"]=> int(183377) } [39]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(40) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sétif" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sétif" ["Population"]=> int(179055) } [40]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(41) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Sidi Bel Abbès" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Sidi Bel Abbès" ["Population"]=> int(153106) } [41]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(42) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Skikda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Skikda" ["Population"]=> int(128747) } [42]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(43) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Biskra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Biskra" ["Population"]=> int(128281) } [43]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(44) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Blida (el-Boulaida)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Blida" ["Population"]=> int(127284) } [44]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(45) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Béjaïa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Béjaïa" ["Population"]=> int(117162) } [45]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(46) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mostaganem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mostaganem" ["Population"]=> int(115212) } [46]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(47) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tébessa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tébessa" ["Population"]=> int(112007) } [47]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(48) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Tlemcen (Tilimsen)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tlemcen" ["Population"]=> int(110242) } [48]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(49) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Béchar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Béchar" ["Population"]=> int(107311) } [49]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(50) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tiaret" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tiaret" ["Population"]=> int(100118) } [50]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(51) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Ech-Chleff (el-Asnam)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chlef" ["Population"]=> int(96794) } [51]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(52) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ghardaïa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DZA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Ghardaïa" ["Population"]=> int(89415) } [52]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(53) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tafuna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ASM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tutuila" ["Population"]=> int(5200) } [53]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(54) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Fagatogo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ASM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tutuila" ["Population"]=> int(2323) } [54]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(55) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Andorra la Vella" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AND" ["District"]=> string(16) "Andorra la Vella" ["Population"]=> int(21189) } [55]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(56) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Luanda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AGO" ["District"]=> string(6) "Luanda" ["Population"]=> int(2022000) } [56]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(57) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Huambo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AGO" ["District"]=> string(6) "Huambo" ["Population"]=> int(163100) } [57]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(58) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lobito" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AGO" ["District"]=> string(8) "Benguela" ["Population"]=> int(130000) } [58]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(59) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Benguela" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AGO" ["District"]=> string(8) "Benguela" ["Population"]=> int(128300) } [59]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(60) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Namibe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AGO" ["District"]=> string(6) "Namibe" ["Population"]=> int(118200) } [60]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(61) ["Name"]=> string(10) "South Hill" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AIA" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(961) } [61]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(62) ["Name"]=> string(10) "The Valley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AIA" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(595) } [62]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(63) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Saint John´s" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ATG" ["District"]=> string(7) "St John" ["Population"]=> int(24000) } [63]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(64) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Dubai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARE" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dubai" ["Population"]=> int(669181) } [64]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(65) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Abu Dhabi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARE" ["District"]=> string(9) "Abu Dhabi" ["Population"]=> int(398695) } [65]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(66) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sharja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sharja" ["Population"]=> int(320095) } [66]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(67) ["Name"]=> string(6) "al-Ayn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARE" ["District"]=> string(9) "Abu Dhabi" ["Population"]=> int(225970) } [67]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(68) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ajman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARE" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ajman" ["Population"]=> int(114395) } [68]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(69) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(16) "Distrito Federal" ["Population"]=> int(2982146) } [69]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(70) ["Name"]=> string(10) "La Matanza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(1266461) } [70]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(71) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Córdoba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Córdoba" ["Population"]=> int(1157507) } [71]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(72) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rosario" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santa Fé" ["Population"]=> int(907718) } [72]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(73) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Lomas de Zamora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(622013) } [73]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(74) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Quilmes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(559249) } [74]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(75) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Almirante Brown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(538918) } [75]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(76) ["Name"]=> string(8) "La Plata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(521936) } [76]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(77) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Mar del Plata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(512880) } [77]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(78) ["Name"]=> string(22) "San Miguel de Tucumán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tucumán" ["Population"]=> int(470809) } [78]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(79) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lanús" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(469735) } [79]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(80) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Merlo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(463846) } [80]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(81) ["Name"]=> string(19) "General San Martín" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(422542) } [81]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(82) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Salta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(5) "Salta" ["Population"]=> int(367550) } [82]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(83) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Moreno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(356993) } [83]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(84) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Santa Fé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santa Fé" ["Population"]=> int(353063) } [84]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(85) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Avellaneda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(353046) } [85]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(86) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Tres de Febrero" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(352311) } [86]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(87) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Morón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(349246) } [87]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(88) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Florencio Varela" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(315432) } [88]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(89) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Isidro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(306341) } [89]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(90) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tigre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(296226) } [90]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(91) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Malvinas Argentinas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(290335) } [91]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(92) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Vicente López" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(288341) } [92]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(93) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Berazategui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(276916) } [93]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(94) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Corrientes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(10) "Corrientes" ["Population"]=> int(258103) } [94]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(95) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Miguel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(248700) } [95]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(96) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Bahía Blanca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(239810) } [96]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(97) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Esteban Echeverría" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(235760) } [97]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(98) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Resistencia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chaco" ["Population"]=> int(229212) } [98]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(99) ["Name"]=> string(12) "José C. Paz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(221754) } [99]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(100) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(10) "Entre Rios" ["Population"]=> int(207041) } [100]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(101) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Godoy Cruz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mendoza" ["Population"]=> int(206998) } [101]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(102) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Posadas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Misiones" ["Population"]=> int(201273) } [102]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(103) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Guaymallén" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mendoza" ["Population"]=> int(200595) } [103]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(104) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Santiago del Estero" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(19) "Santiago del Estero" ["Population"]=> int(189947) } [104]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(105) ["Name"]=> string(21) "San Salvador de Jujuy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jujuy" ["Population"]=> int(178748) } [105]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(106) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Hurlingham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(170028) } [106]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(107) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Neuquén" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Neuquén" ["Population"]=> int(167296) } [107]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(108) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ituzaingó" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(158197) } [108]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(109) ["Name"]=> string(12) "San Fernando" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(153036) } [109]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(110) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Formosa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Formosa" ["Population"]=> int(147636) } [110]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(111) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Las Heras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mendoza" ["Population"]=> int(145823) } [111]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(112) ["Name"]=> string(8) "La Rioja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "La Rioja" ["Population"]=> int(138117) } [112]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(113) ["Name"]=> string(30) "San Fernando del Valle de Cata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Catamarca" ["Population"]=> int(134935) } [113]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(114) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Río Cuarto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Córdoba" ["Population"]=> int(134355) } [114]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(115) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Comodoro Rivadavia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(6) "Chubut" ["Population"]=> int(124104) } [115]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(116) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mendoza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mendoza" ["Population"]=> int(123027) } [116]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(117) ["Name"]=> string(27) "San Nicolás de los Arroyos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(119302) } [117]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(118) ["Name"]=> string(8) "San Juan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "San Juan" ["Population"]=> int(119152) } [118]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(119) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Escobar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(116675) } [119]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(120) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Concordia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(10) "Entre Rios" ["Population"]=> int(116485) } [120]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(121) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pilar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(113428) } [121]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(122) ["Name"]=> string(8) "San Luis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(8) "San Luis" ["Population"]=> int(110136) } [122]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(123) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ezeiza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(99578) } [123]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(124) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Rafael" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mendoza" ["Population"]=> int(94651) } [124]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(125) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tandil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Buenos Aires" ["Population"]=> int(91101) } [125]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(126) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yerevan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Yerevan" ["Population"]=> int(1248700) } [126]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(127) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gjumri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Širak" ["Population"]=> int(211700) } [127]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(128) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Vanadzor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ARM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Lori" ["Population"]=> int(172700) } [128]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(129) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Oranjestad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ABW" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(29034) } [129]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(130) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sydney" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(15) "New South Wales" ["Population"]=> int(3276207) } [130]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(131) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Melbourne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Victoria" ["Population"]=> int(2865329) } [131]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(132) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Brisbane" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Queensland" ["Population"]=> int(1291117) } [132]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(133) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Perth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "West Australia" ["Population"]=> int(1096829) } [133]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(134) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Adelaide" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(15) "South Australia" ["Population"]=> int(978100) } [134]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(135) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Canberra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Capital Region" ["Population"]=> int(322723) } [135]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(136) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gold Coast" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Queensland" ["Population"]=> int(311932) } [136]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(137) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Newcastle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(15) "New South Wales" ["Population"]=> int(270324) } [137]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(138) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Central Coast" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(15) "New South Wales" ["Population"]=> int(227657) } [138]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(139) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Wollongong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(15) "New South Wales" ["Population"]=> int(219761) } [139]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(140) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hobart" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tasmania" ["Population"]=> int(126118) } [140]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(141) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Geelong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Victoria" ["Population"]=> int(125382) } [141]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(142) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Townsville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Queensland" ["Population"]=> int(109914) } [142]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(143) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cairns" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Queensland" ["Population"]=> int(92273) } [143]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(144) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Baku" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AZE" ["District"]=> string(4) "Baki" ["Population"]=> int(1787800) } [144]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(145) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gäncä" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AZE" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gäncä" ["Population"]=> int(299300) } [145]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(146) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sumqayit" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AZE" ["District"]=> string(8) "Sumqayit" ["Population"]=> int(283000) } [146]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(147) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Mingäçevir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AZE" ["District"]=> string(12) "Mingäçevir" ["Population"]=> int(93900) } [147]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(148) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nassau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BHS" ["District"]=> string(14) "New Providence" ["Population"]=> int(172000) } [148]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(149) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Manama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BHR" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Manama" ["Population"]=> int(148000) } [149]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(150) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(3612850) } [150]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(151) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chittagong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chittagong" ["Population"]=> int(1392860) } [151]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(152) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Khulna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(6) "Khulna" ["Population"]=> int(663340) } [152]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(153) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(294056) } [153]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(154) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Narayanganj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(202134) } [154]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(155) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rangpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(191398) } [155]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(156) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mymensingh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(188713) } [156]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(157) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Barisal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(7) "Barisal" ["Population"]=> int(170232) } [157]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(158) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tungi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(168702) } [158]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(159) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jessore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(6) "Khulna" ["Population"]=> int(139710) } [159]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(160) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Comilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chittagong" ["Population"]=> int(135313) } [160]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(161) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Nawabganj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(130577) } [161]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(162) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dinajpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(127815) } [162]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(163) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bogra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(120170) } [163]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(164) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sylhet" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sylhet" ["Population"]=> int(117396) } [164]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(165) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Brahmanbaria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chittagong" ["Population"]=> int(109032) } [165]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(166) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tangail" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(106004) } [166]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(167) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jamalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(103556) } [167]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(168) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pabna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(103277) } [168]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(169) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Naogaon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(101266) } [169]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(170) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sirajganj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(99669) } [170]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(171) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Narsinghdi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(98342) } [171]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(172) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Saidpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rajshahi" ["Population"]=> int(96777) } [172]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(173) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gazipur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Dhaka" ["Population"]=> int(96717) } [173]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(174) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bridgetown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRB" ["District"]=> string(10) "St Michael" ["Population"]=> int(6070) } [174]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(175) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Antwerpen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Antwerpen" ["Population"]=> int(446525) } [175]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(176) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Gent" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(13) "East Flanderi" ["Population"]=> int(224180) } [176]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(177) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Charleroi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hainaut" ["Population"]=> int(200827) } [177]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(178) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Liège" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Liège" ["Population"]=> int(185639) } [178]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(179) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Bruxelles [Brussel]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Bryssel" ["Population"]=> int(133859) } [179]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(180) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Brugge" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(13) "West Flanderi" ["Population"]=> int(116246) } [180]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(181) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Schaerbeek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Bryssel" ["Population"]=> int(105692) } [181]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(182) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Namur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Namur" ["Population"]=> int(105419) } [182]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(183) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Mons" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hainaut" ["Population"]=> int(90935) } [183]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(184) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Belize City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLZ" ["District"]=> string(11) "Belize City" ["Population"]=> int(55810) } [184]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(185) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Belmopan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLZ" ["District"]=> string(4) "Cayo" ["Population"]=> int(7105) } [185]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(186) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cotonou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Atlantique" ["Population"]=> int(536827) } [186]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(187) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Porto-Novo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ouémé" ["Population"]=> int(194000) } [187]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(188) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Djougou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Atacora" ["Population"]=> int(134099) } [188]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(189) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Parakou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Borgou" ["Population"]=> int(103577) } [189]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(190) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Saint George" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BMU" ["District"]=> string(15) "Saint George´s" ["Population"]=> int(1800) } [190]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(191) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hamilton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BMU" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hamilton" ["Population"]=> int(1200) } [191]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(192) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Thimphu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BTN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Thimphu" ["Population"]=> int(22000) } [192]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(193) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Santa Cruz de la Sierra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Santa Cruz" ["Population"]=> int(935361) } [193]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(194) ["Name"]=> string(6) "La Paz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(6) "La Paz" ["Population"]=> int(758141) } [194]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(195) ["Name"]=> string(7) "El Alto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(6) "La Paz" ["Population"]=> int(534466) } [195]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(196) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cochabamba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Cochabamba" ["Population"]=> int(482800) } [196]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(197) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Oruro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Oruro" ["Population"]=> int(223553) } [197]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(198) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sucre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chuquisaca" ["Population"]=> int(178426) } [198]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(199) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Potosí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Potosí" ["Population"]=> int(140642) } [199]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(200) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tarija" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BOL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tarija" ["Population"]=> int(125255) } [200]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(201) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sarajevo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BIH" ["District"]=> string(10) "Federaatio" ["Population"]=> int(360000) } [201]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(202) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Banja Luka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BIH" ["District"]=> string(16) "Republika Srpska" ["Population"]=> int(143079) } [202]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(203) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zenica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BIH" ["District"]=> string(10) "Federaatio" ["Population"]=> int(96027) } [203]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(204) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Gaborone" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BWA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Gaborone" ["Population"]=> int(213017) } [204]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(205) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Francistown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BWA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Francistown" ["Population"]=> int(101805) } [205]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(206) ["Name"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(9968485) } [206]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(207) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(5598953) } [207]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(208) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Salvador" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(2302832) } [208]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(209) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Belo Horizonte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(2139125) } [209]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(210) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Fortaleza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ceará" ["Population"]=> int(2097757) } [210]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(211) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Brasília" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(16) "Distrito Federal" ["Population"]=> int(1969868) } [211]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(212) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Curitiba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(1584232) } [212]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(213) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Recife" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(1378087) } [213]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(214) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Porto Alegre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(1314032) } [214]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(215) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Manaus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Amazonas" ["Population"]=> int(1255049) } [215]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(216) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Belém" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(1186926) } [216]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(217) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Guarulhos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(1095874) } [217]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(218) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Goiânia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Goiás" ["Population"]=> int(1056330) } [218]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(219) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Campinas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(950043) } [219]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(220) ["Name"]=> string(13) "São Gonçalo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(869254) } [220]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(221) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Nova Iguaçu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(862225) } [221]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(222) ["Name"]=> string(10) "São Luís" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(837588) } [222]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(223) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Maceió" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alagoas" ["Population"]=> int(786288) } [223]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(224) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Duque de Caxias" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(746758) } [224]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(225) ["Name"]=> string(22) "São Bernardo do Campo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(723132) } [225]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(226) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Teresina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Piauí" ["Population"]=> int(691942) } [226]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(227) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Natal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Rio Grande do Norte" ["Population"]=> int(688955) } [227]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(228) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Osasco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(659604) } [228]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(229) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Campo Grande" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(18) "Mato Grosso do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(649593) } [229]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(230) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Santo André" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(630073) } [230]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(231) ["Name"]=> string(12) "João Pessoa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Paraíba" ["Population"]=> int(584029) } [231]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(232) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Jaboatão dos Guararapes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(558680) } [232]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(233) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Contagem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(520801) } [233]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(234) ["Name"]=> string(21) "São José dos Campos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(515553) } [234]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(235) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Uberlândia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(487222) } [235]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(236) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Feira de Santana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(479992) } [236]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(237) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ribeirão Preto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(473276) } [237]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(238) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sorocaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(466823) } [238]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(239) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Niterói" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(459884) } [239]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(240) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cuiabá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mato Grosso" ["Population"]=> int(453813) } [240]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(241) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Juiz de Fora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(450288) } [241]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(242) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Aracaju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sergipe" ["Population"]=> int(445555) } [242]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(243) ["Name"]=> string(20) "São João de Meriti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(440052) } [243]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(244) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Londrina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(432257) } [244]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(245) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Joinville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(428011) } [245]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(246) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Belford Roxo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(425194) } [246]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(247) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Santos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(408748) } [247]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(248) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ananindeua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(400940) } [248]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(249) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Campos dos Goytacazes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(398418) } [249]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(250) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mauá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(375055) } [250]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(251) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Carapicuíba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(357552) } [251]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(252) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Olinda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(354732) } [252]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(253) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Campina Grande" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Paraíba" ["Population"]=> int(352497) } [253]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(254) ["Name"]=> string(23) "São José do Rio Preto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(351944) } [254]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(255) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Caxias do Sul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(349581) } [255]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(256) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Moji das Cruzes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(339194) } [256]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(257) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Diadema" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(335078) } [257]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(258) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Aparecida de Goiânia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Goiás" ["Population"]=> int(324662) } [258]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(259) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Piracicaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(319104) } [259]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(260) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cariacica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(319033) } [260]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(261) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Vila Velha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(318758) } [261]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(262) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pelotas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(315415) } [262]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(263) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bauru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(313670) } [263]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(264) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Porto Velho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rondônia" ["Population"]=> int(309750) } [264]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(265) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Serra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(302666) } [265]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(266) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Betim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(302108) } [266]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(267) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jundíaí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(296127) } [267]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(268) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Canoas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(294125) } [268]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(269) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Franca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(290139) } [269]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(270) ["Name"]=> string(12) "São Vicente" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(286848) } [270]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(271) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Maringá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(286461) } [271]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(272) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Montes Claros" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(286058) } [272]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(273) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Anápolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Goiás" ["Population"]=> int(282197) } [273]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(274) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Florianópolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(281928) } [274]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(275) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Petrópolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(279183) } [275]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(276) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Itaquaquecetuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(270874) } [276]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(277) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Vitória" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(270626) } [277]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(278) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Ponta Grossa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(268013) } [278]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(279) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Rio Branco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Acre" ["Population"]=> int(259537) } [279]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(280) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Foz do Iguaçu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(259425) } [280]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(281) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Macapá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Amapá" ["Population"]=> int(256033) } [281]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(282) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ilhéus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(254970) } [282]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(283) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Vitória da Conquista" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(253587) } [283]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(284) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Uberaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(249225) } [284]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(285) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Paulista" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(248473) } [285]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(286) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Limeira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(245497) } [286]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(287) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Blumenau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(244379) } [287]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(288) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Caruaru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(244247) } [288]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(289) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Santarém" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(241771) } [289]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(290) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Volta Redonda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(240315) } [290]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(291) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Novo Hamburgo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(239940) } [291]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(292) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Caucaia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ceará" ["Population"]=> int(238738) } [292]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(293) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Santa Maria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(238473) } [293]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(294) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cascavel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(237510) } [294]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(295) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Guarujá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(237206) } [295]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(296) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Ribeirão das Neves" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(232685) } [296]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(297) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Governador Valadares" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(231724) } [297]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(298) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Taubaté" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(229130) } [298]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(299) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Imperatriz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(224564) } [299]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(300) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Gravataí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(223011) } [300]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(301) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Embu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(222223) } [301]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(302) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mossoró" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Rio Grande do Norte" ["Population"]=> int(214901) } [302]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(303) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Várzea Grande" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mato Grosso" ["Population"]=> int(214435) } [303]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(304) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Petrolina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(210540) } [304]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(305) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Barueri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(208426) } [305]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(306) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Viamão" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(207557) } [306]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(307) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ipatinga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(206338) } [307]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(308) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Juazeiro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(201073) } [308]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(309) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Juazeiro do Norte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ceará" ["Population"]=> int(199636) } [309]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(310) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Taboão da Serra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(197550) } [310]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(311) ["Name"]=> string(22) "São José dos Pinhais" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(196884) } [311]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(312) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Magé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(196147) } [312]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(313) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Suzano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(195434) } [313]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(314) ["Name"]=> string(13) "São Leopoldo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(189258) } [314]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(315) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Marília" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(188691) } [315]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(316) ["Name"]=> string(11) "São Carlos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(187122) } [316]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(317) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sumaré" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(186205) } [317]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(318) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Presidente Prudente" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(185340) } [318]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(319) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Divinópolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(185047) } [319]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(320) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Sete Lagoas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(182984) } [320]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(321) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Rio Grande" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(182222) } [321]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(322) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Itabuna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(182148) } [322]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(323) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jequié" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(179128) } [323]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(324) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Arapiraca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alagoas" ["Population"]=> int(178988) } [324]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(325) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Colombo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(177764) } [325]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(326) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Americana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(177409) } [326]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(327) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Alvorada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(175574) } [327]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(328) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Araraquara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(174381) } [328]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(329) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Itaboraí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(173977) } [329]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(330) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Santa Bárbara d´Oeste" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(171657) } [330]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(331) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Nova Friburgo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(170697) } [331]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(332) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jacareí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(170356) } [332]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(333) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Araçatuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(169303) } [333]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(334) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Barra Mansa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(168953) } [334]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(335) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Praia Grande" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(168434) } [335]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(336) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Marabá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(167795) } [336]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(337) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Criciúma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(167661) } [337]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(338) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Boa Vista" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Roraima" ["Population"]=> int(167185) } [338]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(339) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Passo Fundo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(166343) } [339]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(340) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dourados" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(18) "Mato Grosso do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(164716) } [340]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(341) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Santa Luzia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(164704) } [341]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(342) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rio Claro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(163551) } [342]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(343) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Maracanaú" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ceará" ["Population"]=> int(162022) } [343]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(344) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Guarapuava" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(160510) } [344]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(345) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Rondonópolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mato Grosso" ["Population"]=> int(155115) } [345]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(346) ["Name"]=> string(10) "São José" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(155105) } [346]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(347) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Cachoeiro de Itapemirim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(155024) } [347]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(348) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nilópolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(153383) } [348]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(349) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Itapevi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(150664) } [349]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(350) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Cabo de Santo Agostinho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(149964) } [350]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(351) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Camaçari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(149146) } [351]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(352) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sobral" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ceará" ["Population"]=> int(146005) } [352]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(353) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Itajaí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(145197) } [353]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(354) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chapecó" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(144158) } [354]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(355) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Cotia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(140042) } [355]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(356) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lages" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(139570) } [356]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(357) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Ferraz de Vasconcelos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(139283) } [357]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(358) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Indaiatuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(135968) } [358]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(359) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Hortolândia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(135755) } [359]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(360) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Caxias" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(133980) } [360]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(361) ["Name"]=> string(19) "São Caetano do Sul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(133321) } [361]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(362) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Itu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(132736) } [362]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(363) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Nossa Senhora do Socorro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sergipe" ["Population"]=> int(131351) } [363]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(364) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Parnaíba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Piauí" ["Population"]=> int(129756) } [364]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(365) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Poços de Caldas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(129683) } [365]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(366) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Teresópolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(128079) } [366]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(367) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Barreiras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(127801) } [367]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(368) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Castanhal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(127634) } [368]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(369) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Alagoinhas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(126820) } [369]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(370) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Itapecerica da Serra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(126672) } [370]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(371) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Uruguaiana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(126305) } [371]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(372) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Paranaguá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(126076) } [372]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(373) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ibirité" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(125982) } [373]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(374) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Timon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(125812) } [374]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(375) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Luziânia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Goiás" ["Population"]=> int(125597) } [375]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(376) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Macaé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(125597) } [376]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(377) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Teófilo Otoni" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(124489) } [377]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(378) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Moji-Guaçu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(123782) } [378]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(379) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Palmas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tocantins" ["Population"]=> int(121919) } [379]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(380) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Pindamonhangaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(121904) } [380]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(381) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Francisco Morato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(121197) } [381]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(382) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bagé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(120793) } [382]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(383) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Sapucaia do Sul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(120217) } [383]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(384) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cabo Frio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(119503) } [384]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(385) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Itapetininga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(119391) } [385]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(386) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Patos de Minas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(119262) } [386]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(387) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Camaragibe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(118968) } [387]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(388) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Bragança Paulista" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(116929) } [388]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(389) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Queimados" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(115020) } [389]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(390) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Araguaína" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tocantins" ["Population"]=> int(114948) } [390]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(391) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Garanhuns" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(114603) } [391]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(392) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Vitória de Santo Antão" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(113595) } [392]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(393) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Santa Rita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Paraíba" ["Population"]=> int(113135) } [393]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(394) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Barbacena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(113079) } [394]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(395) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Abaetetuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(111258) } [395]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(396) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Jaú" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(109965) } [396]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(397) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Lauro de Freitas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(109236) } [397]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(398) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Franco da Rocha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(108964) } [398]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(399) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Teixeira de Freitas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(108441) } [399]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(400) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Varginha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(108314) } [400]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(401) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ribeirão Pires" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(108121) } [401]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(402) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sabará" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(107781) } [402]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(403) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Catanduva" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(107761) } [403]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(404) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rio Verde" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Goiás" ["Population"]=> int(107755) } [404]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(405) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Botucatu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(107663) } [405]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(406) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Colatina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(107354) } [406]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(407) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Santa Cruz do Sul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(106734) } [407]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(408) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Linhares" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Espírito Santo" ["Population"]=> int(106278) } [408]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(409) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Apucarana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(105114) } [409]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(410) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Barretos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(104156) } [410]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(411) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Guaratinguetá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(103433) } [411]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(412) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Cachoeirinha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(103240) } [412]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(413) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Codó" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(103153) } [413]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(414) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Jaraguá do Sul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(102580) } [414]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(415) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cubatão" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(102372) } [415]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(416) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Itabira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(102217) } [416]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(417) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Itaituba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(101320) } [417]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(418) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Araras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(101046) } [418]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(419) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Resende" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(100627) } [419]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(420) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Atibaia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(100356) } [420]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(421) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Pouso Alegre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(100028) } [421]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(422) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toledo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(99387) } [422]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(423) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Crato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ceará" ["Population"]=> int(98965) } [423]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(424) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Passos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(98570) } [424]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(425) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Araguari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(98399) } [425]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(426) ["Name"]=> string(21) "São José de Ribamar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(98318) } [426]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(427) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pinhais" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(98198) } [427]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(428) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Sertãozinho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(98140) } [428]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(429) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Conselheiro Lafaiete" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(97507) } [429]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(430) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Paulo Afonso" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(97291) } [430]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(431) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Angra dos Reis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(96864) } [431]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(432) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Eunápolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(96610) } [432]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(433) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Salto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(96348) } [433]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(434) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ourinhos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(96291) } [434]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(435) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Parnamirim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Rio Grande do Norte" ["Population"]=> int(96210) } [435]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(436) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jacobina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bahia" ["Population"]=> int(96131) } [436]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(437) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Coronel Fabriciano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(95933) } [437]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(438) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Birigui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(94685) } [438]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(439) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tatuí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(93897) } [439]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(440) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ji-Paraná" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rondônia" ["Population"]=> int(93346) } [440]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(441) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bacabal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maranhão" ["Population"]=> int(93121) } [441]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(442) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cametá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pará" ["Population"]=> int(92779) } [442]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(443) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guaíba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(92224) } [443]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(444) ["Name"]=> string(22) "São Lourenço da Mata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Pernambuco" ["Population"]=> int(91999) } [444]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(445) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Santana do Livramento" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(91779) } [445]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(446) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Votorantim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(91777) } [446]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(447) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Campo Largo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(91203) } [447]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(448) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Patos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Paraíba" ["Population"]=> int(90519) } [448]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(449) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ituiutaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Minas Gerais" ["Population"]=> int(90507) } [449]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(450) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Corumbá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(18) "Mato Grosso do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(90111) } [450]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(451) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Palhoça" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["Population"]=> int(89465) } [451]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(452) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Barra do Piraí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rio de Janeiro" ["Population"]=> int(89388) } [452]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(453) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Bento Gonçalves" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Rio Grande do Sul" ["Population"]=> int(89254) } [453]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(454) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Poá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Paulo" ["Population"]=> int(89236) } [454]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(455) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Águas Lindas de Goiás" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Goiás" ["Population"]=> int(89200) } [455]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(456) ["Name"]=> string(6) "London" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(7285000) } [456]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(457) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Birmingham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(1013000) } [457]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(458) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Glasgow" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Scotland" ["Population"]=> int(619680) } [458]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(459) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Liverpool" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(461000) } [459]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(460) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Edinburgh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Scotland" ["Population"]=> int(450180) } [460]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(461) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sheffield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(431607) } [461]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(462) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Manchester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(430000) } [462]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(463) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Leeds" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(424194) } [463]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(464) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bristol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(402000) } [464]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(465) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cardiff" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Wales" ["Population"]=> int(321000) } [465]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(466) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Coventry" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(304000) } [466]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(467) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Leicester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(294000) } [467]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(468) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bradford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(289376) } [468]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(469) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Belfast" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(13) "North Ireland" ["Population"]=> int(287500) } [469]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(470) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nottingham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(287000) } [470]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(471) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Kingston upon Hull" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(262000) } [471]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(472) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Plymouth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(253000) } [472]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(473) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Stoke-on-Trent" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(252000) } [473]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(474) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Wolverhampton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(242000) } [474]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(475) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Derby" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(236000) } [475]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(476) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Swansea" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Wales" ["Population"]=> int(230000) } [476]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(477) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Southampton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(216000) } [477]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(478) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Aberdeen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Scotland" ["Population"]=> int(213070) } [478]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(479) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Northampton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(196000) } [479]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(480) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dudley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(192171) } [480]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(481) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Portsmouth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(190000) } [481]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(482) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Newcastle upon Tyne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(189150) } [482]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(483) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Sunderland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(183310) } [483]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(484) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Luton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(183000) } [484]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(485) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Swindon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(180000) } [485]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(486) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Southend-on-Sea" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(176000) } [486]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(487) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Walsall" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(174739) } [487]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(488) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bournemouth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(162000) } [488]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(489) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Peterborough" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(156000) } [489]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(490) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Brighton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(156124) } [490]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(491) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Blackpool" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(151000) } [491]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(492) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dundee" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Scotland" ["Population"]=> int(146690) } [492]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(493) ["Name"]=> string(13) "West Bromwich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(146386) } [493]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(494) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Reading" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(148000) } [494]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(495) ["Name"]=> string(26) "Oldbury/Smethwick (Warley)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(145542) } [495]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(496) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Middlesbrough" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(145000) } [496]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(497) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Huddersfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(143726) } [497]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(498) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Oxford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(144000) } [498]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(499) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Poole" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(141000) } [499]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(500) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bolton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(139020) } [500]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(501) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Blackburn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(140000) } [501]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(502) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Newport" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Wales" ["Population"]=> int(139000) } [502]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(503) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Preston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(135000) } [503]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(504) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Stockport" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(132813) } [504]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(505) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Norwich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(124000) } [505]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(506) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rotherham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(121380) } [506]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(507) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cambridge" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(121000) } [507]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(508) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Watford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(113080) } [508]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(509) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ipswich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(114000) } [509]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(510) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Slough" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(112000) } [510]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(511) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Exeter" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(111000) } [511]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(512) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cheltenham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(106000) } [512]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(513) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gloucester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(107000) } [513]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(514) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Saint Helens" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(106293) } [514]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(515) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Sutton Coldfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(106001) } [515]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(516) ["Name"]=> string(4) "York" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(104425) } [516]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(517) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Oldham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(103931) } [517]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(518) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Basildon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(100924) } [518]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(519) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Worthing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(100000) } [519]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(520) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chelmsford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(97451) } [520]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(521) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Colchester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(96063) } [521]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(522) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Crawley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(97000) } [522]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(523) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gillingham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(92000) } [523]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(524) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Solihull" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(94531) } [524]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(525) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rochdale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(94313) } [525]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(526) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Birkenhead" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(93087) } [526]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(527) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Worcester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(95000) } [527]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(528) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Hartlepool" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(92000) } [528]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(529) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Halifax" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(91069) } [529]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(530) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Woking/Byfleet" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(92000) } [530]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(531) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Southport" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(90959) } [531]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(532) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Maidstone" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(90878) } [532]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(533) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Eastbourne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [533]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(534) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Grimsby" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(7) "England" ["Population"]=> int(89000) } [534]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(535) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Saint Helier" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Jersey" ["Population"]=> int(27523) } [535]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(536) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Douglas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GBR" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(23487) } [536]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(537) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Road Town" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VGB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tortola" ["Population"]=> int(8000) } [537]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(538) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Bandar Seri Begawan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Brunei and Muara" ["Population"]=> int(21484) } [538]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(539) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sofija" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Grad Sofija" ["Population"]=> int(1122302) } [539]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(540) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Plovdiv" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Plovdiv" ["Population"]=> int(342584) } [540]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(541) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Varna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Varna" ["Population"]=> int(299801) } [541]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(542) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Burgas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Burgas" ["Population"]=> int(195255) } [542]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(543) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ruse" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ruse" ["Population"]=> int(166467) } [543]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(544) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Stara Zagora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haskovo" ["Population"]=> int(147939) } [544]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(545) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pleven" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lovec" ["Population"]=> int(121952) } [545]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(546) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sliven" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Burgas" ["Population"]=> int(105530) } [546]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(547) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dobric" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Varna" ["Population"]=> int(100399) } [547]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(548) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Šumen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BGR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Varna" ["Population"]=> int(94686) } [548]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(549) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Ouagadougou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BFA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kadiogo" ["Population"]=> int(824000) } [549]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(550) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Bobo-Dioulasso" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BFA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Houet" ["Population"]=> int(300000) } [550]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(551) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Koudougou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BFA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Boulkiemdé" ["Population"]=> int(105000) } [551]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(552) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bujumbura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BDI" ["District"]=> string(9) "Bujumbura" ["Population"]=> int(300000) } [552]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(553) ["Name"]=> string(11) "George Town" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CYM" ["District"]=> string(12) "Grand Cayman" ["Population"]=> int(19600) } [553]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(554) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Santiago de Chile" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Santiago" ["Population"]=> int(4703954) } [554]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(555) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Puente Alto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Santiago" ["Population"]=> int(386236) } [555]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(556) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Viña del Mar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Valparaíso" ["Population"]=> int(312493) } [556]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(557) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Valparaíso" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Valparaíso" ["Population"]=> int(293800) } [557]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(558) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Talcahuano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bíobío" ["Population"]=> int(277752) } [558]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(559) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Antofagasta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Antofagasta" ["Population"]=> int(251429) } [559]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(560) ["Name"]=> string(12) "San Bernardo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Santiago" ["Population"]=> int(241910) } [560]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(561) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Temuco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "La Araucanía" ["Population"]=> int(233041) } [561]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(562) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Concepción" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bíobío" ["Population"]=> int(217664) } [562]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(563) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rancagua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(10) "O´Higgins" ["Population"]=> int(212977) } [563]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(564) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Arica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tarapacá" ["Population"]=> int(189036) } [564]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(565) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Talca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Maule" ["Population"]=> int(187557) } [565]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(566) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chillán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bíobío" ["Population"]=> int(178182) } [566]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(567) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Iquique" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tarapacá" ["Population"]=> int(177892) } [567]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(568) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Los Angeles" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bíobío" ["Population"]=> int(158215) } [568]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(569) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Puerto Montt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Los Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(152194) } [569]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(570) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Coquimbo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Coquimbo" ["Population"]=> int(143353) } [570]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(571) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Osorno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Los Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(141468) } [571]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(572) ["Name"]=> string(9) "La Serena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Coquimbo" ["Population"]=> int(137409) } [572]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(573) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Calama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Antofagasta" ["Population"]=> int(137265) } [573]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(574) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Valdivia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Los Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(133106) } [574]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(575) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Punta Arenas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Magallanes" ["Population"]=> int(125631) } [575]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(576) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Copiapó" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Atacama" ["Population"]=> int(120128) } [576]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(577) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Quilpué" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Valparaíso" ["Population"]=> int(118857) } [577]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(578) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Curicó" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Maule" ["Population"]=> int(115766) } [578]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(579) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ovalle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Coquimbo" ["Population"]=> int(94854) } [579]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(580) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Coronel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bíobío" ["Population"]=> int(93061) } [580]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(581) ["Name"]=> string(19) "San Pedro de la Paz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bíobío" ["Population"]=> int(91684) } [581]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(582) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Melipilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Santiago" ["Population"]=> int(91056) } [582]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(583) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Avarua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COK" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rarotonga" ["Population"]=> int(11900) } [583]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(584) ["Name"]=> string(9) "San José" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CRI" ["District"]=> string(9) "San José" ["Population"]=> int(339131) } [584]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(585) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Djibouti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DJI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Djibouti" ["Population"]=> int(383000) } [585]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(586) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Roseau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DMA" ["District"]=> string(9) "St George" ["Population"]=> int(16243) } [586]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(587) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Santo Domingo de Guzmán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DOM" ["District"]=> string(17) "Distrito Nacional" ["Population"]=> int(1609966) } [587]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(588) ["Name"]=> string(26) "Santiago de los Caballeros" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DOM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Santiago" ["Population"]=> int(365463) } [588]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(589) ["Name"]=> string(9) "La Romana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DOM" ["District"]=> string(9) "La Romana" ["Population"]=> int(140204) } [589]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(590) ["Name"]=> string(21) "San Pedro de Macorís" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DOM" ["District"]=> string(21) "San Pedro de Macorís" ["Population"]=> int(124735) } [590]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(591) ["Name"]=> string(25) "San Francisco de Macorís" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DOM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Duarte" ["Population"]=> int(108485) } [591]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(592) ["Name"]=> string(26) "San Felipe de Puerto Plata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DOM" ["District"]=> string(12) "Puerto Plata" ["Population"]=> int(89423) } [592]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(593) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Guayaquil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Guayas" ["Population"]=> int(2070040) } [593]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(594) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Quito" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pichincha" ["Population"]=> int(1573458) } [594]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(595) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cuenca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Azuay" ["Population"]=> int(270353) } [595]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(596) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Machala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(6) "El Oro" ["Population"]=> int(210368) } [596]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(597) ["Name"]=> string(30) "Santo Domingo de los Colorados" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pichincha" ["Population"]=> int(202111) } [597]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(598) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Portoviejo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Manabí" ["Population"]=> int(176413) } [598]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(599) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ambato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tungurahua" ["Population"]=> int(169612) } [599]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(600) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Manta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Manabí" ["Population"]=> int(164739) } [600]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(601) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Duran [Eloy Alfaro]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Guayas" ["Population"]=> int(152514) } [601]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(602) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ibarra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(8) "Imbabura" ["Population"]=> int(130643) } [602]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(603) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Quevedo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(9) "Los Ríos" ["Population"]=> int(129631) } [603]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(604) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Milagro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Guayas" ["Population"]=> int(124177) } [604]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(605) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Loja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(4) "Loja" ["Population"]=> int(123875) } [605]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(606) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ríobamba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chimborazo" ["Population"]=> int(123163) } [606]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(607) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Esmeraldas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ECU" ["District"]=> string(10) "Esmeraldas" ["Population"]=> int(123045) } [607]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(608) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Cairo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kairo" ["Population"]=> int(6789479) } [608]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(609) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Alexandria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "Aleksandria" ["Population"]=> int(3328196) } [609]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(610) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Giza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Giza" ["Population"]=> int(2221868) } [610]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(611) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Shubra al-Khayma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Qalyubiya" ["Population"]=> int(870716) } [611]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(612) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Port Said" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(9) "Port Said" ["Population"]=> int(469533) } [612]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(613) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Suez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Suez" ["Population"]=> int(417610) } [613]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(614) ["Name"]=> string(20) "al-Mahallat al-Kubra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Gharbiya" ["Population"]=> int(395402) } [614]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(615) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tanta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Gharbiya" ["Population"]=> int(371010) } [615]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(616) ["Name"]=> string(10) "al-Mansura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Daqahliya" ["Population"]=> int(369621) } [616]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(617) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Luxor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(5) "Luxor" ["Population"]=> int(360503) } [617]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(618) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Asyut" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(5) "Asyut" ["Population"]=> int(343498) } [618]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(619) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bahtim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Qalyubiya" ["Population"]=> int(275807) } [619]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(620) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zagazig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(267351) } [620]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(621) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Faiyum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Faiyum" ["Population"]=> int(260964) } [621]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(622) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ismailia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ismailia" ["Population"]=> int(254477) } [622]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(623) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Kafr al-Dawwar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(10) "al-Buhayra" ["Population"]=> int(231978) } [623]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(624) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Assuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(6) "Assuan" ["Population"]=> int(219017) } [624]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(625) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Damanhur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(10) "al-Buhayra" ["Population"]=> int(212203) } [625]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(626) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Minya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Minya" ["Population"]=> int(201360) } [626]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(627) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bani Suwayf" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "Bani Suwayf" ["Population"]=> int(172032) } [627]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(628) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Qina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Qina" ["Population"]=> int(171275) } [628]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(629) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sawhaj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sawhaj" ["Population"]=> int(170125) } [629]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(630) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Shibin al-Kawm" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Minufiya" ["Population"]=> int(159909) } [630]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(631) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Bulaq al-Dakrur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Giza" ["Population"]=> int(148787) } [631]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(632) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Banha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Qalyubiya" ["Population"]=> int(145792) } [632]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(633) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Warraq al-Arab" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Giza" ["Population"]=> int(127108) } [633]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(634) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Kafr al-Shaykh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(14) "Kafr al-Shaykh" ["Population"]=> int(124819) } [634]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(635) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mallawi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Minya" ["Population"]=> int(119283) } [635]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(636) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bilbays" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(113608) } [636]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(637) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mit Ghamr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Daqahliya" ["Population"]=> int(101801) } [637]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(638) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Arish" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(11) "Shamal Sina" ["Population"]=> int(100447) } [638]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(639) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Talkha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Daqahliya" ["Population"]=> int(97700) } [639]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(640) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Qalyub" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(12) "al-Qalyubiya" ["Population"]=> int(97200) } [640]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(641) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jirja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sawhaj" ["Population"]=> int(95400) } [641]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(642) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Idfu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Qina" ["Population"]=> int(94200) } [642]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(643) ["Name"]=> string(13) "al-Hawamidiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(4) "Giza" ["Population"]=> int(91700) } [643]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(644) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Disuq" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EGY" ["District"]=> string(14) "Kafr al-Shaykh" ["Population"]=> int(91300) } [644]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(645) ["Name"]=> string(12) "San Salvador" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(12) "San Salvador" ["Population"]=> int(415346) } [645]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(646) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Santa Ana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santa Ana" ["Population"]=> int(139389) } [646]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(647) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mejicanos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(12) "San Salvador" ["Population"]=> int(138800) } [647]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(648) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Soyapango" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(12) "San Salvador" ["Population"]=> int(129800) } [648]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(649) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Miguel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(10) "San Miguel" ["Population"]=> int(127696) } [649]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(650) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Nueva San Salvador" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(11) "La Libertad" ["Population"]=> int(98400) } [650]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(651) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Apopa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLV" ["District"]=> string(12) "San Salvador" ["Population"]=> int(88800) } [651]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(652) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Asmara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ERI" ["District"]=> string(6) "Maekel" ["Population"]=> int(431000) } [652]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(653) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(2879052) } [653]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(654) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Barcelona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(1503451) } [654]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(655) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["Population"]=> int(739412) } [655]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(656) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sevilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(701927) } [656]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(657) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zaragoza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Aragonia" ["Population"]=> int(603367) } [657]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(658) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Málaga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(530553) } [658]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(659) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bilbao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Baskimaa" ["Population"]=> int(357589) } [659]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(660) ["Name"]=> string(26) "Las Palmas de Gran Canaria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(14) "Canary Islands" ["Population"]=> int(354757) } [660]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(661) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Murcia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Murcia" ["Population"]=> int(353504) } [661]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(662) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Palma de Mallorca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Balears" ["Population"]=> int(326993) } [662]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(663) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Valladolid" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(18) "Castilla and León" ["Population"]=> int(319998) } [663]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(664) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Córdoba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(311708) } [664]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(665) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Vigo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Galicia" ["Population"]=> int(283670) } [665]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(666) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Alicante [Alacant]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["Population"]=> int(272432) } [666]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(667) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gijón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Asturia" ["Population"]=> int(267980) } [667]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(668) ["Name"]=> string(26) "L´Hospitalet de Llobregat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(247986) } [668]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(669) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Granada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(244767) } [669]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(670) ["Name"]=> string(22) "A Coruña (La Coruña)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Galicia" ["Population"]=> int(243402) } [670]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(671) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Vitoria-Gasteiz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Baskimaa" ["Population"]=> int(217154) } [671]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(672) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Santa Cruz de Tenerife" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(14) "Canary Islands" ["Population"]=> int(213050) } [672]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(673) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Badalona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(209635) } [673]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(674) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Oviedo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Asturia" ["Population"]=> int(200453) } [674]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(675) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Móstoles" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(195351) } [675]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(676) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Elche [Elx]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["Population"]=> int(193174) } [676]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(677) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sabadell" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(184859) } [677]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(678) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Santander" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Cantabria" ["Population"]=> int(184165) } [678]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(679) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Jerez de la Frontera" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(182660) } [679]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(680) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Pamplona [Iruña]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Navarra" ["Population"]=> int(180483) } [680]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(681) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Donostia-San Sebastián" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Baskimaa" ["Population"]=> int(179208) } [681]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(682) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cartagena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Murcia" ["Population"]=> int(177709) } [682]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(683) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Leganés" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(173163) } [683]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(684) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Fuenlabrada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(171173) } [684]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(685) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Almería" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(169027) } [685]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(686) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Terrassa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(168695) } [686]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(687) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Alcalá de Henares" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(164463) } [687]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(688) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Burgos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(18) "Castilla and León" ["Population"]=> int(162802) } [688]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(689) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Salamanca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(18) "Castilla and León" ["Population"]=> int(158720) } [689]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(690) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Albacete" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(18) "Kastilia-La Mancha" ["Population"]=> int(147527) } [690]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(691) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Getafe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(145371) } [691]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(692) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cádiz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(142449) } [692]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(693) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Alcorcón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(142048) } [693]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(694) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Huelva" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(140583) } [694]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(695) ["Name"]=> string(5) "León" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(18) "Castilla and León" ["Population"]=> int(139809) } [695]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(696) ["Name"]=> string(31) "Castellón de la Plana [Castell" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["Population"]=> int(139712) } [696]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(697) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Badajoz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(11) "Extremadura" ["Population"]=> int(136613) } [697]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(698) ["Name"]=> string(29) "[San Cristóbal de] la Laguna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(14) "Canary Islands" ["Population"]=> int(127945) } [698]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(699) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Logroño" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "La Rioja" ["Population"]=> int(127093) } [699]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(700) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Santa Coloma de Gramenet" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(120802) } [700]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(701) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tarragona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(113016) } [701]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(702) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Lleida (Lérida)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(112207) } [702]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(703) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jaén" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(109247) } [703]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(704) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Ourense (Orense)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Galicia" ["Population"]=> int(109120) } [704]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(705) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mataró" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Katalonia" ["Population"]=> int(104095) } [705]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(706) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Algeciras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(103106) } [706]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(707) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Marbella" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(101144) } [707]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(708) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Barakaldo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Baskimaa" ["Population"]=> int(98212) } [708]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(709) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Dos Hermanas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(9) "Andalusia" ["Population"]=> int(94591) } [709]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(710) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Santiago de Compostela" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Galicia" ["Population"]=> int(93745) } [710]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(711) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Torrejón de Ardoz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Madrid" ["Population"]=> int(92262) } [711]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(712) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cape Town" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Western Cape" ["Population"]=> int(2352121) } [712]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(713) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Soweto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(904165) } [713]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(714) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Johannesburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(756653) } [714]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(715) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Port Elizabeth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Eastern Cape" ["Population"]=> int(752319) } [715]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(716) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pretoria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(658630) } [716]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(717) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Inanda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(634065) } [717]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(718) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Durban" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(566120) } [718]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(719) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Vanderbijlpark" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(468931) } [719]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(720) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Kempton Park" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(442633) } [720]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(721) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Alberton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(410102) } [721]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(722) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pinetown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(378810) } [722]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(723) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Pietermaritzburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(370190) } [723]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(724) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Benoni" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(365467) } [724]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(725) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Randburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(341288) } [725]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(726) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Umlazi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(339233) } [726]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(727) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Bloemfontein" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "Free State" ["Population"]=> int(334341) } [727]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(728) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Vereeniging" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(328535) } [728]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(729) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Wonderboom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(283289) } [729]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(730) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Roodepoort" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(279340) } [730]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(731) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Boksburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(262648) } [731]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(732) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Klerksdorp" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "North West" ["Population"]=> int(261911) } [732]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(733) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Soshanguve" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(242727) } [733]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(734) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Newcastle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(222993) } [734]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(735) ["Name"]=> string(11) "East London" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Eastern Cape" ["Population"]=> int(221047) } [735]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(736) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Welkom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "Free State" ["Population"]=> int(203296) } [736]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(737) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kimberley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "Northern Cape" ["Population"]=> int(197254) } [737]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(738) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Uitenhage" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Eastern Cape" ["Population"]=> int(192120) } [738]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(739) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chatsworth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(189885) } [739]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(740) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mdantsane" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Eastern Cape" ["Population"]=> int(182639) } [740]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(741) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Krugersdorp" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(181503) } [741]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(742) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Botshabelo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "Free State" ["Population"]=> int(177971) } [742]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(743) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Brakpan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(171363) } [743]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(744) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Witbank" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mpumalanga" ["Population"]=> int(167183) } [744]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(745) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Oberholzer" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(164367) } [745]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(746) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Germiston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(164252) } [746]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(747) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Springs" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(162072) } [747]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(748) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Westonaria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(159632) } [748]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(749) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Randfontein" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(120838) } [749]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(750) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Paarl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Western Cape" ["Population"]=> int(105768) } [750]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(751) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Potchefstroom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "North West" ["Population"]=> int(101817) } [751]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(752) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Rustenburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(10) "North West" ["Population"]=> int(97008) } [752]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(753) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nigel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gauteng" ["Population"]=> int(96734) } [753]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(754) ["Name"]=> string(6) "George" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(12) "Western Cape" ["Population"]=> int(93818) } [754]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(755) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ladysmith" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZAF" ["District"]=> string(13) "KwaZulu-Natal" ["Population"]=> int(89292) } [755]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(756) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Addis Abeba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(11) "Addis Abeba" ["Population"]=> int(2495000) } [756]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(757) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dire Dawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(9) "Dire Dawa" ["Population"]=> int(164851) } [757]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(758) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nazret" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(6) "Oromia" ["Population"]=> int(127842) } [758]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(759) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gonder" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(6) "Amhara" ["Population"]=> int(112249) } [759]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(760) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Dese" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(6) "Amhara" ["Population"]=> int(97314) } [760]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(761) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mekele" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tigray" ["Population"]=> int(96938) } [761]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(762) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bahir Dar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ETH" ["District"]=> string(6) "Amhara" ["Population"]=> int(96140) } [762]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(763) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Stanley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FLK" ["District"]=> string(13) "East Falkland" ["Population"]=> int(1636) } [763]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(764) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Suva" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FJI" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(77366) } [764]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(765) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Quezon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(2173831) } [765]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(766) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Manila" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(1581082) } [766]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(767) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kalookan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(1177604) } [767]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(768) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Davao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(1147116) } [768]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(769) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Cebu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(718821) } [769]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(770) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zamboanga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Western Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(601794) } [770]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(771) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pasig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(505058) } [771]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(772) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Valenzuela" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(485433) } [772]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(773) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Las Piñas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(472780) } [773]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(774) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Antipolo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(470866) } [774]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(775) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Taguig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(467375) } [775]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(776) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Cagayan de Oro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Northern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(461877) } [776]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(777) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Parañaque" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(449811) } [777]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(778) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Makati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(444867) } [778]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(779) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bacolod" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(429076) } [779]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(780) ["Name"]=> string(14) "General Santos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(411822) } [780]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(781) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Marikina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(391170) } [781]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(782) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Dasmariñas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(379520) } [782]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(783) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Muntinlupa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(379310) } [783]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(784) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Iloilo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(365820) } [784]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(785) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pasay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(354908) } [785]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(786) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Malabon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(338855) } [786]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(787) ["Name"]=> string(19) "San José del Monte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(315807) } [787]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(788) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bacoor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(305699) } [788]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(789) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Iligan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Central Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(285061) } [789]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(790) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Calamba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(281146) } [790]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(791) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Mandaluyong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(278474) } [791]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(792) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Butuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caraga" ["Population"]=> int(267279) } [792]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(793) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Angeles" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(263971) } [793]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(794) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tarlac" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(262481) } [794]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(795) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mandaue" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(259728) } [795]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(796) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Baguio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(3) "CAR" ["Population"]=> int(252386) } [796]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(797) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Batangas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(247588) } [797]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(798) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cainta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(242511) } [798]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(799) ["Name"]=> string(9) "San Pedro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(231403) } [799]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(800) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Navotas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(230403) } [800]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(801) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cabanatuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(222859) } [801]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(802) ["Name"]=> string(12) "San Fernando" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(221857) } [802]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(803) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Lipa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(218447) } [803]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(804) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Lapu-Lapu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(217019) } [804]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(805) ["Name"]=> string(9) "San Pablo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(207927) } [805]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(806) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Biñan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(201186) } [806]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(807) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Taytay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(198183) } [807]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(808) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lucena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(196075) } [808]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(809) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Imus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(195482) } [809]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(810) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Olongapo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(194260) } [810]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(811) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Binangonan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(187691) } [811]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(812) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Santa Rosa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(185633) } [812]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(813) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tagum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(179531) } [813]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(814) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tacloban" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Eastern Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(178639) } [814]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(815) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Malolos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(175291) } [815]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(816) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mabalacat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(171045) } [816]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(817) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cotabato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Central Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(163849) } [817]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(818) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Meycauayan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(163037) } [818]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(819) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Puerto Princesa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(161912) } [819]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(820) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Legazpi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bicol" ["Population"]=> int(157010) } [820]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(821) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Silang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(156137) } [821]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(822) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ormoc" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Eastern Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(154297) } [822]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(823) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Carlos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(154264) } [823]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(824) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kabankalan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(149769) } [824]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(825) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Talisay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(148110) } [825]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(826) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Northern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(147924) } [826]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(827) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Calbayog" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Eastern Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(147187) } [827]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(828) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Santa Maria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(144282) } [828]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(829) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pagadian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Western Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(142515) } [829]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(830) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Cadiz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(141954) } [830]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(831) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(141721) } [831]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(832) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toledo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(141174) } [832]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(833) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Naga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bicol" ["Population"]=> int(137810) } [833]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(834) ["Name"]=> string(9) "San Mateo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(135603) } [834]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(835) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Panabo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(133950) } [835]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(836) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Koronadal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(133786) } [836]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(837) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Marawi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Central Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(131090) } [837]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(838) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dagupan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(130328) } [838]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(839) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sagay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(129765) } [839]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(840) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Roxas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(126352) } [840]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(841) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lubao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(125699) } [841]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(842) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Digos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(125171) } [842]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(843) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Miguel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(123824) } [843]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(844) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Malaybalay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Northern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(123672) } [844]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(845) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Tuguegarao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(14) "Cagayan Valley" ["Population"]=> int(120645) } [845]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(846) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ilagan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(14) "Cagayan Valley" ["Population"]=> int(119990) } [846]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(847) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Baliuag" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(119675) } [847]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(848) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Surigao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caraga" ["Population"]=> int(118534) } [848]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(849) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Carlos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(118259) } [849]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(850) ["Name"]=> string(18) "San Juan del Monte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Reg" ["Population"]=> int(117680) } [850]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(851) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tanauan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(117539) } [851]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(852) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Concepcion" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(115171) } [852]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(853) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Rodriguez (Montalban)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(115167) } [853]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(854) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sariaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(114568) } [854]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(855) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Malasiqui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(113190) } [855]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(856) ["Name"]=> string(23) "General Mariano Alvarez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(112446) } [856]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(857) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Urdaneta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(111582) } [857]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(858) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hagonoy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(111425) } [858]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(859) ["Name"]=> string(8) "San Jose" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(111009) } [859]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(860) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Polomolok" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(110709) } [860]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(861) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Santiago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(14) "Cagayan Valley" ["Population"]=> int(110531) } [861]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(862) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tanza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(110517) } [862]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(863) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ozamis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Northern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(110420) } [863]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(864) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mexico" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(109481) } [864]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(865) ["Name"]=> string(8) "San Jose" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(108254) } [865]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(866) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Silay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Western Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(107722) } [866]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(867) ["Name"]=> string(13) "General Trias" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(107691) } [867]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(868) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tabaco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bicol" ["Population"]=> int(107166) } [868]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(869) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cabuyao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(106630) } [869]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(870) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Calapan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(105910) } [870]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(871) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Mati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(105908) } [871]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(872) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Midsayap" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Central Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(105760) } [872]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(873) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cauayan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(14) "Cagayan Valley" ["Population"]=> int(103952) } [873]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(874) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gingoog" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Northern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(102379) } [874]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(875) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dumaguete" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(102265) } [875]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(876) ["Name"]=> string(12) "San Fernando" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(102082) } [876]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(877) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Arayat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(101792) } [877]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(878) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Bayawan (Tulong)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(101391) } [878]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(879) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kidapawan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Central Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(101205) } [879]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(880) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Daraga (Locsin)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bicol" ["Population"]=> int(101031) } [880]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(881) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Marilao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(101017) } [881]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(882) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Malita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(100000) } [882]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(883) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dipolog" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Western Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(99862) } [883]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(884) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cavite" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(99367) } [884]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(885) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Danao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Central Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(98781) } [885]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(886) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bislig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caraga" ["Population"]=> int(97860) } [886]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(887) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Talavera" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(97329) } [887]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(888) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Guagua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(96858) } [888]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(889) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bayambang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(96609) } [889]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(890) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nasugbu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(96113) } [890]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(891) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Baybay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(15) "Eastern Visayas" ["Population"]=> int(95630) } [891]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(892) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Capas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Central Luzon" ["Population"]=> int(95219) } [892]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(893) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Sultan Kudarat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(4) "ARMM" ["Population"]=> int(94861) } [893]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(894) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Laoag" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ilocos" ["Population"]=> int(94466) } [894]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(895) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bayugan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caraga" ["Population"]=> int(93623) } [895]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(896) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Malungon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(17) "Southern Mindanao" ["Population"]=> int(93232) } [896]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(897) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Santa Cruz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(92694) } [897]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(898) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sorsogon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bicol" ["Population"]=> int(92512) } [898]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(899) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Candelaria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(16) "Southern Tagalog" ["Population"]=> int(92429) } [899]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(900) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ligao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PHL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bicol" ["Population"]=> int(90603) } [900]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(901) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tórshavn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRO" ["District"]=> string(10) "Streymoyar" ["Population"]=> int(14542) } [901]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(902) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Libreville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GAB" ["District"]=> string(8) "Estuaire" ["Population"]=> int(419000) } [902]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(903) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Serekunda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GMB" ["District"]=> string(13) "Kombo St Mary" ["Population"]=> int(102600) } [903]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(904) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Banjul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GMB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Banjul" ["Population"]=> int(42326) } [904]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(905) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tbilisi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GEO" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tbilisi" ["Population"]=> int(1235200) } [905]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(906) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kutaisi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GEO" ["District"]=> string(7) "Imereti" ["Population"]=> int(240900) } [906]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(907) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rustavi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GEO" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kvemo Kartli" ["Population"]=> int(155400) } [907]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(908) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Batumi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GEO" ["District"]=> string(17) "Adzaria [Atšara]" ["Population"]=> int(137700) } [908]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(909) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sohumi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GEO" ["District"]=> string(18) "Abhasia [Aphazeti]" ["Population"]=> int(111700) } [909]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(910) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Accra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GHA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Greater Accra" ["Population"]=> int(1070000) } [910]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(911) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kumasi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GHA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ashanti" ["Population"]=> int(385192) } [911]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(912) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tamale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GHA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Northern" ["Population"]=> int(151069) } [912]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(913) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tema" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GHA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Greater Accra" ["Population"]=> int(109975) } [913]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(914) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Sekondi-Takoradi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GHA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(103653) } [914]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(915) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Gibraltar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GIB" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(27025) } [915]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(916) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Saint George´s" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRD" ["District"]=> string(9) "St George" ["Population"]=> int(4621) } [916]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(917) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Nuuk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kitaa" ["Population"]=> int(13445) } [917]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(918) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Les Abymes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GLP" ["District"]=> string(12) "Grande-Terre" ["Population"]=> int(62947) } [918]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(919) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Basse-Terre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GLP" ["District"]=> string(11) "Basse-Terre" ["Population"]=> int(12433) } [919]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(920) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tamuning" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GUM" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(9500) } [920]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(921) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Agaña" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GUM" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(1139) } [921]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(922) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Ciudad de Guatemala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GTM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guatemala" ["Population"]=> int(823301) } [922]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(923) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mixco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GTM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guatemala" ["Population"]=> int(209791) } [923]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(924) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Villa Nueva" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GTM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guatemala" ["Population"]=> int(101295) } [924]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(925) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Quetzaltenango" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GTM" ["District"]=> string(14) "Quetzaltenango" ["Population"]=> int(90801) } [925]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(926) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Conakry" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GIN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Conakry" ["Population"]=> int(1090610) } [926]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(927) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bissau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GNB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Bissau" ["Population"]=> int(241000) } [927]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(928) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Georgetown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GUY" ["District"]=> string(10) "Georgetown" ["Population"]=> int(254000) } [928]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(929) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Port-au-Prince" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HTI" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ouest" ["Population"]=> int(884472) } [929]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(930) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Carrefour" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HTI" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ouest" ["Population"]=> int(290204) } [930]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(931) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Delmas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HTI" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ouest" ["Population"]=> int(240429) } [931]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(932) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Le-Cap-Haïtien" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HTI" ["District"]=> string(4) "Nord" ["Population"]=> int(102233) } [932]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(933) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tegucigalpa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HND" ["District"]=> string(16) "Distrito Central" ["Population"]=> int(813900) } [933]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(934) ["Name"]=> string(14) "San Pedro Sula" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Cortés" ["Population"]=> int(383900) } [934]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(935) ["Name"]=> string(8) "La Ceiba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Atlántida" ["Population"]=> int(89200) } [935]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(936) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Kowloon and New Kowloon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HKG" ["District"]=> string(20) "Kowloon and New Kowl" ["Population"]=> int(1987996) } [936]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(937) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Victoria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HKG" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hongkong" ["Population"]=> int(1312637) } [937]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(938) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Longyearbyen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SJM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Länsimaa" ["Population"]=> int(1438) } [938]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(939) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jakarta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Jakarta Raya" ["Population"]=> int(9604900) } [939]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(940) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Surabaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(2663820) } [940]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(941) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bandung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(2429000) } [941]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(942) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Medan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(1843919) } [942]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(943) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Palembang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Sumatera Selatan" ["Population"]=> int(1222764) } [943]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(944) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tangerang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(1198300) } [944]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(945) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Semarang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(1104405) } [945]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(946) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Ujung Pandang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Sulawesi Selatan" ["Population"]=> int(1060257) } [946]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(947) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Malang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(716862) } [947]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(948) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Bandar Lampung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lampung" ["Population"]=> int(680332) } [948]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(949) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bekasi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(644300) } [949]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(950) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Padang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Barat" ["Population"]=> int(534474) } [950]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(951) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Surakarta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(518600) } [951]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(952) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Banjarmasin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(18) "Kalimantan Selatan" ["Population"]=> int(482931) } [952]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(953) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pekan Baru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Riau" ["Population"]=> int(438638) } [953]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(954) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Denpasar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Bali" ["Population"]=> int(435000) } [954]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(955) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Yogyakarta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Yogyakarta" ["Population"]=> int(418944) } [955]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(956) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pontianak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Kalimantan Barat" ["Population"]=> int(409632) } [956]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(957) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Samarinda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Kalimantan Timur" ["Population"]=> int(399175) } [957]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(958) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jambi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jambi" ["Population"]=> int(385201) } [958]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(959) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Depok" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(365200) } [959]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(960) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cimahi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(344600) } [960]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(961) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Balikpapan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Kalimantan Timur" ["Population"]=> int(338752) } [961]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(962) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Manado" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sulawesi Utara" ["Population"]=> int(332288) } [962]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(963) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mataram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nusa Tenggara Barat" ["Population"]=> int(306600) } [963]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(964) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pekalongan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(301504) } [964]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(965) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tegal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(289744) } [965]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(966) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bogor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(285114) } [966]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(967) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ciputat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(270800) } [967]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(968) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pondokgede" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(263200) } [968]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(969) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cirebon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(254406) } [969]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(970) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kediri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(253760) } [970]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(971) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ambon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Molukit" ["Population"]=> int(249312) } [971]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(972) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jember" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(218500) } [972]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(973) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cilacap" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(206900) } [973]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(974) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cimanggis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(205100) } [974]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(975) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Pematang Siantar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(203056) } [975]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(976) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Purwokerto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(202500) } [976]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(977) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ciomas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(187400) } [977]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(978) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tasikmalaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(179800) } [978]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(979) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Madiun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(171532) } [979]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(980) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bengkulu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bengkulu" ["Population"]=> int(146439) } [980]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(981) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Karawang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(145000) } [981]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(982) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Banda Aceh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Aceh" ["Population"]=> int(143409) } [982]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(983) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Palu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(15) "Sulawesi Tengah" ["Population"]=> int(142800) } [983]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(984) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pasuruan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(134019) } [984]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(985) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kupang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nusa Tenggara Timur" ["Population"]=> int(129300) } [985]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(986) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Tebing Tinggi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(129300) } [986]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(987) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Percut Sei Tuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(129000) } [987]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(988) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Binjai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(127222) } [988]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(989) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sukabumi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(125766) } [989]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(990) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Waru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(124300) } [990]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(991) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Pangkal Pinang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Sumatera Selatan" ["Population"]=> int(124000) } [991]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(992) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Magelang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(123800) } [992]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(993) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Blitar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(122600) } [993]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(994) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Serang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(122400) } [994]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(995) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Probolinggo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(120770) } [995]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(996) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cilegon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(117000) } [996]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(997) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cianjur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(114300) } [997]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(998) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ciparay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(111500) } [998]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(999) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Lhokseumawe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Aceh" ["Population"]=> int(109600) } [999]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1000) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Taman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(107000) } [1000]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1001) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Depok" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Yogyakarta" ["Population"]=> int(106800) } [1001]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1002) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Citeureup" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(105100) } [1002]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1003) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pemalang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(103500) } [1003]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1004) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Klaten" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(103300) } [1004]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1005) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Salatiga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(103000) } [1005]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1006) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cibinong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(101300) } [1006]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1007) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Palangka Raya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(17) "Kalimantan Tengah" ["Population"]=> int(99693) } [1007]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1008) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mojokerto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(96626) } [1008]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1009) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Purwakarta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(95900) } [1009]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1010) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Garut" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(95800) } [1010]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1011) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kudus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Central Java" ["Population"]=> int(95300) } [1011]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1012) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kendari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(17) "Sulawesi Tenggara" ["Population"]=> int(94800) } [1012]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1013) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jaya Pura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(10) "West Irian" ["Population"]=> int(94700) } [1013]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1014) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Gorontalo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sulawesi Utara" ["Population"]=> int(94058) } [1014]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1015) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Majalaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(93200) } [1015]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1016) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Pondok Aren" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(92700) } [1016]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1017) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jombang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(92600) } [1017]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1018) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sunggal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(92300) } [1018]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1019) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Batam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Riau" ["Population"]=> int(91871) } [1019]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1020) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Padang Sidempuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Sumatera Utara" ["Population"]=> int(91200) } [1020]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1021) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sawangan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "West Java" ["Population"]=> int(91100) } [1021]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1022) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Banyuwangi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "East Java" ["Population"]=> int(89900) } [1022]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1023) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Tanjung Pinang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IDN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Riau" ["Population"]=> int(89900) } [1023]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1024) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Mumbai (Bombay)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(10500000) } [1024]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1025) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Delhi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Delhi" ["Population"]=> int(7206704) } [1025]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1026) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Calcutta [Kolkata]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(4399819) } [1026]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1027) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Chennai (Madras)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(3841396) } [1027]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1028) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hyderabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(2964638) } [1028]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1029) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ahmedabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(2876710) } [1029]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1030) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bangalore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(2660088) } [1030]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1031) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kanpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(1874409) } [1031]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1032) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nagpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(1624752) } [1032]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1033) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lucknow" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(1619115) } [1033]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1034) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Pune" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(1566651) } [1034]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1035) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Surat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(1498817) } [1035]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1036) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jaipur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(1458483) } [1036]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1037) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Indore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(1091674) } [1037]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1038) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bhopal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(1062771) } [1038]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1039) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ludhiana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(1042740) } [1039]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1040) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Vadodara (Baroda)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(1031346) } [1040]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1041) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kalyan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(1014557) } [1041]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1042) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Madurai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(977856) } [1042]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1043) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Haora (Howrah)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(950435) } [1043]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1044) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Varanasi (Benares)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(929270) } [1044]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1045) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Patna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(917243) } [1045]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1046) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Srinagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(17) "Jammu and Kashmir" ["Population"]=> int(892506) } [1046]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1047) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Agra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(891790) } [1047]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1048) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Coimbatore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(816321) } [1048]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1049) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Thane (Thana)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(803389) } [1049]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1050) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Allahabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(792858) } [1050]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1051) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Meerut" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(753778) } [1051]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1052) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Vishakhapatnam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(752037) } [1052]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1053) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jabalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(741927) } [1053]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1054) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Amritsar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(708835) } [1054]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1055) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Faridabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(703592) } [1055]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1056) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Vijayawada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(701827) } [1056]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1057) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gwalior" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(690765) } [1057]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1058) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jodhpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(666279) } [1058]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1059) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Nashik (Nasik)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(656925) } [1059]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1060) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Hubli-Dharwad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(648298) } [1060]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1061) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Solapur (Sholapur)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(604215) } [1061]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1062) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ranchi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(599306) } [1062]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1063) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bareilly" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(587211) } [1063]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1064) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Guwahati (Gauhati)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Assam" ["Population"]=> int(584342) } [1064]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1065) ["Name"]=> string(26) "Shambajinagar (Aurangabad)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(573272) } [1065]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1066) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Cochin (Kochi)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(564589) } [1066]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1067) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rajkot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(559407) } [1067]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1068) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kota" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(537371) } [1068]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1069) ["Name"]=> string(30) "Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(524006) } [1069]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1070) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Pimpri-Chinchwad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(517083) } [1070]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1071) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Jalandhar (Jullundur)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(509510) } [1071]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1072) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Gorakhpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(505566) } [1072]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1073) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chandigarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chandigarh" ["Population"]=> int(504094) } [1073]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1074) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mysore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(480692) } [1074]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1075) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Aligarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(480520) } [1075]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1076) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Guntur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(471051) } [1076]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1077) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Jamshedpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(460577) } [1077]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1078) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ghaziabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(454156) } [1078]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1079) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Warangal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(447657) } [1079]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1080) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Raipur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(438639) } [1080]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1081) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Moradabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(429214) } [1081]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1082) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Durgapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(425836) } [1082]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1083) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Amravati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(421576) } [1083]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1084) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Calicut (Kozhikode)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(419831) } [1084]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1085) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bikaner" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(416289) } [1085]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1086) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bhubaneswar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(411542) } [1086]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1087) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kolhapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(406370) } [1087]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1088) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Kataka (Cuttack)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(403418) } [1088]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1089) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ajmer" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(402700) } [1089]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1090) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bhavnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(402338) } [1090]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1091) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Tiruchirapalli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(387223) } [1091]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1092) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bhilai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(386159) } [1092]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1093) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bhiwandi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(379070) } [1093]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1094) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Saharanpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(374945) } [1094]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1095) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ulhasnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(369077) } [1095]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1096) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Salem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(366712) } [1096]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1097) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ujjain" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(362266) } [1097]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1098) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Malegaon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(342595) } [1098]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1099) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jamnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(341637) } [1099]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1100) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Bokaro Steel City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(333683) } [1100]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1101) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Akola" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(328034) } [1101]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1102) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Belgaum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(326399) } [1102]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1103) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Rajahmundry" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(324851) } [1103]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1104) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nellore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(316606) } [1104]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1105) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Udaipur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(308571) } [1105]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1106) ["Name"]=> string(10) "New Bombay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(307297) } [1106]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1107) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bhatpara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(304952) } [1107]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1108) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Gulbarga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(304099) } [1108]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1109) ["Name"]=> string(9) "New Delhi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Delhi" ["Population"]=> int(301297) } [1109]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1110) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jhansi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(300850) } [1110]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1111) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Gaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(291675) } [1111]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1112) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kakinada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(279980) } [1112]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1113) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Dhule (Dhulia)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(278317) } [1113]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1114) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Panihati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(275990) } [1114]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1115) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Nanded (Nander)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(275083) } [1115]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1116) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mangalore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(273304) } [1116]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1117) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dehra Dun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Uttaranchal" ["Population"]=> int(270159) } [1117]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1118) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kamarhati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(266889) } [1118]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1119) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Davangere" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(266082) } [1119]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1120) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Asansol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(262188) } [1120]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1121) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bhagalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(253225) } [1121]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1122) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bellary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(245391) } [1122]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1123) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Barddhaman (Burdwan)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(245079) } [1123]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1124) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rampur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(243742) } [1124]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1125) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jalgaon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(242193) } [1125]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1126) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Muzaffarpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(241107) } [1126]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1127) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Nizamabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(241034) } [1127]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1128) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Muzaffarnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(240609) } [1128]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1129) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Patiala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(238368) } [1129]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1130) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Shahjahanpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(237713) } [1130]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1131) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kurnool" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(236800) } [1131]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1132) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Tiruppur (Tirupper)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(235661) } [1132]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1133) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rohtak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(233400) } [1133]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1134) ["Name"]=> string(13) "South Dum Dum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(232811) } [1134]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1135) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mathura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(226691) } [1135]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1136) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chandrapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(226105) } [1136]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1137) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Barahanagar (Baranagar)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(224821) } [1137]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1138) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Darbhanga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(218391) } [1138]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1139) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Siliguri (Shiliguri)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(216950) } [1139]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1140) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Raurkela" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(215489) } [1140]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1141) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ambattur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(215424) } [1141]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1142) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Panipat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(215218) } [1142]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1143) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Firozabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(215128) } [1143]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1144) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Ichalkaranji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(214950) } [1144]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1145) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jammu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(17) "Jammu and Kashmir" ["Population"]=> int(214737) } [1145]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1146) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ramagundam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(214384) } [1146]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1147) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Eluru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(212866) } [1147]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1148) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Brahmapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(210418) } [1148]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1149) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Alwar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(205086) } [1149]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1150) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Pondicherry" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Pondicherry" ["Population"]=> int(203065) } [1150]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1151) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Thanjavur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(202013) } [1151]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1152) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Bihar Sharif" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(201323) } [1152]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1153) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tuticorin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(199854) } [1153]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1154) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Imphal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Manipur" ["Population"]=> int(198535) } [1154]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1155) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Latur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(197408) } [1155]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1156) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(195346) } [1156]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1157) ["Name"]=> string(25) "Farrukhabad-cum-Fatehgarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(194567) } [1157]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1158) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sangli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(193197) } [1158]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1159) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Parbhani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(190255) } [1159]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1160) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nagar Coil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(190084) } [1160]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1161) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bijapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(186939) } [1161]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1162) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kukatpalle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(185378) } [1162]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1163) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bally" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(184474) } [1163]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1164) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bhilwara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(183965) } [1164]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1165) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ratlam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(183375) } [1165]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1166) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Avadi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(183215) } [1166]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1167) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dindigul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(182477) } [1167]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1168) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ahmadnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(181339) } [1168]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1169) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bilaspur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(179833) } [1169]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1170) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shimoga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(179258) } [1170]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1171) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kharagpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(177989) } [1171]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1172) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Mira Bhayandar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(175372) } [1172]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1173) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vellore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(175061) } [1173]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1174) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jalna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(174985) } [1174]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1175) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Burnpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(174933) } [1175]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1176) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Anantapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(174924) } [1176]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1177) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Allappuzha (Alleppey)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(174666) } [1177]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1178) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tirupati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(174369) } [1178]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1179) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Karnal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(173751) } [1179]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1180) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Burhanpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(172710) } [1180]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1181) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Hisar (Hissar)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(172677) } [1181]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1182) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Tiruvottiyur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(172562) } [1182]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1183) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Mirzapur-cum-Vindhyachal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(169336) } [1183]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1184) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Secunderabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(167461) } [1184]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1185) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nadiad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(167051) } [1185]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1186) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Dewas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(164364) } [1186]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1187) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Murwara (Katni)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(163431) } [1187]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1188) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ganganagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(161482) } [1188]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1189) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Vizianagaram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(160359) } [1189]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1190) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Erode" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(159232) } [1190]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1191) ["Name"]=> string(27) "Machilipatnam (Masulipatam)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(159110) } [1191]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1192) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Bhatinda (Bathinda)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(159042) } [1192]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1193) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Raichur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(157551) } [1193]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1194) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Agartala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tripura" ["Population"]=> int(157358) } [1194]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1195) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Arrah (Ara)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(157082) } [1195]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1196) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Satna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(156630) } [1196]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1197) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Lalbahadur Nagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(155500) } [1197]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1198) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Aizawl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mizoram" ["Population"]=> int(155240) } [1198]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1199) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Uluberia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(155172) } [1199]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1200) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Katihar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(154367) } [1200]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1201) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cuddalore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(153086) } [1201]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1202) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Hugli-Chinsurah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(151806) } [1202]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1203) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dhanbad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(151789) } [1203]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1204) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Raiganj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(151045) } [1204]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1205) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sambhal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(150869) } [1205]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1206) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Durg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(150645) } [1206]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1207) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Munger (Monghyr)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(150112) } [1207]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1208) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Kanchipuram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(150100) } [1208]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1209) ["Name"]=> string(13) "North Dum Dum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(149965) } [1209]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1210) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Karimnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(148583) } [1210]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1211) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bharatpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(148519) } [1211]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1212) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sikar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(148272) } [1212]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1213) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Hardwar (Haridwar)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Uttaranchal" ["Population"]=> int(147305) } [1213]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1214) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dabgram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(147217) } [1214]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1215) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Morena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(147124) } [1215]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1216) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Noida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(146514) } [1216]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1217) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Hapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(146262) } [1217]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1218) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bhusawal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(145143) } [1218]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1219) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Khandwa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(145133) } [1219]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1220) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Yamuna Nagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(144346) } [1220]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1221) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Sonipat (Sonepat)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(143922) } [1221]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1222) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tenali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(143726) } [1222]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1223) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Raurkela Civil Township" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(140408) } [1223]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1224) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Kollam (Quilon)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(139852) } [1224]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1225) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kumbakonam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(139483) } [1225]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1226) ["Name"]=> string(28) "Ingraj Bazar (English Bazar)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(139204) } [1226]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1227) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Timkur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(138903) } [1227]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1228) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Amroha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(137061) } [1228]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1229) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Serampore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(137028) } [1229]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1230) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chapra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(136877) } [1230]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1231) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Pali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(136842) } [1231]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1232) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Maunath Bhanjan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(136697) } [1232]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1233) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Adoni" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(136182) } [1233]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1234) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jaunpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(136062) } [1234]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1235) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tirunelveli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(135825) } [1235]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1236) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bahraich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(135400) } [1236]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1237) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Gadag Betigeri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(134051) } [1237]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1238) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Proddatur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(133914) } [1238]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1239) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chittoor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(133462) } [1239]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1240) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Barrackpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(133265) } [1240]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1241) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Bharuch (Broach)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(133102) } [1241]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1242) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Naihati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(132701) } [1242]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1243) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shillong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Meghalaya" ["Population"]=> int(131719) } [1243]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1244) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sambalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(131138) } [1244]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1245) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Junagadh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(130484) } [1245]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1246) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Rae Bareli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(129904) } [1246]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1247) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Rewa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(128981) } [1247]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1248) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gurgaon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(128608) } [1248]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1249) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Khammam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(127992) } [1249]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1250) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bulandshahr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(127201) } [1250]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1251) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Navsari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(126089) } [1251]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1252) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Malkajgiri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(126066) } [1252]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1253) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Midnapore (Medinipur)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(125498) } [1253]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1254) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Miraj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(125407) } [1254]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1255) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Raj Nandgaon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(125371) } [1255]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1256) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Alandur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(125244) } [1256]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1257) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Puri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Orissa" ["Population"]=> int(125199) } [1257]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1258) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Navadwip" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(125037) } [1258]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1259) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sirsa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(125000) } [1259]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1260) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Korba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(124501) } [1260]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1261) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Faizabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(124437) } [1261]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1262) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Etawah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(124072) } [1262]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1263) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pathankot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(123930) } [1263]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1264) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Gandhinagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(123359) } [1264]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1265) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Palghat (Palakkad)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(123289) } [1265]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1266) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Veraval" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(123000) } [1266]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1267) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Hoshiarpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(122705) } [1267]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1268) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ambala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(122596) } [1268]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1269) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sitapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(121842) } [1269]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1270) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bhiwani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(121629) } [1270]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1271) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cuddapah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(121463) } [1271]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1272) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bhimavaram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(121314) } [1272]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1273) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Krishnanagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(121110) } [1273]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1274) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Chandannagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(120378) } [1274]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1275) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mandya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(120265) } [1275]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1276) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dibrugarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Assam" ["Population"]=> int(120127) } [1276]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1277) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nandyal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(119813) } [1277]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1278) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Balurghat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(119796) } [1278]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1279) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Neyveli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(118080) } [1279]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1280) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Fatehpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(117675) } [1280]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1281) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Mahbubnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(116833) } [1281]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1282) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Budaun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(116695) } [1282]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1283) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Porbandar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(116671) } [1283]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1284) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Silchar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Assam" ["Population"]=> int(115483) } [1284]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1285) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Berhampore (Baharampur)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(115144) } [1285]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1286) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Purnea (Purnia)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(114912) } [1286]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1287) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bankura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(114876) } [1287]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1288) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Rajapalaiyam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(114202) } [1288]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1289) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Titagarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(114085) } [1289]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1290) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Halisahar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(114028) } [1290]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1291) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hathras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(113285) } [1291]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1292) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bhir (Bid)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(112434) } [1292]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1293) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pallavaram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(111866) } [1293]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1294) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Anand" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(110266) } [1294]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1295) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mango" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(110024) } [1295]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1296) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Santipur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(109956) } [1296]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1297) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bhind" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(109755) } [1297]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1298) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gondiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(109470) } [1298]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1299) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Tiruvannamalai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(109196) } [1299]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1300) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Yeotmal (Yavatmal)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(108578) } [1300]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1301) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Kulti-Barakar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(108518) } [1301]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1302) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Moga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(108304) } [1302]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1303) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Shivapuri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(108277) } [1303]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1304) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bidar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(108016) } [1304]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1305) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Guntakal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(107592) } [1305]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1306) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Unnao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(107425) } [1306]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1307) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Barasat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(107365) } [1307]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1308) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tambaram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(107187) } [1308]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1309) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Abohar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(107163) } [1309]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1310) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pilibhit" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(106605) } [1310]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1311) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Valparai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(106523) } [1311]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1312) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gonda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(106078) } [1312]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1313) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Surendranagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(105973) } [1313]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1314) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Qutubullapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(105380) } [1314]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1315) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Beawar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(105363) } [1315]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1316) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hindupur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(104651) } [1316]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1317) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gandhidham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(104585) } [1317]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1318) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Haldwani-cum-Kathgodam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Uttaranchal" ["Population"]=> int(104195) } [1318]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1319) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Tellicherry (Thalassery)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerala" ["Population"]=> int(103579) } [1319]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1320) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Wardha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(102985) } [1320]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1321) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rishra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(102649) } [1321]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1322) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bhuj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(102176) } [1322]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1323) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Modinagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(101660) } [1323]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1324) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Gudivada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(101656) } [1324]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1325) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Basirhat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(101409) } [1325]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1326) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Uttarpara-Kotrung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(100867) } [1326]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1327) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ongole" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Andhra Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(100836) } [1327]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1328) ["Name"]=> string(16) "North Barrackpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(100513) } [1328]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1329) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Guna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(100490) } [1329]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1330) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Haldia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(100347) } [1330]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1331) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Habra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(100223) } [1331]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1332) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Kanchrapara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(100194) } [1332]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1333) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tonk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Rajasthan" ["Population"]=> int(100079) } [1333]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1334) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Champdani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(98818) } [1334]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1335) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Orai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(98640) } [1335]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1336) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Pudukkottai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(98619) } [1336]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1337) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sasaram" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(98220) } [1337]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1338) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hazaribag" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(97712) } [1338]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1339) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Palayankottai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamil Nadu" ["Population"]=> int(97662) } [1339]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1340) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Banda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(97227) } [1340]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1341) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Godhra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(96813) } [1341]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1342) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hospet" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(96322) } [1342]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1343) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Ashoknagar-Kalyangarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(96315) } [1343]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1344) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Achalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(96216) } [1344]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1345) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Patan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(96109) } [1345]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1346) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mandasor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(95758) } [1346]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1347) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Damoh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(95661) } [1347]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1348) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Satara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Maharashtra" ["Population"]=> int(95133) } [1348]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1349) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Meerut Cantonment" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(94876) } [1349]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1350) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Dehri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(94526) } [1350]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1351) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Delhi Cantonment" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Delhi" ["Population"]=> int(94326) } [1351]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1352) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chhindwara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(93731) } [1352]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1353) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bansberia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(93447) } [1353]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1354) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nagaon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Assam" ["Population"]=> int(93350) } [1354]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1355) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Kanpur Cantonment" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(13) "Uttar Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(93109) } [1355]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1356) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vidisha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(14) "Madhya Pradesh" ["Population"]=> int(92917) } [1356]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1357) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bettiah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(92583) } [1357]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1358) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Purulia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jharkhand" ["Population"]=> int(92574) } [1358]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1359) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hassan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karnataka" ["Population"]=> int(90803) } [1359]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1360) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Ambala Sadar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Haryana" ["Population"]=> int(90712) } [1360]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1361) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Baidyabati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(12) "West Bengali" ["Population"]=> int(90601) } [1361]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1362) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Morvi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(90357) } [1362]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1363) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Raigarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(11) "Chhatisgarh" ["Population"]=> int(89166) } [1363]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1364) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Vejalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IND" ["District"]=> string(7) "Gujarat" ["Population"]=> int(89053) } [1364]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1365) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Baghdad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baghdad" ["Population"]=> int(4336000) } [1365]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1366) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mosul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ninawa" ["Population"]=> int(879000) } [1366]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1367) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Irbil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(5) "Irbil" ["Population"]=> int(485968) } [1367]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1368) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kirkuk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Tamim" ["Population"]=> int(418624) } [1368]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1369) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Basra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(5) "Basra" ["Population"]=> int(406296) } [1369]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1370) ["Name"]=> string(14) "al-Sulaymaniya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(14) "al-Sulaymaniya" ["Population"]=> int(364096) } [1370]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1371) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Najaf" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Najaf" ["Population"]=> int(309010) } [1371]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1372) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Karbala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(7) "Karbala" ["Population"]=> int(296705) } [1372]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1373) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Hilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(5) "Babil" ["Population"]=> int(268834) } [1373]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1374) ["Name"]=> string(11) "al-Nasiriya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(6) "DhiQar" ["Population"]=> int(265937) } [1374]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1375) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Amara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Maysan" ["Population"]=> int(208797) } [1375]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1376) ["Name"]=> string(11) "al-Diwaniya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Qadisiya" ["Population"]=> int(196519) } [1376]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1377) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Ramadi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Anbar" ["Population"]=> int(192556) } [1377]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1378) ["Name"]=> string(6) "al-Kut" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(5) "Wasit" ["Population"]=> int(183183) } [1378]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1379) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Baquba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRQ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Diyala" ["Population"]=> int(114516) } [1379]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1380) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["Population"]=> int(6758845) } [1380]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1381) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mashhad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Khorasan" ["Population"]=> int(1887405) } [1381]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1382) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Esfahan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Esfahan" ["Population"]=> int(1266072) } [1382]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1383) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tabriz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "East Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(1191043) } [1383]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1384) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Shiraz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Fars" ["Population"]=> int(1053025) } [1384]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1385) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Karaj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["Population"]=> int(940968) } [1385]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1386) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ahvaz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khuzestan" ["Population"]=> int(804980) } [1386]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1387) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Qom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Qom" ["Population"]=> int(777677) } [1387]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1388) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kermanshah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Kermanshah" ["Population"]=> int(692986) } [1388]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1389) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Urmia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "West Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(435200) } [1389]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1390) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zahedan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(20) "Sistan va Baluchesta" ["Population"]=> int(419518) } [1390]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1391) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Rasht" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gilan" ["Population"]=> int(417748) } [1391]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1392) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hamadan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hamadan" ["Population"]=> int(401281) } [1392]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1393) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kerman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerman" ["Population"]=> int(384991) } [1393]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1394) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Arak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Markazi" ["Population"]=> int(380755) } [1394]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1395) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ardebil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ardebil" ["Population"]=> int(340386) } [1395]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1396) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Yazd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Yazd" ["Population"]=> int(326776) } [1396]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1397) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Qazvin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Qazvin" ["Population"]=> int(291117) } [1397]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1398) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zanjan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Zanjan" ["Population"]=> int(286295) } [1398]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1399) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sanandaj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kordestan" ["Population"]=> int(277808) } [1399]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1400) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Bandar-e-Abbas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hormozgan" ["Population"]=> int(273578) } [1400]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1401) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Khorramabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lorestan" ["Population"]=> int(272815) } [1401]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1402) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Eslamshahr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["Population"]=> int(265450) } [1402]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1403) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Borujerd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lorestan" ["Population"]=> int(217804) } [1403]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1404) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Abadan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khuzestan" ["Population"]=> int(206073) } [1404]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1405) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dezful" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khuzestan" ["Population"]=> int(202639) } [1405]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1406) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kashan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Esfahan" ["Population"]=> int(201372) } [1406]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1407) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Sari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mazandaran" ["Population"]=> int(195882) } [1407]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1408) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gorgan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Golestan" ["Population"]=> int(188710) } [1408]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1409) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Najafabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Esfahan" ["Population"]=> int(178498) } [1409]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1410) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sabzevar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Khorasan" ["Population"]=> int(170738) } [1410]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1411) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Khomeynishahr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Esfahan" ["Population"]=> int(165888) } [1411]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1412) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Amol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mazandaran" ["Population"]=> int(159092) } [1412]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1413) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Neyshabur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Khorasan" ["Population"]=> int(158847) } [1413]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1414) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Babol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mazandaran" ["Population"]=> int(158346) } [1414]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1415) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Khoy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "West Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(148944) } [1415]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1416) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Malayer" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hamadan" ["Population"]=> int(144373) } [1416]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1417) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bushehr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Bushehr" ["Population"]=> int(143641) } [1417]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1418) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Qaemshahr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mazandaran" ["Population"]=> int(143286) } [1418]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1419) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qarchak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["Population"]=> int(142690) } [1419]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1420) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Qods" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["Population"]=> int(138278) } [1420]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1421) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sirjan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerman" ["Population"]=> int(135024) } [1421]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1422) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bojnurd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Khorasan" ["Population"]=> int(134835) } [1422]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1423) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Maragheh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "East Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(132318) } [1423]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1424) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Birjand" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Khorasan" ["Population"]=> int(127608) } [1424]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1425) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ilam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ilam" ["Population"]=> int(126346) } [1425]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1426) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bukan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "West Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(120020) } [1426]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1427) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Masjed-e-Soleyman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khuzestan" ["Population"]=> int(116883) } [1427]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1428) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Saqqez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kordestan" ["Population"]=> int(115394) } [1428]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1429) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Gonbad-e Qabus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Mazandaran" ["Population"]=> int(111253) } [1429]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1430) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Saveh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Qom" ["Population"]=> int(111245) } [1430]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1431) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mahabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "West Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(107799) } [1431]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1432) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Varamin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Teheran" ["Population"]=> int(107233) } [1432]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1433) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Andimeshk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khuzestan" ["Population"]=> int(106923) } [1433]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1434) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Khorramshahr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khuzestan" ["Population"]=> int(105636) } [1434]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1435) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shahrud" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Semnan" ["Population"]=> int(104765) } [1435]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1436) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Marv Dasht" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Fars" ["Population"]=> int(103579) } [1436]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1437) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Zabol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(20) "Sistan va Baluchesta" ["Population"]=> int(100887) } [1437]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1438) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Shahr-e Kord" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(20) "Chaharmahal va Bakht" ["Population"]=> int(100477) } [1438]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1439) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Bandar-e Anzali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gilan" ["Population"]=> int(98500) } [1439]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1440) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rafsanjan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kerman" ["Population"]=> int(98300) } [1440]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1441) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Marand" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "East Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(96400) } [1441]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1442) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Torbat-e Heydariyeh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Khorasan" ["Population"]=> int(94600) } [1442]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1443) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jahrom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Fars" ["Population"]=> int(94200) } [1443]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1444) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Semnan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Semnan" ["Population"]=> int(91045) } [1444]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1445) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Miandoab" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(16) "West Azerbaidzan" ["Population"]=> int(90100) } [1445]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1446) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qomsheh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Esfahan" ["Population"]=> int(89800) } [1446]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1447) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dublin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Leinster" ["Population"]=> int(481854) } [1447]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1448) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Cork" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "IRL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Munster" ["Population"]=> int(127187) } [1448]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1449) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Reykjavík" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISL" ["District"]=> string(20) "Höfuðborgarsvæði" ["Population"]=> int(109184) } [1449]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1450) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jerusalem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jerusalem" ["Population"]=> int(633700) } [1450]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1451) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Tel Aviv-Jaffa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tel Aviv" ["Population"]=> int(348100) } [1451]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1452) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Haifa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Haifa" ["Population"]=> int(265700) } [1452]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1453) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Rishon Le Ziyyon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Ha Merkaz" ["Population"]=> int(188200) } [1453]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1454) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Beerseba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ha Darom" ["Population"]=> int(163700) } [1454]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1455) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Holon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tel Aviv" ["Population"]=> int(163100) } [1455]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1456) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Petah Tiqwa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Ha Merkaz" ["Population"]=> int(159400) } [1456]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1457) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ashdod" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ha Darom" ["Population"]=> int(155800) } [1457]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1458) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Netanya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Ha Merkaz" ["Population"]=> int(154900) } [1458]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1459) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bat Yam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tel Aviv" ["Population"]=> int(137000) } [1459]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1460) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bene Beraq" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tel Aviv" ["Population"]=> int(133900) } [1460]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1461) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ramat Gan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tel Aviv" ["Population"]=> int(126900) } [1461]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1462) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ashqelon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ha Darom" ["Population"]=> int(92300) } [1462]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1463) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rehovot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ISR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Ha Merkaz" ["Population"]=> int(90300) } [1463]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1464) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Roma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Latium" ["Population"]=> int(2643581) } [1464]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1465) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Milano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Lombardia" ["Population"]=> int(1300977) } [1465]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1466) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Napoli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Campania" ["Population"]=> int(1002619) } [1466]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1467) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Torino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Piemonte" ["Population"]=> int(903705) } [1467]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1468) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Palermo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sisilia" ["Population"]=> int(683794) } [1468]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1469) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Genova" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Liguria" ["Population"]=> int(636104) } [1469]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1470) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bologna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(381161) } [1470]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1471) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Firenze" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toscana" ["Population"]=> int(376662) } [1471]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1472) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Catania" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sisilia" ["Population"]=> int(337862) } [1472]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1473) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(331848) } [1473]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1474) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Venezia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Veneto" ["Population"]=> int(277305) } [1474]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1475) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Messina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sisilia" ["Population"]=> int(259156) } [1475]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1476) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Verona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Veneto" ["Population"]=> int(255268) } [1476]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1477) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Trieste" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Friuli-Venezia Giuli" ["Population"]=> int(216459) } [1477]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1478) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Padova" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Veneto" ["Population"]=> int(211391) } [1478]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1479) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taranto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(208214) } [1479]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1480) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Brescia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Lombardia" ["Population"]=> int(191317) } [1480]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1481) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Reggio di Calabria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Calabria" ["Population"]=> int(179617) } [1481]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1482) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Modena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(176022) } [1482]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1483) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Prato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toscana" ["Population"]=> int(172473) } [1483]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1484) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Parma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(168717) } [1484]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1485) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cagliari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Sardinia" ["Population"]=> int(165926) } [1485]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1486) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Livorno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toscana" ["Population"]=> int(161673) } [1486]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1487) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Perugia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Umbria" ["Population"]=> int(156673) } [1487]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1488) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Foggia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(154891) } [1488]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1489) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Reggio nell´ Emilia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(143664) } [1489]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1490) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Salerno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Campania" ["Population"]=> int(142055) } [1490]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1491) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ravenna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(138418) } [1491]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1492) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ferrara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(132127) } [1492]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1493) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rimini" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(131062) } [1493]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1494) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Syrakusa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sisilia" ["Population"]=> int(126282) } [1494]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1495) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sassari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Sardinia" ["Population"]=> int(120803) } [1495]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1496) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Monza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Lombardia" ["Population"]=> int(119516) } [1496]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1497) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bergamo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Lombardia" ["Population"]=> int(117837) } [1497]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1498) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pescara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Abruzzit" ["Population"]=> int(115698) } [1498]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1499) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Latina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Latium" ["Population"]=> int(114099) } [1499]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1500) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vicenza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Veneto" ["Population"]=> int(109738) } [1500]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1501) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Terni" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Umbria" ["Population"]=> int(107770) } [1501]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1502) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Forlì" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(107475) } [1502]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1503) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Trento" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Trentino-Alto Adige" ["Population"]=> int(104906) } [1503]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1504) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Novara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Piemonte" ["Population"]=> int(102037) } [1504]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1505) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Piacenza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(98384) } [1505]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1506) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ancona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Marche" ["Population"]=> int(98329) } [1506]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1507) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lecce" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(98208) } [1507]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1508) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bolzano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Trentino-Alto Adige" ["Population"]=> int(97232) } [1508]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1509) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Catanzaro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Calabria" ["Population"]=> int(96700) } [1509]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1510) ["Name"]=> string(9) "La Spezia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Liguria" ["Population"]=> int(95504) } [1510]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1511) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Udine" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Friuli-Venezia Giuli" ["Population"]=> int(94932) } [1511]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1512) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Torre del Greco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Campania" ["Population"]=> int(94505) } [1512]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1513) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Andria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(94443) } [1513]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1514) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Brindisi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(93454) } [1514]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1515) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Giugliano in Campania" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Campania" ["Population"]=> int(93286) } [1515]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1516) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Pisa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toscana" ["Population"]=> int(92379) } [1516]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1517) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Barletta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Apulia" ["Population"]=> int(91904) } [1517]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1518) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Arezzo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toscana" ["Population"]=> int(91729) } [1518]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1519) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Alessandria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Piemonte" ["Population"]=> int(90289) } [1519]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1520) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cesena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Emilia-Romagna" ["Population"]=> int(89852) } [1520]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1521) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pesaro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ITA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Marche" ["Population"]=> int(88987) } [1521]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1522) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Dili" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TMP" ["District"]=> string(4) "Dili" ["Population"]=> int(47900) } [1522]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1523) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Wien" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUT" ["District"]=> string(4) "Wien" ["Population"]=> int(1608144) } [1523]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1524) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Graz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUT" ["District"]=> string(10) "Steiermark" ["Population"]=> int(240967) } [1524]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1525) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Linz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUT" ["District"]=> string(13) "North Austria" ["Population"]=> int(188022) } [1525]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1526) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Salzburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUT" ["District"]=> string(8) "Salzburg" ["Population"]=> int(144247) } [1526]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1527) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Innsbruck" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUT" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tiroli" ["Population"]=> int(111752) } [1527]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1528) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Klagenfurt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "AUT" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kärnten" ["Population"]=> int(91141) } [1528]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1529) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Spanish Town" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JAM" ["District"]=> string(13) "St. Catherine" ["Population"]=> int(110379) } [1529]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1530) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kingston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JAM" ["District"]=> string(10) "St. Andrew" ["Population"]=> int(103962) } [1530]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1531) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Portmore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JAM" ["District"]=> string(10) "St. Andrew" ["Population"]=> int(99799) } [1531]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1532) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tokyo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(7980230) } [1532]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1533) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Jokohama [Yokohama]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(3339594) } [1533]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1534) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(2595674) } [1534]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1535) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nagoya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(2154376) } [1535]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1536) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sapporo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(1790886) } [1536]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1537) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kioto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kyoto" ["Population"]=> int(1461974) } [1537]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1538) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kobe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(1425139) } [1538]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1539) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Fukuoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fukuoka" ["Population"]=> int(1308379) } [1539]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1540) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kawasaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(1217359) } [1540]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1541) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hiroshima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hiroshima" ["Population"]=> int(1119117) } [1541]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1542) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kitakyushu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fukuoka" ["Population"]=> int(1016264) } [1542]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1543) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sendai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Miyagi" ["Population"]=> int(989975) } [1543]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1544) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(863930) } [1544]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1545) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sakai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(797735) } [1545]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1546) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kumamoto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kumamoto" ["Population"]=> int(656734) } [1546]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1547) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Okayama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Okayama" ["Population"]=> int(624269) } [1547]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1548) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Sagamihara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(586300) } [1548]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1549) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hamamatsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(568796) } [1549]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1550) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kagoshima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kagoshima" ["Population"]=> int(549977) } [1550]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1551) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Funabashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(545299) } [1551]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1552) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Higashiosaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(517785) } [1552]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1553) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hachioji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(513451) } [1553]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1554) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Niigata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Niigata" ["Population"]=> int(497464) } [1554]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1555) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Amagasaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(481434) } [1555]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1556) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Himeji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(475167) } [1556]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1557) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(473854) } [1557]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1558) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Urawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(469675) } [1558]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1559) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Matsuyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ehime" ["Population"]=> int(466133) } [1559]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1560) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Matsudo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(461126) } [1560]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1561) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kanazawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ishikawa" ["Population"]=> int(455386) } [1561]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1562) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kawaguchi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(452155) } [1562]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1563) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ichikawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(441893) } [1563]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1564) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Omiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(441649) } [1564]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1565) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Utsunomiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tochigi" ["Population"]=> int(440353) } [1565]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1566) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Oita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Oita" ["Population"]=> int(433401) } [1566]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1567) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nagasaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Nagasaki" ["Population"]=> int(432759) } [1567]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1568) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yokosuka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(430200) } [1568]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1569) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kurashiki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Okayama" ["Population"]=> int(425103) } [1569]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1570) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Gifu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gifu" ["Population"]=> int(408007) } [1570]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1571) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hirakata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(403151) } [1571]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1572) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Nishinomiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(397618) } [1572]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1573) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Toyonaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(396689) } [1573]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1574) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Wakayama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Wakayama" ["Population"]=> int(391233) } [1574]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1575) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Fukuyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hiroshima" ["Population"]=> int(376921) } [1575]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1576) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Fujisawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(372840) } [1576]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1577) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Asahikawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(364813) } [1577]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1578) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Machida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(364197) } [1578]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1579) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Nara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Nara" ["Population"]=> int(362812) } [1579]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1580) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Takatsuki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(361747) } [1580]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1581) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Iwaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Fukushima" ["Population"]=> int(361737) } [1581]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1582) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nagano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nagano" ["Population"]=> int(361391) } [1582]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1583) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Toyohashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(360066) } [1583]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1584) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toyota" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(346090) } [1584]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1585) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Suita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(345750) } [1585]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1586) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Takamatsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kagawa" ["Population"]=> int(332471) } [1586]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1587) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Koriyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Fukushima" ["Population"]=> int(330335) } [1587]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1588) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Okazaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(328711) } [1588]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1589) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kawagoe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(327211) } [1589]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1590) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Tokorozawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(325809) } [1590]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1591) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Toyama" ["Population"]=> int(325790) } [1591]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1592) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kochi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kochi" ["Population"]=> int(324710) } [1592]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1593) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kashiwa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(320296) } [1593]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1594) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Akita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Akita" ["Population"]=> int(314440) } [1594]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1595) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Miyazaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Miyazaki" ["Population"]=> int(303784) } [1595]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1596) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Koshigaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(301446) } [1596]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1597) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Naha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Okinawa" ["Population"]=> int(299851) } [1597]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1598) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Aomori" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aomori" ["Population"]=> int(295969) } [1598]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1599) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hakodate" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(294788) } [1599]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1600) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Akashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(292253) } [1600]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1601) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Yokkaichi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mie" ["Population"]=> int(288173) } [1601]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1602) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Fukushima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Fukushima" ["Population"]=> int(287525) } [1602]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1603) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Morioka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Iwate" ["Population"]=> int(287353) } [1603]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1604) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Maebashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gumma" ["Population"]=> int(284473) } [1604]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1605) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kasugai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(282348) } [1605]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1606) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Otsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shiga" ["Population"]=> int(282070) } [1606]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1607) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ichihara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(279280) } [1607]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1608) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Yao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(276421) } [1608]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1609) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ichinomiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(270828) } [1609]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1610) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tokushima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tokushima" ["Population"]=> int(269649) } [1610]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1611) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kakogawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(266281) } [1611]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1612) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ibaraki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(261020) } [1612]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1613) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Neyagawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(257315) } [1613]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1614) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Shimonoseki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["Population"]=> int(257263) } [1614]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1615) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yamagata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Yamagata" ["Population"]=> int(255617) } [1615]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1616) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Fukui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Fukui" ["Population"]=> int(254818) } [1616]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1617) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hiratsuka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(254207) } [1617]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1618) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Mito" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ibaragi" ["Population"]=> int(246559) } [1618]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1619) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sasebo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Nagasaki" ["Population"]=> int(244240) } [1619]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1620) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hachinohe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aomori" ["Population"]=> int(242979) } [1620]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1621) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Takasaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gumma" ["Population"]=> int(239124) } [1621]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1622) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shimizu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(239123) } [1622]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1623) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kurume" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fukuoka" ["Population"]=> int(235611) } [1623]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1624) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Fuji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(231527) } [1624]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1625) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Soka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(222768) } [1625]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1626) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Fuchu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(220576) } [1626]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1627) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Chigasaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(216015) } [1627]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1628) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Atsugi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(212407) } [1628]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1629) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Numazu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(211382) } [1629]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1630) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ageo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(209442) } [1630]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1631) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yamato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(208234) } [1631]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1632) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Matsumoto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nagano" ["Population"]=> int(206801) } [1632]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1633) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kure" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hiroshima" ["Population"]=> int(206504) } [1633]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1634) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Takarazuka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(205993) } [1634]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1635) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kasukabe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(201838) } [1635]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1636) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Chofu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(201585) } [1636]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1637) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Odawara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(200171) } [1637]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1638) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kofu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamanashi" ["Population"]=> int(199753) } [1638]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1639) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kushiro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(197608) } [1639]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1640) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kishiwada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(197276) } [1640]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1641) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hitachi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ibaragi" ["Population"]=> int(196622) } [1641]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1642) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nagaoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Niigata" ["Population"]=> int(192407) } [1642]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1643) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Itami" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(190886) } [1643]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1644) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Uji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kyoto" ["Population"]=> int(188735) } [1644]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1645) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Suzuka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mie" ["Population"]=> int(184061) } [1645]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1646) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hirosaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aomori" ["Population"]=> int(177522) } [1646]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1647) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ube" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["Population"]=> int(175206) } [1647]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1648) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kodaira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(174984) } [1648]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1649) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Takaoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Toyama" ["Population"]=> int(174380) } [1649]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1650) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Obihiro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(173685) } [1650]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1651) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tomakomai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(171958) } [1651]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1652) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Saga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Saga" ["Population"]=> int(170034) } [1652]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1653) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sakura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(168072) } [1653]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1654) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kamakura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(167661) } [1654]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1655) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mitaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(167268) } [1655]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1656) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Izumi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(166979) } [1656]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1657) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(166770) } [1657]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1658) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hadano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(166512) } [1658]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1659) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ashikaga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tochigi" ["Population"]=> int(165243) } [1659]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1660) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Tsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mie" ["Population"]=> int(164543) } [1660]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1661) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sayama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(162472) } [1661]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1662) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yachiyo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(161222) } [1662]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1663) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tsukuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ibaragi" ["Population"]=> int(160768) } [1663]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1664) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tachikawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(159430) } [1664]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1665) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kumagaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(157171) } [1665]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1666) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Moriguchi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(155941) } [1666]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1667) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Otaru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(155784) } [1667]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1668) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Anjo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(153823) } [1668]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1669) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Narashino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(152849) } [1669]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1670) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Oyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tochigi" ["Population"]=> int(152820) } [1670]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1671) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ogaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gifu" ["Population"]=> int(151758) } [1671]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1672) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Matsue" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shimane" ["Population"]=> int(149821) } [1672]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1673) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kawanishi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(149794) } [1673]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1674) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Hitachinaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(148006) } [1674]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1675) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Niiza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(147744) } [1675]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1676) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nagareyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(147738) } [1676]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1677) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tottori" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tottori" ["Population"]=> int(147523) } [1677]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1678) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ibaragi" ["Population"]=> int(146712) } [1678]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1679) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Iruma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(145922) } [1679]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1680) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ota" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gumma" ["Population"]=> int(145317) } [1680]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1681) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Omuta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fukuoka" ["Population"]=> int(142889) } [1681]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1682) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Komaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(139827) } [1682]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1683) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ome" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(139216) } [1683]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1684) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kadoma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(138953) } [1684]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1685) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["Population"]=> int(138210) } [1685]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1686) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Higashimurayama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(136970) } [1686]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1687) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yonago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tottori" ["Population"]=> int(136461) } [1687]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1688) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Matsubara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(135010) } [1688]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1689) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Musashino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(134426) } [1689]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1690) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tsuchiura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ibaragi" ["Population"]=> int(134072) } [1690]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1691) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Joetsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Niigata" ["Population"]=> int(133505) } [1691]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1692) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Miyakonojo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Miyazaki" ["Population"]=> int(133183) } [1692]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1693) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Misato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(132957) } [1693]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1694) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Kakamigahara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gifu" ["Population"]=> int(131831) } [1694]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1695) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Daito" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(130594) } [1695]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1696) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Seto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(130470) } [1696]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1697) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kariya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(127969) } [1697]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1698) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Urayasu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(127550) } [1698]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1699) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Beppu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Oita" ["Population"]=> int(127486) } [1699]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1700) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Niihama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ehime" ["Population"]=> int(127207) } [1700]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1701) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Minoo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(127026) } [1701]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1702) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Fujieda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(126897) } [1702]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1703) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Abiko" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(126670) } [1703]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1704) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nobeoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Miyazaki" ["Population"]=> int(125547) } [1704]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1705) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Tondabayashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(125094) } [1705]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1706) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ueda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nagano" ["Population"]=> int(124217) } [1706]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1707) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kashihara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Nara" ["Population"]=> int(124013) } [1707]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1708) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Matsusaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mie" ["Population"]=> int(123582) } [1708]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1709) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Isesaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gumma" ["Population"]=> int(123285) } [1709]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1710) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Zama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(122046) } [1710]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1711) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kisarazu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(121967) } [1711]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1712) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Noda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(121030) } [1712]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1713) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ishinomaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Miyagi" ["Population"]=> int(120963) } [1713]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1714) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Fujinomiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(119714) } [1714]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1715) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Kawachinagano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(119666) } [1715]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1716) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Imabari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ehime" ["Population"]=> int(119357) } [1716]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1717) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Aizuwakamatsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Fukushima" ["Population"]=> int(119287) } [1717]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1718) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Higashihiroshima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hiroshima" ["Population"]=> int(119166) } [1718]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1719) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Habikino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(118968) } [1719]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1720) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ebetsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(118805) } [1720]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1721) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hofu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["Population"]=> int(118751) } [1721]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1722) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kiryu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gumma" ["Population"]=> int(118326) } [1722]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1723) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Okinawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Okinawa" ["Population"]=> int(117748) } [1723]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1724) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yaizu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(117258) } [1724]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1725) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Toyokawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(115781) } [1725]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1726) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ebina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(115571) } [1726]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1727) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Asaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(114815) } [1727]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1728) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Higashikurume" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(111666) } [1728]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1729) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ikoma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Nara" ["Population"]=> int(111645) } [1729]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1730) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kitami" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(111295) } [1730]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1731) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Koganei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(110969) } [1731]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1732) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Iwatsuki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(110034) } [1732]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1733) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mishima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shizuoka" ["Population"]=> int(109699) } [1733]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1734) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Handa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(108600) } [1734]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1735) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Muroran" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hokkaido" ["Population"]=> int(108275) } [1735]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1736) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Komatsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ishikawa" ["Population"]=> int(107937) } [1736]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1737) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Yatsushiro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kumamoto" ["Population"]=> int(107661) } [1737]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1738) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Iida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nagano" ["Population"]=> int(107583) } [1738]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1739) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tokuyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["Population"]=> int(107078) } [1739]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1740) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kokubunji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(106996) } [1740]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1741) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Akishima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(106914) } [1741]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1742) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Iwakuni" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Yamaguchi" ["Population"]=> int(106647) } [1742]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1743) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kusatsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shiga" ["Population"]=> int(106232) } [1743]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1744) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kuwana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mie" ["Population"]=> int(106121) } [1744]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1745) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sanda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(105643) } [1745]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1746) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hikone" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shiga" ["Population"]=> int(105508) } [1746]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1747) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Toda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(103969) } [1747]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1748) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tajimi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gifu" ["Population"]=> int(103171) } [1748]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1749) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ikeda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(102710) } [1749]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1750) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fukaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(102156) } [1750]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1751) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ise" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mie" ["Population"]=> int(101732) } [1751]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1752) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sakata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Yamagata" ["Population"]=> int(101651) } [1752]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1753) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kasuga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fukuoka" ["Population"]=> int(101344) } [1753]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1754) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kamagaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(100821) } [1754]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1755) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tsuruoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Yamagata" ["Population"]=> int(100713) } [1755]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1756) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hoya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tokyo-to" ["Population"]=> int(100313) } [1756]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1757) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nishio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(100032) } [1757]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1758) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tokai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(99738) } [1758]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1759) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Inazawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(98746) } [1759]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1760) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sakado" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(98221) } [1760]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1761) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Isehara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kanagawa" ["Population"]=> int(98123) } [1761]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1762) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Takasago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hyogo" ["Population"]=> int(97632) } [1762]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1763) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fujimi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(96972) } [1763]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1764) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Urasoe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Okinawa" ["Population"]=> int(96002) } [1764]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1765) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yonezawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Yamagata" ["Population"]=> int(95592) } [1765]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1766) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Konan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aichi" ["Population"]=> int(95521) } [1766]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1767) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Yamatokoriyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Nara" ["Population"]=> int(95165) } [1767]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1768) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Maizuru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kyoto" ["Population"]=> int(94784) } [1768]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1769) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Onomichi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hiroshima" ["Population"]=> int(93756) } [1769]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1770) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Higashimatsuyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saitama" ["Population"]=> int(93342) } [1770]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1771) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kimitsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(93216) } [1771]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1772) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Isahaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Nagasaki" ["Population"]=> int(93058) } [1772]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1773) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kanuma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tochigi" ["Population"]=> int(93053) } [1773]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1774) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Izumisano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Osaka" ["Population"]=> int(92583) } [1774]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1775) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kameoka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kyoto" ["Population"]=> int(92398) } [1775]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1776) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mobara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(91664) } [1776]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1777) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Narita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chiba" ["Population"]=> int(91470) } [1777]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1778) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Kashiwazaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Niigata" ["Population"]=> int(91229) } [1778]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1779) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tsuyama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JPN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Okayama" ["Population"]=> int(91170) } [1779]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1780) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sanaa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YEM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sanaa" ["Population"]=> int(503600) } [1780]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1781) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Aden" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YEM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Aden" ["Population"]=> int(398300) } [1781]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1782) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Taizz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YEM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Taizz" ["Population"]=> int(317600) } [1782]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1783) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hodeida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YEM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hodeida" ["Population"]=> int(298500) } [1783]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1784) ["Name"]=> string(10) "al-Mukalla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YEM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hadramawt" ["Population"]=> int(122400) } [1784]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1785) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ibb" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YEM" ["District"]=> string(3) "Ibb" ["Population"]=> int(103300) } [1785]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1786) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Amman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Amman" ["Population"]=> int(1000000) } [1786]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1787) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Zarqa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Zarqa" ["Population"]=> int(389815) } [1787]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1788) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Irbid" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Irbid" ["Population"]=> int(231511) } [1788]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1789) ["Name"]=> string(10) "al-Rusayfa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Zarqa" ["Population"]=> int(137247) } [1789]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1790) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Wadi al-Sir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "JOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Amman" ["Population"]=> int(89104) } [1790]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1791) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Flying Fish Cove" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CXR" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(700) } [1791]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1792) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Beograd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(14) "Central Serbia" ["Population"]=> int(1204000) } [1792]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1793) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Novi Sad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Vojvodina" ["Population"]=> int(179626) } [1793]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1794) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Niš" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(14) "Central Serbia" ["Population"]=> int(175391) } [1794]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1795) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Priština" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(19) "Kosovo and Metohija" ["Population"]=> int(155496) } [1795]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1796) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kragujevac" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(14) "Central Serbia" ["Population"]=> int(147305) } [1796]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1797) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Podgorica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(10) "Montenegro" ["Population"]=> int(135000) } [1797]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1798) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Subotica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Vojvodina" ["Population"]=> int(100386) } [1798]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1799) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Prizren" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "YUG" ["District"]=> string(19) "Kosovo and Metohija" ["Population"]=> int(92303) } [1799]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1800) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Phnom Penh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KHM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Phnom Penh" ["Population"]=> int(570155) } [1800]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1801) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Battambang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KHM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Battambang" ["Population"]=> int(129800) } [1801]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1802) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Siem Reap" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KHM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Siem Reap" ["Population"]=> int(105100) } [1802]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1803) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Douala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Littoral" ["Population"]=> int(1448300) } [1803]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1804) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yaoundé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Centre" ["Population"]=> int(1372800) } [1804]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1805) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Garoua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Nord" ["Population"]=> int(177000) } [1805]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1806) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maroua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Extrême-Nord" ["Population"]=> int(143000) } [1806]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1807) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bamenda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Nord-Ouest" ["Population"]=> int(138000) } [1807]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1808) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bafoussam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ouest" ["Population"]=> int(131000) } [1808]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1809) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nkongsamba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CMR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Littoral" ["Population"]=> int(112454) } [1809]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1810) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Montréal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Québec" ["Population"]=> int(1016376) } [1810]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1811) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Calgary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alberta" ["Population"]=> int(768082) } [1811]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1812) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Toronto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(688275) } [1812]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1813) ["Name"]=> string(10) "North York" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(622632) } [1813]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1814) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Winnipeg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Manitoba" ["Population"]=> int(618477) } [1814]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1815) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Edmonton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alberta" ["Population"]=> int(616306) } [1815]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1816) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Mississauga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(608072) } [1816]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1817) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Scarborough" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(594501) } [1817]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1818) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Vancouver" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(514008) } [1818]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1819) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Etobicoke" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(348845) } [1819]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1820) ["Name"]=> string(6) "London" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(339917) } [1820]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1821) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hamilton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(335614) } [1821]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1822) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ottawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(335277) } [1822]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1823) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Laval" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Québec" ["Population"]=> int(330393) } [1823]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1824) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Surrey" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(304477) } [1824]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1825) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Brampton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(296711) } [1825]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1826) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Windsor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(207588) } [1826]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1827) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Saskatoon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Saskatchewan" ["Population"]=> int(193647) } [1827]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1828) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kitchener" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(189959) } [1828]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1829) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Markham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(189098) } [1829]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1830) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Regina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Saskatchewan" ["Population"]=> int(180400) } [1830]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1831) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Burnaby" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(179209) } [1831]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1832) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Québec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Québec" ["Population"]=> int(167264) } [1832]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1833) ["Name"]=> string(4) "York" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(154980) } [1833]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1834) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Richmond" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(148867) } [1834]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1835) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vaughan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(147889) } [1835]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1836) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Burlington" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(145150) } [1836]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1837) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Oshawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(140173) } [1837]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1838) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Oakville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(139192) } [1838]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1839) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Saint Catharines" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(136216) } [1839]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1840) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Longueuil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Québec" ["Population"]=> int(127977) } [1840]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1841) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Richmond Hill" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(116428) } [1841]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1842) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Thunder Bay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(115913) } [1842]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1843) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nepean" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(115100) } [1843]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1844) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Cape Breton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nova Scotia" ["Population"]=> int(114733) } [1844]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1845) ["Name"]=> string(9) "East York" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(114034) } [1845]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1846) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Halifax" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nova Scotia" ["Population"]=> int(113910) } [1846]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1847) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cambridge" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(109186) } [1847]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1848) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gloucester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(107314) } [1848]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1849) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Abbotsford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(105403) } [1849]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1850) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Guelph" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(103593) } [1850]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1851) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Saint John´s" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Newfoundland" ["Population"]=> int(101936) } [1851]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1852) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Coquitlam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(101820) } [1852]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1853) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Saanich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(101388) } [1853]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1854) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Gatineau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Québec" ["Population"]=> int(100702) } [1854]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1855) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Delta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(95411) } [1855]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1856) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sudbury" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(92686) } [1856]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1857) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kelowna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(16) "British Colombia" ["Population"]=> int(89442) } [1857]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1858) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Barrie" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["Population"]=> int(89269) } [1858]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1859) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Praia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CPV" ["District"]=> string(10) "São Tiago" ["Population"]=> int(94800) } [1859]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1860) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Almaty" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(13) "Almaty Qalasy" ["Population"]=> int(1129400) } [1860]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1861) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Qaraghandy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(10) "Qaraghandy" ["Population"]=> int(436900) } [1861]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1862) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shymkent" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(15) "South Kazakstan" ["Population"]=> int(360100) } [1862]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1863) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Taraz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(5) "Taraz" ["Population"]=> int(330100) } [1863]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1864) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Astana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Astana" ["Population"]=> int(311200) } [1864]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1865) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Öskemen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(14) "East Kazakstan" ["Population"]=> int(311000) } [1865]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1866) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pavlodar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(8) "Pavlodar" ["Population"]=> int(300500) } [1866]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1867) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Semey" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(14) "East Kazakstan" ["Population"]=> int(269600) } [1867]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1868) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Aqtöbe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(7) "Aqtöbe" ["Population"]=> int(253100) } [1868]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1869) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Qostanay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(8) "Qostanay" ["Population"]=> int(221400) } [1869]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1870) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Petropavl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(15) "North Kazakstan" ["Population"]=> int(203500) } [1870]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1871) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Oral" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(14) "West Kazakstan" ["Population"]=> int(195500) } [1871]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1872) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Temirtau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(10) "Qaraghandy" ["Population"]=> int(170500) } [1872]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1873) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Qyzylorda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(9) "Qyzylorda" ["Population"]=> int(157400) } [1873]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1874) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Aqtau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mangghystau" ["Population"]=> int(143400) } [1874]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1875) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Atyrau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Atyrau" ["Population"]=> int(142500) } [1875]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1876) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ekibastuz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(8) "Pavlodar" ["Population"]=> int(127200) } [1876]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1877) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kökshetau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(15) "North Kazakstan" ["Population"]=> int(123400) } [1877]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1878) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rudnyy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(8) "Qostanay" ["Population"]=> int(109500) } [1878]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1879) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Taldyqorghan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Almaty" ["Population"]=> int(98000) } [1879]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1880) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Zhezqazghan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KAZ" ["District"]=> string(10) "Qaraghandy" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [1880]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1881) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nairobi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nairobi" ["Population"]=> int(2290000) } [1881]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1882) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mombasa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Coast" ["Population"]=> int(461753) } [1882]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1883) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kisumu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nyanza" ["Population"]=> int(192733) } [1883]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1884) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nakuru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Rift Valley" ["Population"]=> int(163927) } [1884]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1885) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Machakos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Eastern" ["Population"]=> int(116293) } [1885]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1886) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Eldoret" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Rift Valley" ["Population"]=> int(111882) } [1886]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1887) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Meru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Eastern" ["Population"]=> int(94947) } [1887]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1888) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nyeri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(91258) } [1888]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1889) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bangui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CAF" ["District"]=> string(6) "Bangui" ["Population"]=> int(524000) } [1889]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1890) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shanghai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shanghai" ["Population"]=> int(9696300) } [1890]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1891) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Peking" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Peking" ["Population"]=> int(7472000) } [1891]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1892) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Chongqing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chongqing" ["Population"]=> int(6351600) } [1892]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1893) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tianjin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tianjin" ["Population"]=> int(5286800) } [1893]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1894) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Wuhan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(4344600) } [1894]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1895) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Harbin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(4289800) } [1895]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1896) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shenyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(4265200) } [1896]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1897) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Kanton [Guangzhou]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(4256300) } [1897]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1898) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chengdu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(3361500) } [1898]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1899) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Nanking [Nanjing]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(2870300) } [1899]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1900) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Changchun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(2812000) } [1900]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1901) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Xi´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(2761400) } [1901]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1902) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dalian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(2697000) } [1902]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1903) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qingdao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(2596000) } [1903]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1904) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jinan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(2278100) } [1904]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1905) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hangzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(2190500) } [1905]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1906) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zhengzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(2107200) } [1906]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1907) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Shijiazhuang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(2041500) } [1907]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1908) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taiyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(1968400) } [1908]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1909) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kunming" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Yunnan" ["Population"]=> int(1829500) } [1909]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1910) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Changsha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(1809800) } [1910]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1911) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nanchang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(1691600) } [1911]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1912) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(1593800) } [1912]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1913) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lanzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(1565800) } [1913]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1914) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guiyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guizhou" ["Population"]=> int(1465200) } [1914]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1915) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ningbo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(1371200) } [1915]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1916) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Hefei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(1369100) } [1916]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1917) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Urumtši [Ürümqi]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(1310100) } [1917]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1918) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Anshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(1200000) } [1918]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1919) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fushun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(1200000) } [1919]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1920) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nanning" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(1161800) } [1920]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1921) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Zibo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(1140000) } [1921]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1922) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qiqihar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(1070000) } [1922]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1923) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(1040000) } [1923]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1924) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tangshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(1040000) } [1924]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1925) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Baotou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(980000) } [1925]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1926) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shenzhen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(950500) } [1926]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1927) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hohhot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(916700) } [1927]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1928) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Handan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(840000) } [1928]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1929) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Wuxi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(830000) } [1929]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1930) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Xuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(810000) } [1930]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1931) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Datong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(800000) } [1931]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1932) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yichun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(800000) } [1932]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1933) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Benxi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(770000) } [1933]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1934) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Luoyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(760000) } [1934]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1935) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Suzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(710000) } [1935]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1936) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Xining" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Qinghai" ["Population"]=> int(700200) } [1936]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1937) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huainan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(700000) } [1937]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1938) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Jixi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(683885) } [1938]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1939) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Daqing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(660000) } [1939]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1940) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Fuxin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(640000) } [1940]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1941) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Amoy [Xiamen]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(627500) } [1941]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1942) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Liuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(610000) } [1942]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1943) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shantou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(580000) } [1943]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1944) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jinzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(570000) } [1944]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1945) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mudanjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(570000) } [1945]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1946) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yinchuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ningxia" ["Population"]=> int(544500) } [1946]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1947) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Changzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(530000) } [1947]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1948) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Zhangjiakou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(530000) } [1948]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1949) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dandong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(520000) } [1949]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1950) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hegang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(520000) } [1950]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1951) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kaifeng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(510000) } [1951]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1952) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jiamusi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(493409) } [1952]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1953) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Liaoyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(492559) } [1953]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1954) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hengyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(487148) } [1954]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1955) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Baoding" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(483155) } [1955]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1956) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hunjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(482043) } [1956]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1957) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(473762) } [1957]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1958) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Huangshi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(457601) } [1958]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1959) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Haikou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hainan" ["Population"]=> int(454300) } [1959]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1960) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yantai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(452127) } [1960]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1961) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bengbu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(449245) } [1961]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1962) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Xiangtan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(441968) } [1962]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1963) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Weifang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(428522) } [1963]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1964) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Wuhu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(425740) } [1964]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1965) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pingxiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(425579) } [1965]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1966) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yingkou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(421589) } [1966]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1967) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Anyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(420332) } [1967]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1968) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Panzhihua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(415466) } [1968]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1969) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Pingdingshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(410775) } [1969]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1970) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Xiangfan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(410407) } [1970]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1971) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zhuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(409924) } [1971]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1972) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jiaozuo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(409100) } [1972]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1973) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Wenzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(401871) } [1973]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1974) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Zhangjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(400997) } [1974]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1975) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zigong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(393184) } [1975]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1976) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Shuangyashan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(386081) } [1976]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1977) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zaozhuang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(380846) } [1977]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1978) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yakeshi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(377869) } [1978]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1979) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yichang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(371601) } [1979]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1980) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zhenjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(368316) } [1980]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1981) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huaibei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(366549) } [1981]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1982) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Qinhuangdao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(364972) } [1982]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1983) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Guilin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(364130) } [1983]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1984) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Liupanshui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guizhou" ["Population"]=> int(363954) } [1984]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1985) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Panjin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(362773) } [1985]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1986) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yangquan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(362268) } [1986]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1987) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jinxi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(357052) } [1987]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1988) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Liaoyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(354141) } [1988]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1989) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Lianyungang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(354139) } [1989]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1990) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Xianyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(352125) } [1990]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1991) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tai´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(350696) } [1991]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1992) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chifeng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(350077) } [1992]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1993) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shaoguan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(350043) } [1993]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1994) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nantong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(343341) } [1994]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1995) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Leshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(341128) } [1995]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1996) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Baoji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(337765) } [1996]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1997) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Linyi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(324720) } [1997]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1998) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tonghua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(324600) } [1998]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(1999) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Siping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(317223) } [1999]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2000) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Changzhi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(317144) } [2000]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2001) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tengzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(315083) } [2001]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2002) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chaozhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(313469) } [2002]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2003) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yangzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(312892) } [2003]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2004) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dongwan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(308669) } [2004]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2005) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ma´anshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(305421) } [2005]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2006) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Foshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(303160) } [2006]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2007) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yueyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(302800) } [2007]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2008) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xingtai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(302789) } [2008]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2009) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Changde" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(301276) } [2009]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2010) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shihezi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(299676) } [2010]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2011) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yancheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(296831) } [2011]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2012) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jiujiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(291187) } [2012]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2013) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dongying" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(281728) } [2013]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2014) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Shashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(281352) } [2014]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2015) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Xintai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(281248) } [2015]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2016) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Jingdezhen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(281183) } [2016]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2017) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tongchuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(280657) } [2017]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2018) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zhongshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(278829) } [2018]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2019) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Shiyan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(273786) } [2019]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2020) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tieli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(265683) } [2020]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2021) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jining" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(265248) } [2021]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2022) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Wuhai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(264081) } [2022]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2023) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mianyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(262947) } [2023]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2024) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Luzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(262892) } [2024]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2025) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Zunyi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guizhou" ["Population"]=> int(261862) } [2025]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2026) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Shizuishan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ningxia" ["Population"]=> int(257862) } [2026]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2027) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Neijiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(256012) } [2027]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2028) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tongliao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(255129) } [2028]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2029) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tieling" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(254842) } [2029]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2030) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Wafangdian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(251733) } [2030]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2031) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Anqing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(250718) } [2031]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2032) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shaoyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(247227) } [2032]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2033) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Laiwu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(246833) } [2033]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2034) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chengde" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(246799) } [2034]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2035) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tianshui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(244974) } [2035]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2036) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nanyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(243303) } [2036]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2037) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cangzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(242708) } [2037]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2038) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yibin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(241019) } [2038]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2039) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huaiyin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(239675) } [2039]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2040) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dunhua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(235100) } [2040]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2041) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yanji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(230892) } [2041]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2042) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jiangmen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(230587) } [2042]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2043) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tongling" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(228017) } [2043]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2044) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Suihua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(227881) } [2044]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2045) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gongziling" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(226569) } [2045]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2046) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xiantao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(222884) } [2046]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2047) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chaoyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(222394) } [2047]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2048) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ganzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(220129) } [2048]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2049) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Huzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(218071) } [2049]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2050) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Baicheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(217987) } [2050]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2051) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shangzi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(215373) } [2051]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2052) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Yangjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(215196) } [2052]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2053) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qitaihe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(214957) } [2053]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2054) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gejiu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Yunnan" ["Population"]=> int(214294) } [2054]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2055) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jiangyin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(213659) } [2055]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2056) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hebi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(212976) } [2056]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2057) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jiaxing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(211526) } [2057]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2058) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Wuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(210452) } [2058]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2059) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Meihekou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(209038) } [2059]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2060) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xuchang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(208815) } [2060]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2061) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Liaocheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(207844) } [2061]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2062) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Haicheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(205560) } [2062]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2063) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Qianjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(205504) } [2063]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2064) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Baiyin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(204970) } [2064]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2065) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bei´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(204899) } [2065]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2066) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yixing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(200824) } [2066]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2067) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Laizhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(198664) } [2067]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2068) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qaramay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(197602) } [2068]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2069) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Acheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(197595) } [2069]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2070) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dezhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(195485) } [2070]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2071) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nanping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(195064) } [2071]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2072) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zhaoqing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(194784) } [2072]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2073) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Beipiao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(194301) } [2073]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2074) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Fengcheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(193784) } [2074]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2075) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Fuyu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(192981) } [2075]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2076) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xinyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(192509) } [2076]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2077) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dongtai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(192247) } [2077]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2078) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Yuci" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(191356) } [2078]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2079) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Honghu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(190772) } [2079]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2080) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ezhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(190123) } [2080]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2081) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Heze" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(189293) } [2081]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2082) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Daxian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(188101) } [2082]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2083) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Linfen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(187309) } [2083]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2084) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tianmen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(186332) } [2084]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2085) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yiyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(185818) } [2085]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2086) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Quanzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(185154) } [2086]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2087) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rizhao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(185048) } [2087]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2088) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Deyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(182488) } [2088]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2089) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Guangyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(182241) } [2089]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2090) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Changshu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(181805) } [2090]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2091) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zhangzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(181424) } [2091]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2092) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hailar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(180650) } [2092]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2093) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nanchong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(180273) } [2093]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2094) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jiutai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(180130) } [2094]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2095) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zhaodong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(179976) } [2095]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2096) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shaoxing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(179818) } [2096]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2097) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fuyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(179572) } [2097]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2098) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Maoming" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(178683) } [2098]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2099) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Qujing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Yunnan" ["Population"]=> int(178669) } [2099]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2100) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ghulja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(177193) } [2100]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2101) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jiaohe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(176367) } [2101]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2102) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Puyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(175988) } [2102]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2103) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huadian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(175873) } [2103]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2104) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jiangyou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(175753) } [2104]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2105) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qashqar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(174570) } [2105]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2106) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Anshun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guizhou" ["Population"]=> int(174142) } [2106]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2107) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fuling" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(173878) } [2107]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2108) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Xinyu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(173524) } [2108]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2109) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hanzhong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(169930) } [2109]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2110) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Danyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(169603) } [2110]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2111) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chenzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(169400) } [2111]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2112) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xiaogan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(166280) } [2112]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2113) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shangqiu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(164880) } [2113]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2114) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zhuhai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(164747) } [2114]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2115) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Qingyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(164641) } [2115]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2116) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Aqsu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(164092) } [2116]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2117) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jining" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(163552) } [2117]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2118) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Xiaoshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(162930) } [2118]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2119) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zaoyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(162198) } [2119]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2120) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xinghua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(161910) } [2120]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2121) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hami" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(161315) } [2121]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2122) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huizhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(161023) } [2122]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2123) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jinmen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(160794) } [2123]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2124) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sanming" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(160691) } [2124]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2125) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ulanhot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(159538) } [2125]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2126) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Korla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(159344) } [2126]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2127) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Wanxian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(156823) } [2127]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2128) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rui´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(156468) } [2128]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2129) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zhoushan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(156317) } [2129]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2130) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Liangcheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(156307) } [2130]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2131) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jiaozhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(153364) } [2131]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2132) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taizhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(152442) } [2132]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2133) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Suzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(151862) } [2133]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2134) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yichun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(151585) } [2134]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2135) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Taonan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(150168) } [2135]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2136) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pingdu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(150123) } [2136]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2137) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ji´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(148583) } [2137]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2138) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Longkou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(148362) } [2138]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2139) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Langfang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(148105) } [2139]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2140) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zhoukou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(146288) } [2140]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2141) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Suining" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(146086) } [2141]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2142) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yulin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(144467) } [2142]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2143) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jinhua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(144280) } [2143]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2144) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Liu´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(144248) } [2144]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2145) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Shuangcheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(142659) } [2145]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2146) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Suizhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(142302) } [2146]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2147) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ankang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(142170) } [2147]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2148) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Weinan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(140169) } [2148]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2149) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Longjing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(139417) } [2149]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2150) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Da´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(138963) } [2150]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2151) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Lengshuijiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(137994) } [2151]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2152) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Laiyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(137080) } [2152]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2153) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Xianning" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(136811) } [2153]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2154) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Dali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Yunnan" ["Population"]=> int(136554) } [2154]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2155) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Anda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(136446) } [2155]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2156) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jincheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(136396) } [2156]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2157) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Longyan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(134481) } [2157]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2158) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xichang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(134419) } [2158]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2159) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Wendeng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(133910) } [2159]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2160) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hailun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(133565) } [2160]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2161) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Binzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(133555) } [2161]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2162) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Linhe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(133183) } [2162]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2163) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Wuwei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(133101) } [2163]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2164) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Duyun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guizhou" ["Population"]=> int(132971) } [2164]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2165) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mishan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(132744) } [2165]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2166) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Shangrao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(132455) } [2166]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2167) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Changji" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(132260) } [2167]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2168) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Meixian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(132156) } [2168]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2169) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yushu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(131861) } [2169]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2170) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tiefa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(131807) } [2170]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2171) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Huai´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(131149) } [2171]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2172) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Leiyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(130115) } [2172]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2173) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zalantun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(130031) } [2173]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2174) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Weihai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(128888) } [2174]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2175) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Loudi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(128418) } [2175]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2176) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Qingzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(128258) } [2176]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2177) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Qidong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(126872) } [2177]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2178) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huaihua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(126785) } [2178]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2179) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Luohe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(126438) } [2179]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2180) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(125341) } [2180]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2181) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kaiyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(124219) } [2181]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2182) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Linqing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(123958) } [2182]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2183) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chaohu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(123676) } [2183]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2184) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Laohekou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(123366) } [2184]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2185) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Dujiangyan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(123357) } [2185]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2186) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zhumadian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(123232) } [2186]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2187) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Linchuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangxi" ["Population"]=> int(121949) } [2187]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2188) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jiaonan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(121397) } [2188]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2189) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sanmenxia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(120523) } [2189]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2190) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Heyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(120101) } [2190]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2191) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Manzhouli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(120023) } [2191]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2192) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lhasa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tibet" ["Population"]=> int(120000) } [2192]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2193) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Lianyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(118858) } [2193]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2194) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kuytun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Xinxiang" ["Population"]=> int(118553) } [2194]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2195) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Puqi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(117264) } [2195]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2196) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hongjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(116188) } [2196]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2197) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Qinzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(114586) } [2197]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2198) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Renqiu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(114256) } [2198]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2199) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yuyao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(114065) } [2199]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2200) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guigang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(114025) } [2200]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2201) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kaili" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guizhou" ["Population"]=> int(113958) } [2201]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2202) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yan´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Shaanxi" ["Population"]=> int(113277) } [2202]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2203) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Beihai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(112673) } [2203]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2204) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Xuangzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(112673) } [2204]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2205) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Quzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(112373) } [2205]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2206) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yong´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(111762) } [2206]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2207) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zixing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(110048) } [2207]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2208) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Liyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(109520) } [2208]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2209) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yizheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(109268) } [2209]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2210) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yumen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(109234) } [2210]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2211) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Liling" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(108504) } [2211]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2212) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yuncheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(108359) } [2212]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2213) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shanwei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(107847) } [2213]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2214) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Cixi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(107329) } [2214]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2215) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Yuanjiang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hunan" ["Population"]=> int(107004) } [2215]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2216) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bozhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(106346) } [2216]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2217) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jinchang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(105287) } [2217]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2218) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fu´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(105265) } [2218]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2219) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Suqian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(105021) } [2219]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2220) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shishou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(104571) } [2220]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2221) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hengshui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hebei" ["Population"]=> int(104269) } [2221]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2222) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Danjiangkou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(103211) } [2222]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2223) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Fujin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Heilongjiang" ["Population"]=> int(103104) } [2223]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2224) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sanya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hainan" ["Population"]=> int(102820) } [2224]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2225) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Guangshui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(102770) } [2225]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2226) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Huangshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Anhui" ["Population"]=> int(102628) } [2226]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2227) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Xingcheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(102384) } [2227]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2228) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zhucheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(102134) } [2228]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2229) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kunshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(102052) } [2229]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2230) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Haining" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(100478) } [2230]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2231) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pingliang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gansu" ["Population"]=> int(99265) } [2231]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2232) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fuqing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(99193) } [2232]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2233) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xinzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Shanxi" ["Population"]=> int(98667) } [2233]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2234) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jieyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Guangdong" ["Population"]=> int(98531) } [2234]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2235) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Zhangjiagang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jiangsu" ["Population"]=> int(97994) } [2235]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2236) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tong Xian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Peking" ["Population"]=> int(97168) } [2236]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2237) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ya´an" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(95900) } [2237]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2238) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jinzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Liaoning" ["Population"]=> int(95761) } [2238]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2239) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Emeishan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(94000) } [2239]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2240) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Enshi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hubei" ["Population"]=> int(93056) } [2240]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2241) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bose" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Guangxi" ["Population"]=> int(93009) } [2241]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2242) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yuzhou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Henan" ["Population"]=> int(92889) } [2242]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2243) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kaiyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Yunnan" ["Population"]=> int(91999) } [2243]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2244) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tumen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Jilin" ["Population"]=> int(91471) } [2244]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2245) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Putian" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(91030) } [2245]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2246) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Linhai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(90870) } [2246]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2247) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Xilin Hot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Inner Mongolia" ["Population"]=> int(90646) } [2247]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2248) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Shaowu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fujian" ["Population"]=> int(90286) } [2248]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2249) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Junan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(90222) } [2249]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2250) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Huaying" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sichuan" ["Population"]=> int(89400) } [2250]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2251) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pingyi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Shandong" ["Population"]=> int(89373) } [2251]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2252) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Huangyan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Zhejiang" ["Population"]=> int(89288) } [2252]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2253) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bishkek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KGZ" ["District"]=> string(14) "Bishkek shaary" ["Population"]=> int(589400) } [2253]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2254) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Osh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KGZ" ["District"]=> string(3) "Osh" ["Population"]=> int(222700) } [2254]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2255) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bikenibeu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KIR" ["District"]=> string(12) "South Tarawa" ["Population"]=> int(5055) } [2255]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2256) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bairiki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KIR" ["District"]=> string(12) "South Tarawa" ["Population"]=> int(2226) } [2256]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2257) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Santafé de Bogotá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(19) "Santafé de Bogotá" ["Population"]=> int(6260862) } [2257]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2258) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Cali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Valle" ["Population"]=> int(2077386) } [2258]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2259) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Medellín" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Antioquia" ["Population"]=> int(1861265) } [2259]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2260) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Barranquilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Atlántico" ["Population"]=> int(1223260) } [2260]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2261) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cartagena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bolívar" ["Population"]=> int(805757) } [2261]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2262) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cúcuta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(18) "Norte de Santander" ["Population"]=> int(606932) } [2262]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2263) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bucaramanga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santander" ["Population"]=> int(515555) } [2263]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2264) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ibagué" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tolima" ["Population"]=> int(393664) } [2264]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2265) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pereira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Risaralda" ["Population"]=> int(381725) } [2265]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2266) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Santa Marta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Magdalena" ["Population"]=> int(359147) } [2266]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2267) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Manizales" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caldas" ["Population"]=> int(337580) } [2267]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2268) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bello" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Antioquia" ["Population"]=> int(333470) } [2268]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2269) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pasto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nariño" ["Population"]=> int(332396) } [2269]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2270) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Neiva" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Huila" ["Population"]=> int(300052) } [2270]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2271) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Soledad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Atlántico" ["Population"]=> int(295058) } [2271]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2272) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Armenia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Quindío" ["Population"]=> int(288977) } [2272]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2273) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Villavicencio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(4) "Meta" ["Population"]=> int(273140) } [2273]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2274) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Soacha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Cundinamarca" ["Population"]=> int(272058) } [2274]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2275) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Valledupar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Cesar" ["Population"]=> int(263247) } [2275]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2276) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Montería" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Córdoba" ["Population"]=> int(248245) } [2276]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2277) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Itagüí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Antioquia" ["Population"]=> int(228985) } [2277]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2278) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Palmira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Valle" ["Population"]=> int(226509) } [2278]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2279) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Buenaventura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Valle" ["Population"]=> int(224336) } [2279]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2280) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Floridablanca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santander" ["Population"]=> int(221913) } [2280]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2281) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sincelejo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sucre" ["Population"]=> int(220704) } [2281]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2282) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Popayán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Cauca" ["Population"]=> int(200719) } [2282]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2283) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Barrancabermeja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santander" ["Population"]=> int(178020) } [2283]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2284) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Dos Quebradas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Risaralda" ["Population"]=> int(159363) } [2284]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2285) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tuluá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Valle" ["Population"]=> int(152488) } [2285]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2286) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Envigado" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Antioquia" ["Population"]=> int(135848) } [2286]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2287) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cartago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Valle" ["Population"]=> int(125884) } [2287]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2288) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Girardot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Cundinamarca" ["Population"]=> int(110963) } [2288]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2289) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Buga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(5) "Valle" ["Population"]=> int(110699) } [2289]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2290) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tunja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Boyacá" ["Population"]=> int(109740) } [2290]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2291) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Florencia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Caquetá" ["Population"]=> int(108574) } [2291]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2292) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maicao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(10) "La Guajira" ["Population"]=> int(108053) } [2292]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2293) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sogamoso" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Boyacá" ["Population"]=> int(107728) } [2293]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2294) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Giron" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Santander" ["Population"]=> int(90688) } [2294]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2295) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Moroni" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Njazidja" ["Population"]=> int(36000) } [2295]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2296) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Brazzaville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COG" ["District"]=> string(11) "Brazzaville" ["Population"]=> int(950000) } [2296]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2297) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Pointe-Noire" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COG" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kouilou" ["Population"]=> int(500000) } [2297]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2298) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kinshasa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kinshasa" ["Population"]=> int(5064000) } [2298]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2299) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Lubumbashi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shaba" ["Population"]=> int(851381) } [2299]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2300) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mbuji-Mayi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "East Kasai" ["Population"]=> int(806475) } [2300]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2301) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kolwezi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shaba" ["Population"]=> int(417810) } [2301]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2302) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kisangani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(12) "Haute-Zaïre" ["Population"]=> int(417517) } [2302]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2303) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kananga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "West Kasai" ["Population"]=> int(393030) } [2303]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2304) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Likasi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shaba" ["Population"]=> int(299118) } [2304]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2305) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bukavu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "South Kivu" ["Population"]=> int(201569) } [2305]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2306) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kikwit" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bandundu" ["Population"]=> int(182142) } [2306]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2307) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tshikapa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "West Kasai" ["Population"]=> int(180860) } [2307]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2308) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Matadi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Bas-Zaïre" ["Population"]=> int(172730) } [2308]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2309) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mbandaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(8) "Equateur" ["Population"]=> int(169841) } [2309]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2310) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mwene-Ditu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "East Kasai" ["Population"]=> int(137459) } [2310]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2311) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Boma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "Bas-Zaïre" ["Population"]=> int(135284) } [2311]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2312) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Uvira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "South Kivu" ["Population"]=> int(115590) } [2312]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2313) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Butembo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "North Kivu" ["Population"]=> int(109406) } [2313]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2314) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Goma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(10) "North Kivu" ["Population"]=> int(109094) } [2314]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2315) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kalemie" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "COD" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shaba" ["Population"]=> int(101309) } [2315]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2316) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bantam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CCK" ["District"]=> string(11) "Home Island" ["Population"]=> int(503) } [2316]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2317) ["Name"]=> string(11) "West Island" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CCK" ["District"]=> string(11) "West Island" ["Population"]=> int(167) } [2317]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2318) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pyongyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(12) "Pyongyang-si" ["Population"]=> int(2484000) } [2318]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2319) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hamhung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Hamgyong N" ["Population"]=> int(709730) } [2319]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2320) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chongjin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Hamgyong P" ["Population"]=> int(582480) } [2320]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2321) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nampo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(8) "Nampo-si" ["Population"]=> int(566200) } [2321]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2322) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sinuiju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pyongan P" ["Population"]=> int(326011) } [2322]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2323) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Wonsan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kangwon" ["Population"]=> int(300148) } [2323]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2324) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Phyongsong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pyongan N" ["Population"]=> int(272934) } [2324]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2325) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sariwon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Hwanghae P" ["Population"]=> int(254146) } [2325]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2326) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Haeju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Hwanghae N" ["Population"]=> int(229172) } [2326]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2327) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kanggye" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chagang" ["Population"]=> int(223410) } [2327]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2328) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kimchaek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Hamgyong P" ["Population"]=> int(179000) } [2328]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2329) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hyesan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(8) "Yanggang" ["Population"]=> int(178020) } [2329]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2330) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kaesong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Kaesong-si" ["Population"]=> int(171500) } [2330]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2331) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Seoul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Seoul" ["Population"]=> int(9981619) } [2331]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2332) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pusan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Pusan" ["Population"]=> int(3804522) } [2332]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2333) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Inchon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Inchon" ["Population"]=> int(2559424) } [2333]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2334) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Taegu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Taegu" ["Population"]=> int(2548568) } [2334]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2335) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Taejon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taejon" ["Population"]=> int(1425835) } [2335]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2336) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kwangju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kwangju" ["Population"]=> int(1368341) } [2336]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2337) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ulsan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(1084891) } [2337]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2338) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Songnam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(869094) } [2338]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2339) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Puchon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(779412) } [2339]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2340) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Suwon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(755550) } [2340]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2341) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Anyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(591106) } [2341]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2342) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chonju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollabuk" ["Population"]=> int(563153) } [2342]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2343) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chongju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongbuk" ["Population"]=> int(531376) } [2343]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2344) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Koyang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(518282) } [2344]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2345) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ansan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(510314) } [2345]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2346) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pohang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(508899) } [2346]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2347) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Chang-won" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(481694) } [2347]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2348) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Masan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(441242) } [2348]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2349) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kwangmyong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(350914) } [2349]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2350) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chonan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongnam" ["Population"]=> int(330259) } [2350]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2351) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chinju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(329886) } [2351]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2352) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Iksan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollabuk" ["Population"]=> int(322685) } [2352]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2353) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pyongtaek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(312927) } [2353]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2354) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kumi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(311431) } [2354]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2355) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Uijongbu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(276111) } [2355]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2356) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kyongju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(272968) } [2356]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2357) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kunsan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollabuk" ["Population"]=> int(266569) } [2357]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2358) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Cheju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Cheju" ["Population"]=> int(258511) } [2358]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2359) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kimhae" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(256370) } [2359]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2360) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sunchon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollanam" ["Population"]=> int(249263) } [2360]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2361) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mokpo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollanam" ["Population"]=> int(247452) } [2361]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2362) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yong-in" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(242643) } [2362]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2363) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Wonju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kang-won" ["Population"]=> int(237460) } [2363]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2364) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kunpo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(235233) } [2364]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2365) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chunchon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kang-won" ["Population"]=> int(234528) } [2365]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2366) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Namyangju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(229060) } [2366]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2367) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kangnung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kang-won" ["Population"]=> int(220403) } [2367]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2368) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chungju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongbuk" ["Population"]=> int(205206) } [2368]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2369) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Andong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(188443) } [2369]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2370) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Yosu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollanam" ["Population"]=> int(183596) } [2370]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2371) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kyongsan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(173746) } [2371]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2372) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Paju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(163379) } [2372]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2373) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yangsan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(163351) } [2373]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2374) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ichon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(155332) } [2374]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2375) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Asan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongnam" ["Population"]=> int(154663) } [2375]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2376) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Koje" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(147562) } [2376]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2377) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kimchon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(147027) } [2377]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2378) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nonsan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongnam" ["Population"]=> int(146619) } [2378]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2379) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kuri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(142173) } [2379]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2380) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chong-up" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollabuk" ["Population"]=> int(139111) } [2380]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2381) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chechon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongbuk" ["Population"]=> int(137070) } [2381]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2382) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sosan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongnam" ["Population"]=> int(134746) } [2382]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2383) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shihung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(133443) } [2383]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2384) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tong-yong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(131717) } [2384]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2385) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kongju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongnam" ["Population"]=> int(131229) } [2385]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2386) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yongju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(131097) } [2386]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2387) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chinhae" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(125997) } [2387]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2388) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sangju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(124116) } [2388]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2389) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Poryong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Chungchongnam" ["Population"]=> int(122604) } [2389]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2390) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kwang-yang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollanam" ["Population"]=> int(122052) } [2390]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2391) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Miryang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(121501) } [2391]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2392) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Hanam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(115812) } [2392]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2393) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kimje" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollabuk" ["Population"]=> int(115427) } [2393]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2394) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yongchon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(113511) } [2394]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2395) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sachon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangnam" ["Population"]=> int(113494) } [2395]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2396) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Uiwang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kyonggi" ["Population"]=> int(108788) } [2396]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2397) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Naju" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollanam" ["Population"]=> int(107831) } [2397]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2398) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Namwon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chollabuk" ["Population"]=> int(103544) } [2398]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2399) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tonghae" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kang-won" ["Population"]=> int(95472) } [2399]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2400) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mun-gyong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KOR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kyongsangbuk" ["Population"]=> int(92239) } [2400]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2401) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Athenai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(6) "Attika" ["Population"]=> int(772072) } [2401]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2402) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Thessaloniki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(17) "Central Macedonia" ["Population"]=> int(383967) } [2402]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2403) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pireus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(6) "Attika" ["Population"]=> int(182671) } [2403]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2404) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Patras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(11) "West Greece" ["Population"]=> int(153344) } [2404]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2405) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Peristerion" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(6) "Attika" ["Population"]=> int(137288) } [2405]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2406) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Herakleion" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(5) "Crete" ["Population"]=> int(116178) } [2406]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2407) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kallithea" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(6) "Attika" ["Population"]=> int(114233) } [2407]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2408) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Larisa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GRC" ["District"]=> string(9) "Thessalia" ["Population"]=> int(113090) } [2408]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2409) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zagreb" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HRV" ["District"]=> string(11) "Grad Zagreb" ["Population"]=> int(706770) } [2409]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2410) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Split" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HRV" ["District"]=> string(14) "Split-Dalmatia" ["Population"]=> int(189388) } [2410]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2411) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rijeka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HRV" ["District"]=> string(20) "Primorje-Gorski Kota" ["Population"]=> int(167964) } [2411]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2412) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Osijek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HRV" ["District"]=> string(14) "Osijek-Baranja" ["Population"]=> int(104761) } [2412]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2413) ["Name"]=> string(9) "La Habana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(9) "La Habana" ["Population"]=> int(2256000) } [2413]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2414) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Santiago de Cuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(16) "Santiago de Cuba" ["Population"]=> int(433180) } [2414]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2415) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Camagüey" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(9) "Camagüey" ["Population"]=> int(298726) } [2415]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2416) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Holguín" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(8) "Holguín" ["Population"]=> int(249492) } [2416]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2417) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Santa Clara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(11) "Villa Clara" ["Population"]=> int(207350) } [2417]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2418) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Guantánamo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(11) "Guantánamo" ["Population"]=> int(205078) } [2418]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2419) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Pinar del Río" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(14) "Pinar del Río" ["Population"]=> int(142100) } [2419]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2420) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bayamo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Granma" ["Population"]=> int(141000) } [2420]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2421) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cienfuegos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(10) "Cienfuegos" ["Population"]=> int(132770) } [2421]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2422) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Victoria de las Tunas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(9) "Las Tunas" ["Population"]=> int(132350) } [2422]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2423) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Matanzas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(8) "Matanzas" ["Population"]=> int(123273) } [2423]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2424) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Manzanillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Granma" ["Population"]=> int(109350) } [2424]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2425) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Sancti-Spíritus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(16) "Sancti-Spíritus" ["Population"]=> int(100751) } [2425]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2426) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ciego de Ávila" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CUB" ["District"]=> string(15) "Ciego de Ávila" ["Population"]=> int(98505) } [2426]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2427) ["Name"]=> string(11) "al-Salimiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KWT" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hawalli" ["Population"]=> int(130215) } [2427]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2428) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Jalib al-Shuyukh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KWT" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hawalli" ["Population"]=> int(102178) } [2428]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2429) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kuwait" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KWT" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Asima" ["Population"]=> int(28859) } [2429]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2430) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nicosia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CYP" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nicosia" ["Population"]=> int(195000) } [2430]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2431) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Limassol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CYP" ["District"]=> string(8) "Limassol" ["Population"]=> int(154400) } [2431]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2432) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Vientiane" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LAO" ["District"]=> string(9) "Viangchan" ["Population"]=> int(531800) } [2432]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2433) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Savannakhet" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LAO" ["District"]=> string(11) "Savannakhet" ["Population"]=> int(96652) } [2433]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2434) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Riga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LVA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Riika" ["Population"]=> int(764328) } [2434]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2435) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Daugavpils" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LVA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Daugavpils" ["Population"]=> int(114829) } [2435]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2436) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Liepaja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LVA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Liepaja" ["Population"]=> int(89439) } [2436]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2437) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maseru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LSO" ["District"]=> string(6) "Maseru" ["Population"]=> int(297000) } [2437]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2438) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Beirut" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Beirut" ["Population"]=> int(1100000) } [2438]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2439) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tripoli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBN" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Shamal" ["Population"]=> int(240000) } [2439]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2440) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Monrovia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Montserrado" ["Population"]=> int(850000) } [2440]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2441) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tripoli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBY" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tripoli" ["Population"]=> int(1682000) } [2441]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2442) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bengasi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBY" ["District"]=> string(7) "Bengasi" ["Population"]=> int(804000) } [2442]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2443) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Misrata" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBY" ["District"]=> string(7) "Misrata" ["Population"]=> int(121669) } [2443]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2444) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Zawiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LBY" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Zawiya" ["Population"]=> int(89338) } [2444]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2445) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Schaan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LIE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Schaan" ["Population"]=> int(5346) } [2445]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2446) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Vaduz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LIE" ["District"]=> string(5) "Vaduz" ["Population"]=> int(5043) } [2446]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2447) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vilnius" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LTU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Vilna" ["Population"]=> int(577969) } [2447]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2448) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kaunas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LTU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kaunas" ["Population"]=> int(412639) } [2448]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2449) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Klaipeda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LTU" ["District"]=> string(8) "Klaipeda" ["Population"]=> int(202451) } [2449]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2450) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Šiauliai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LTU" ["District"]=> string(9) "Šiauliai" ["Population"]=> int(146563) } [2450]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2451) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Panevezys" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LTU" ["District"]=> string(9) "Panevezys" ["Population"]=> int(133695) } [2451]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2452) ["Name"]=> string(34) "Luxembourg [Luxemburg/Lëtzebuerg]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LUX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Luxembourg" ["Population"]=> int(80700) } [2452]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2453) ["Name"]=> string(9) "El-Aaiún" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ESH" ["District"]=> string(9) "El-Aaiún" ["Population"]=> int(169000) } [2453]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2454) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Macao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAC" ["District"]=> string(5) "Macau" ["Population"]=> int(437500) } [2454]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2455) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Antananarivo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Antananarivo" ["Population"]=> int(675669) } [2455]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2456) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Toamasina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Toamasina" ["Population"]=> int(127441) } [2456]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2457) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Antsirabé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Antananarivo" ["Population"]=> int(120239) } [2457]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2458) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mahajanga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDG" ["District"]=> string(9) "Mahajanga" ["Population"]=> int(100807) } [2458]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2459) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Fianarantsoa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDG" ["District"]=> string(12) "Fianarantsoa" ["Population"]=> int(99005) } [2459]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2460) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Skopje" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MKD" ["District"]=> string(6) "Skopje" ["Population"]=> int(444299) } [2460]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2461) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Blantyre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MWI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Blantyre" ["Population"]=> int(478155) } [2461]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2462) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Lilongwe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MWI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lilongwe" ["Population"]=> int(435964) } [2462]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2463) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Male" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDV" ["District"]=> string(5) "Maale" ["Population"]=> int(71000) } [2463]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2464) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Kuala Lumpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(19) "Wilayah Persekutuan" ["Population"]=> int(1297526) } [2464]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2465) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ipoh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Perak" ["Population"]=> int(382853) } [2465]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2466) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Johor Baharu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Johor" ["Population"]=> int(328436) } [2466]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2467) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Petaling Jaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Selangor" ["Population"]=> int(254350) } [2467]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2468) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kelang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Selangor" ["Population"]=> int(243355) } [2468]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2469) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Kuala Terengganu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Terengganu" ["Population"]=> int(228119) } [2469]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2470) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pinang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Pulau Pinang" ["Population"]=> int(219603) } [2470]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2471) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kota Bharu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kelantan" ["Population"]=> int(219582) } [2471]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2472) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kuantan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Pahang" ["Population"]=> int(199484) } [2472]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2473) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taiping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Perak" ["Population"]=> int(183261) } [2473]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2474) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Seremban" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(15) "Negeri Sembilan" ["Population"]=> int(182869) } [2474]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2475) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kuching" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sarawak" ["Population"]=> int(148059) } [2475]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2476) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Sibu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sarawak" ["Population"]=> int(126381) } [2476]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2477) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sandakan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sabah" ["Population"]=> int(125841) } [2477]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2478) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Alor Setar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kedah" ["Population"]=> int(124412) } [2478]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2479) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Selayang Baru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Selangor" ["Population"]=> int(124228) } [2479]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2480) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Sungai Petani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kedah" ["Population"]=> int(114763) } [2480]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2481) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Shah Alam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Selangor" ["Population"]=> int(102019) } [2481]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2482) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bamako" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MLI" ["District"]=> string(6) "Bamako" ["Population"]=> int(809552) } [2482]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2483) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Birkirkara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MLT" ["District"]=> string(13) "Outer Harbour" ["Population"]=> int(21445) } [2483]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2484) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Valletta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MLT" ["District"]=> string(13) "Inner Harbour" ["Population"]=> int(7073) } [2484]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2485) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Casablanca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Casablanca" ["Population"]=> int(2940623) } [2485]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2486) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Rabat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(21) "Rabat-Salé-Zammour-Z" ["Population"]=> int(623457) } [2486]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2487) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Marrakech" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(20) "Marrakech-Tensift-Al" ["Population"]=> int(621914) } [2487]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2488) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Fès" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Fès-Boulemane" ["Population"]=> int(541162) } [2488]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2489) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tanger" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(15) "Tanger-Tétouan" ["Population"]=> int(521735) } [2489]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2490) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Salé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(21) "Rabat-Salé-Zammour-Z" ["Population"]=> int(504420) } [2490]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2491) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Meknès" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(17) "Meknès-Tafilalet" ["Population"]=> int(460000) } [2491]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2492) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Oujda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Oriental" ["Population"]=> int(365382) } [2492]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2493) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kénitra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(21) "Gharb-Chrarda-Béni H" ["Population"]=> int(292600) } [2493]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2494) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tétouan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(15) "Tanger-Tétouan" ["Population"]=> int(277516) } [2494]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2495) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Safi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Doukkala-Abda" ["Population"]=> int(262300) } [2495]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2496) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Agadir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(17) "Souss Massa-Draâ" ["Population"]=> int(155244) } [2496]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2497) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mohammedia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Casablanca" ["Population"]=> int(154706) } [2497]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2498) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Khouribga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(17) "Chaouia-Ouardigha" ["Population"]=> int(152090) } [2498]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2499) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Beni-Mellal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Tadla-Azilal" ["Population"]=> int(140212) } [2499]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2500) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Témara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(21) "Rabat-Salé-Zammour-Z" ["Population"]=> int(126303) } [2500]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2501) ["Name"]=> string(9) "El Jadida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Doukkala-Abda" ["Population"]=> int(119083) } [2501]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2502) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nador" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Oriental" ["Population"]=> int(112450) } [2502]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2503) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Ksar el Kebir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(15) "Tanger-Tétouan" ["Population"]=> int(107065) } [2503]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2504) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Settat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(17) "Chaouia-Ouardigha" ["Population"]=> int(96200) } [2504]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2505) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Taza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(20) "Taza-Al Hoceima-Taou" ["Population"]=> int(92700) } [2505]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2506) ["Name"]=> string(9) "El Araich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MAR" ["District"]=> string(15) "Tanger-Tétouan" ["Population"]=> int(90400) } [2506]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2507) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Dalap-Uliga-Darrit" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MHL" ["District"]=> string(6) "Majuro" ["Population"]=> int(28000) } [2507]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2508) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Fort-de-France" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MTQ" ["District"]=> string(14) "Fort-de-France" ["Population"]=> int(94050) } [2508]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2509) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nouakchott" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MRT" ["District"]=> string(10) "Nouakchott" ["Population"]=> int(667300) } [2509]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2510) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Nouâdhibou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MRT" ["District"]=> string(19) "Dakhlet Nouâdhibou" ["Population"]=> int(97600) } [2510]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2511) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Port-Louis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Port-Louis" ["Population"]=> int(138200) } [2511]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2512) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Beau Bassin-Rose Hill" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MUS" ["District"]=> string(16) "Plaines Wilhelms" ["Population"]=> int(100616) } [2512]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2513) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Vacoas-Phoenix" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MUS" ["District"]=> string(16) "Plaines Wilhelms" ["Population"]=> int(98464) } [2513]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2514) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mamoutzou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MYT" ["District"]=> string(9) "Mamoutzou" ["Population"]=> int(12000) } [2514]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2515) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Ciudad de México" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(16) "Distrito Federal" ["Population"]=> int(8591309) } [2515]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2516) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Guadalajara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(1647720) } [2516]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2517) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Ecatepec de Morelos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(1620303) } [2517]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2518) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Puebla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Puebla" ["Population"]=> int(1346176) } [2518]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2519) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Nezahualcóyotl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(1224924) } [2519]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2520) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Juárez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chihuahua" ["Population"]=> int(1217818) } [2520]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2521) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tijuana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(15) "Baja California" ["Population"]=> int(1212232) } [2521]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2522) ["Name"]=> string(5) "León" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(1133576) } [2522]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2523) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Monterrey" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(1108499) } [2523]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2524) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zapopan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(1002239) } [2524]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2525) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Naucalpan de Juárez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(857511) } [2525]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2526) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mexicali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(15) "Baja California" ["Population"]=> int(764902) } [2526]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2527) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Culiacán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sinaloa" ["Population"]=> int(744859) } [2527]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2528) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Acapulco de Juárez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guerrero" ["Population"]=> int(721011) } [2528]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2529) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Tlalnepantla de Baz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(720755) } [2529]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2530) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mérida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Yucatán" ["Population"]=> int(703324) } [2530]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2531) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Chihuahua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chihuahua" ["Population"]=> int(670208) } [2531]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2532) ["Name"]=> string(16) "San Luis Potosí" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(16) "San Luis Potosí" ["Population"]=> int(669353) } [2532]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2533) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Guadalupe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(668780) } [2533]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2534) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toluca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(665617) } [2534]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2535) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Aguascalientes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(14) "Aguascalientes" ["Population"]=> int(643360) } [2535]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2536) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Querétaro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(21) "Querétaro de Arteaga" ["Population"]=> int(639839) } [2536]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2537) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Morelia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(619958) } [2537]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2538) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Hermosillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sonora" ["Population"]=> int(608697) } [2538]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2539) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Saltillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Coahuila de Zaragoza" ["Population"]=> int(577352) } [2539]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2540) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Torreón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Coahuila de Zaragoza" ["Population"]=> int(529093) } [2540]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2541) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Centro (Villahermosa)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tabasco" ["Population"]=> int(519873) } [2541]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2542) ["Name"]=> string(25) "San Nicolás de los Garza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(495540) } [2542]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2543) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Durango" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Durango" ["Population"]=> int(490524) } [2543]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2544) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Chimalhuacán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(490245) } [2544]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2545) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tlaquepaque" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(475472) } [2545]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2546) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Atizapán de Zaragoza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(467262) } [2546]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2547) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(457119) } [2547]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2548) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Cuautitlán Izcalli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(452976) } [2548]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2549) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Irapuato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(440039) } [2549]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2550) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Tuxtla Gutiérrez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chiapas" ["Population"]=> int(433544) } [2550]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2551) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Tultitlán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(432411) } [2551]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2552) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Reynosa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(419776) } [2552]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2553) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Benito Juárez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(12) "Quintana Roo" ["Population"]=> int(419276) } [2553]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2554) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Matamoros" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(416428) } [2554]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2555) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Xalapa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(390058) } [2555]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2556) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Celaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(382140) } [2556]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2557) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mazatlán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sinaloa" ["Population"]=> int(380265) } [2557]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2558) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ensenada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(15) "Baja California" ["Population"]=> int(369573) } [2558]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2559) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ahome" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sinaloa" ["Population"]=> int(358663) } [2559]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2560) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Cajeme" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sonora" ["Population"]=> int(355679) } [2560]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2561) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cuernavaca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Morelos" ["Population"]=> int(337966) } [2561]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2562) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tonalá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(336109) } [2562]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2563) ["Name"]=> string(27) "Valle de Chalco Solidaridad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(323113) } [2563]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2564) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Nuevo Laredo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(310277) } [2564]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2565) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tepic" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nayarit" ["Population"]=> int(305025) } [2565]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2566) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tampico" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(294789) } [2566]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2567) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ixtapaluca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(293160) } [2567]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2568) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Apodaca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(282941) } [2568]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2569) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guasave" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sinaloa" ["Population"]=> int(277201) } [2569]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2570) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Gómez Palacio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Durango" ["Population"]=> int(272806) } [2570]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2571) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tapachula" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chiapas" ["Population"]=> int(271141) } [2571]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2572) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Nicolás Romero" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(269393) } [2572]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2573) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Coatzacoalcos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(267037) } [2573]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2574) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Uruapan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(265211) } [2574]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2575) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Victoria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(262686) } [2575]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2576) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Oaxaca de Juárez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Oaxaca" ["Population"]=> int(256848) } [2576]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2577) ["Name"]=> string(24) "Coacalco de Berriozábal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(252270) } [2577]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2578) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Pachuca de Soto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hidalgo" ["Population"]=> int(244688) } [2578]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2579) ["Name"]=> string(16) "General Escobedo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(232961) } [2579]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2580) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Salamanca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(226864) } [2580]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2581) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Santa Catarina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(226573) } [2581]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2582) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tehuacán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Puebla" ["Population"]=> int(225943) } [2582]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2583) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chalco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(222201) } [2583]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2584) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cárdenas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tabasco" ["Population"]=> int(216903) } [2584]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2585) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Campeche" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Campeche" ["Population"]=> int(216735) } [2585]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2586) ["Name"]=> string(6) "La Paz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(213045) } [2586]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2587) ["Name"]=> string(27) "Othón P. Blanco (Chetumal)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(12) "Quintana Roo" ["Population"]=> int(208014) } [2587]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2588) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Texcoco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(203681) } [2588]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2589) ["Name"]=> string(6) "La Paz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(19) "Baja California Sur" ["Population"]=> int(196708) } [2589]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2590) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Metepec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(194265) } [2590]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2591) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Monclova" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Coahuila de Zaragoza" ["Population"]=> int(193657) } [2591]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2592) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Huixquilucan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(193156) } [2592]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2593) ["Name"]=> string(25) "Chilpancingo de los Bravo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guerrero" ["Population"]=> int(192509) } [2593]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2594) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Puerto Vallarta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(183741) } [2594]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2595) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Fresnillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zacatecas" ["Population"]=> int(182744) } [2595]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2596) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Ciudad Madero" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(182012) } [2596]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2597) ["Name"]=> string(28) "Soledad de Graciano Sánchez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(16) "San Luis Potosí" ["Population"]=> int(179956) } [2597]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2598) ["Name"]=> string(17) "San Juan del Río" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Querétaro" ["Population"]=> int(179300) } [2598]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2599) ["Name"]=> string(23) "San Felipe del Progreso" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(177330) } [2599]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2600) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Córdoba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(176952) } [2600]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2601) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tecámac" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(172410) } [2601]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2602) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ocosingo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chiapas" ["Population"]=> int(171495) } [2602]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2603) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Carmen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Campeche" ["Population"]=> int(171367) } [2603]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2604) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Lázaro Cárdenas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(170878) } [2604]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2605) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jiutepec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Morelos" ["Population"]=> int(170428) } [2605]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2606) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Papantla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(170123) } [2606]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2607) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Comalcalco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tabasco" ["Population"]=> int(164640) } [2607]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2608) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zamora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(161191) } [2608]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2609) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nogales" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sonora" ["Population"]=> int(159103) } [2609]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2610) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Huimanguillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tabasco" ["Population"]=> int(158335) } [2610]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2611) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cuautla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Morelos" ["Population"]=> int(153132) } [2611]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2612) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Minatitlán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(152983) } [2612]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2613) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Poza Rica de Hidalgo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(152678) } [2613]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2614) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Ciudad Valles" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(16) "San Luis Potosí" ["Population"]=> int(146411) } [2614]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2615) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Navolato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sinaloa" ["Population"]=> int(145396) } [2615]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2616) ["Name"]=> string(22) "San Luis Río Colorado" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sonora" ["Population"]=> int(145276) } [2616]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2617) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pénjamo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(143927) } [2617]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2618) ["Name"]=> string(18) "San Andrés Tuxtla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(142251) } [2618]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2619) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(141215) } [2619]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2620) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Navojoa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sonora" ["Population"]=> int(140495) } [2620]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2621) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Zitácuaro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(137970) } [2621]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2622) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Boca del Río" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(14) "Veracruz-Llave" ["Population"]=> int(135721) } [2622]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2623) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Allende" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(134645) } [2623]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2624) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Silao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(134037) } [2624]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2625) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Macuspana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tabasco" ["Population"]=> int(133795) } [2625]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2626) ["Name"]=> string(26) "San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Oaxaca" ["Population"]=> int(133675) } [2626]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2627) ["Name"]=> string(27) "San Cristóbal de las Casas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chiapas" ["Population"]=> int(132317) } [2627]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2628) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Valle de Santiago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(130557) } [2628]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2629) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guaymas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sonora" ["Population"]=> int(130108) } [2629]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2630) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Colima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Colima" ["Population"]=> int(129454) } [2630]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2631) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Dolores Hidalgo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(128675) } [2631]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2632) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Lagos de Moreno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(127949) } [2632]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2633) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Piedras Negras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Coahuila de Zaragoza" ["Population"]=> int(127898) } [2633]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2634) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Altamira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(127490) } [2634]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2635) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Túxpam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(126475) } [2635]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2636) ["Name"]=> string(23) "San Pedro Garza García" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nuevo León" ["Population"]=> int(126147) } [2636]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2637) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Cuauhtémoc" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chihuahua" ["Population"]=> int(124279) } [2637]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2638) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Manzanillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Colima" ["Population"]=> int(124014) } [2638]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2639) ["Name"]=> string(26) "Iguala de la Independencia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guerrero" ["Population"]=> int(123883) } [2639]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2640) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zacatecas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zacatecas" ["Population"]=> int(123700) } [2640]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2641) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Tlajomulco de Zúñiga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(123220) } [2641]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2642) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Tulancingo de Bravo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hidalgo" ["Population"]=> int(121946) } [2642]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2643) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Zinacantepec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(121715) } [2643]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2644) ["Name"]=> string(22) "San Martín Texmelucan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Puebla" ["Population"]=> int(121093) } [2644]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2645) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Tepatitlán de Morelos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Jalisco" ["Population"]=> int(118948) } [2645]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2646) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Martínez de la Torre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(118815) } [2646]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2647) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Orizaba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(118488) } [2647]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2648) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Apatzingán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(117849) } [2648]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2649) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Atlixco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Puebla" ["Population"]=> int(117019) } [2649]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2650) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Delicias" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chihuahua" ["Population"]=> int(116132) } [2650]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2651) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ixtlahuaca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(115548) } [2651]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2652) ["Name"]=> string(8) "El Mante" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(112453) } [2652]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2653) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lerdo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Durango" ["Population"]=> int(112272) } [2653]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2654) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Almoloya de Juárez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(110550) } [2654]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2655) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Acámbaro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(110487) } [2655]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2656) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Acuña" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Coahuila de Zaragoza" ["Population"]=> int(110388) } [2656]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2657) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Guadalupe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zacatecas" ["Population"]=> int(108881) } [2657]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2658) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Huejutla de Reyes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hidalgo" ["Population"]=> int(108017) } [2658]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2659) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hidalgo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Michoacán de Ocampo" ["Population"]=> int(106198) } [2659]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2660) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Los Cabos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(19) "Baja California Sur" ["Population"]=> int(105199) } [2660]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2661) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Comitán de Domínguez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chiapas" ["Population"]=> int(104986) } [2661]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2662) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cunduacán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Tabasco" ["Population"]=> int(104164) } [2662]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2663) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Río Bravo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tamaulipas" ["Population"]=> int(103901) } [2663]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2664) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Temapache" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(102824) } [2664]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2665) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Chilapa de Alvarez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guerrero" ["Population"]=> int(102716) } [2665]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2666) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Hidalgo del Parral" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(9) "Chihuahua" ["Population"]=> int(100881) } [2666]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2667) ["Name"]=> string(25) "San Francisco del Rincón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(100149) } [2667]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2668) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Taxco de Alarcón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guerrero" ["Population"]=> int(99907) } [2668]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2669) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zumpango" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(99781) } [2669]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2670) ["Name"]=> string(17) "San Pedro Cholula" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Puebla" ["Population"]=> int(99734) } [2670]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2671) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lerma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(99714) } [2671]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2672) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tecomán" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(6) "Colima" ["Population"]=> int(99296) } [2672]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2673) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Las Margaritas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Chiapas" ["Population"]=> int(97389) } [2673]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2674) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Cosoleacaque" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(97199) } [2674]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2675) ["Name"]=> string(18) "San Luis de la Paz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(96763) } [2675]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2676) ["Name"]=> string(12) "José Azueta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guerrero" ["Population"]=> int(95448) } [2676]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2677) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Santiago Ixcuintla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nayarit" ["Population"]=> int(95311) } [2677]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2678) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Felipe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(95305) } [2678]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2679) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tejupilco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(94934) } [2679]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2680) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tantoyuca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(94709) } [2680]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2681) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Salvatierra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(10) "Guanajuato" ["Population"]=> int(94322) } [2681]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2682) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tultepec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "México" ["Population"]=> int(93364) } [2682]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2683) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Temixco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Morelos" ["Population"]=> int(92686) } [2683]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2684) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Matamoros" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(20) "Coahuila de Zaragoza" ["Population"]=> int(91858) } [2684]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2685) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pánuco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(90551) } [2685]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2686) ["Name"]=> string(9) "El Fuerte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sinaloa" ["Population"]=> int(89556) } [2686]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2687) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Tierra Blanca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MEX" ["District"]=> string(8) "Veracruz" ["Population"]=> int(89143) } [2687]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2688) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Weno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FSM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Chuuk" ["Population"]=> int(22000) } [2688]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2689) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Palikir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FSM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pohnpei" ["Population"]=> int(8600) } [2689]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2690) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chisinau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Chisinau" ["Population"]=> int(719900) } [2690]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2691) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tiraspol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Dnjestria" ["Population"]=> int(194300) } [2691]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2692) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Balti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Balti" ["Population"]=> int(153400) } [2692]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2693) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Bender (Tîghina)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MDA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Bender (Tîghina)" ["Population"]=> int(125700) } [2693]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2694) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Monte-Carlo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MCO" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(13154) } [2694]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2695) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Monaco-Ville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MCO" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(1234) } [2695]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2696) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ulan Bator" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MNG" ["District"]=> string(11) "Ulaanbaatar" ["Population"]=> int(773700) } [2696]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2697) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Plymouth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MSR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Plymouth" ["Population"]=> int(2000) } [2697]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2698) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maputo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Maputo" ["Population"]=> int(1018938) } [2698]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2699) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Matola" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Maputo" ["Population"]=> int(424662) } [2699]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2700) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Beira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sofala" ["Population"]=> int(397368) } [2700]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2701) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nampula" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nampula" ["Population"]=> int(303346) } [2701]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2702) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chimoio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Manica" ["Population"]=> int(171056) } [2702]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2703) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Naçala-Porto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nampula" ["Population"]=> int(158248) } [2703]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2704) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Quelimane" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zambézia" ["Population"]=> int(150116) } [2704]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2705) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mocuba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zambézia" ["Population"]=> int(124700) } [2705]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2706) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tete" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(4) "Tete" ["Population"]=> int(101984) } [2706]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2707) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Xai-Xai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gaza" ["Population"]=> int(99442) } [2707]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2708) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gurue" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zambézia" ["Population"]=> int(99300) } [2708]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2709) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maxixe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MOZ" ["District"]=> string(9) "Inhambane" ["Population"]=> int(93985) } [2709]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2710) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Rangoon (Yangon)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(16) "Rangoon [Yangon]" ["Population"]=> int(3361700) } [2710]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2711) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mandalay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Mandalay" ["Population"]=> int(885300) } [2711]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2712) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Moulmein (Mawlamyine)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(3) "Mon" ["Population"]=> int(307900) } [2712]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2713) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Pegu (Bago)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Pegu [Bago]" ["Population"]=> int(190900) } [2713]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2714) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Bassein (Pathein)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(20) "Irrawaddy [Ayeyarwad" ["Population"]=> int(183900) } [2714]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2715) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Monywa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sagaing" ["Population"]=> int(138600) } [2715]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2716) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Sittwe (Akyab)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Rakhine" ["Population"]=> int(137600) } [2716]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2717) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Taunggyi (Taunggye)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Shan" ["Population"]=> int(131500) } [2717]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2718) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Meikhtila" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Mandalay" ["Population"]=> int(129700) } [2718]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2719) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Mergui (Myeik)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(20) "Tenasserim [Tanintha" ["Population"]=> int(122700) } [2719]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2720) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Lashio (Lasho)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Shan" ["Population"]=> int(107600) } [2720]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2721) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Prome (Pyay)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Pegu [Bago]" ["Population"]=> int(105700) } [2721]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2722) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Henzada (Hinthada)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(20) "Irrawaddy [Ayeyarwad" ["Population"]=> int(104700) } [2722]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2723) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Myingyan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Mandalay" ["Population"]=> int(103600) } [2723]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2724) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Tavoy (Dawei)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(20) "Tenasserim [Tanintha" ["Population"]=> int(96800) } [2724]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2725) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Pagakku (Pakokku)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MMR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Magwe [Magway]" ["Population"]=> int(94800) } [2725]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2726) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Windhoek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NAM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Khomas" ["Population"]=> int(169000) } [2726]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2727) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yangor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NRU" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(4050) } [2727]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2728) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yaren" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NRU" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(559) } [2728]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2729) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kathmandu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NPL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(591835) } [2729]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2730) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Biratnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NPL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Eastern" ["Population"]=> int(157764) } [2730]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2731) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pokhara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NPL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(146318) } [2731]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2732) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Lalitapur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NPL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(145847) } [2732]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2733) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Birgunj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NPL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(90639) } [2733]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2734) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Managua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NIC" ["District"]=> string(7) "Managua" ["Population"]=> int(959000) } [2734]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2735) ["Name"]=> string(5) "León" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NIC" ["District"]=> string(5) "León" ["Population"]=> int(123865) } [2735]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2736) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chinandega" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NIC" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chinandega" ["Population"]=> int(97387) } [2736]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2737) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Masaya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NIC" ["District"]=> string(6) "Masaya" ["Population"]=> int(88971) } [2737]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2738) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Niamey" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Niamey" ["Population"]=> int(420000) } [2738]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2739) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zinder" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Zinder" ["Population"]=> int(120892) } [2739]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2740) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maradi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Maradi" ["Population"]=> int(112965) } [2740]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2741) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(1518000) } [2741]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2742) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ibadan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(1432000) } [2742]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2743) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ogbomosho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(730000) } [2743]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2744) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Kano & Jigawa" ["Population"]=> int(674100) } [2744]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2745) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Oshogbo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(476800) } [2745]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2746) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ilorin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kwara & Kogi" ["Population"]=> int(475800) } [2746]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2747) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Abeokuta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ogun" ["Population"]=> int(427400) } [2747]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2748) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Port Harcourt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(16) "Rivers & Bayelsa" ["Population"]=> int(410000) } [2748]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2749) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Zaria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kaduna" ["Population"]=> int(379200) } [2749]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2750) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ilesha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(378400) } [2750]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2751) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Onitsha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Anambra & Enugu & Eb" ["Population"]=> int(371900) } [2751]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2752) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Iwo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(362000) } [2752]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2753) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ado-Ekiti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(359400) } [2753]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2754) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Abuja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Federal Capital Dist" ["Population"]=> int(350100) } [2754]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2755) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kaduna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kaduna" ["Population"]=> int(342200) } [2755]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2756) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mushin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(333200) } [2756]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2757) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Maiduguri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Borno & Yobe" ["Population"]=> int(320000) } [2757]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2758) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Enugu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Anambra & Enugu & Eb" ["Population"]=> int(316100) } [2758]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2759) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ede" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(307100) } [2759]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2760) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Aba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Imo & Abia" ["Population"]=> int(298900) } [2760]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2761) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ife" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(296800) } [2761]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2762) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ila" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(264000) } [2762]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2763) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Oyo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(256400) } [2763]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2764) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ikerre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(244600) } [2764]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2765) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Benin City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Edo & Delta" ["Population"]=> int(229400) } [2765]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2766) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Iseyin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(217300) } [2766]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2767) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Katsina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Katsina" ["Population"]=> int(206500) } [2767]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2768) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Jos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Plateau & Nassarawa" ["Population"]=> int(206300) } [2768]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2769) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sokoto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Sokoto & Kebbi & Zam" ["Population"]=> int(204900) } [2769]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2770) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ilobu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(199000) } [2770]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2771) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Offa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Kwara & Kogi" ["Population"]=> int(197200) } [2771]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2772) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ikorodu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(184900) } [2772]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2773) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Ilawe-Ekiti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(184500) } [2773]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2774) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Owo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(183500) } [2774]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2775) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ikirun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(181400) } [2775]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2776) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Shaki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(174500) } [2776]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2777) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Calabar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Cross River" ["Population"]=> int(174400) } [2777]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2778) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ondo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(173600) } [2778]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2779) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Akure" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(162300) } [2779]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2780) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gusau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Sokoto & Kebbi & Zam" ["Population"]=> int(158000) } [2780]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2781) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ijebu-Ode" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ogun" ["Population"]=> int(156400) } [2781]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2782) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Effon-Alaiye" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(153100) } [2782]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2783) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kumo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Bauchi & Gombe" ["Population"]=> int(148000) } [2783]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2784) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shomolu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(147700) } [2784]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2785) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Oka-Akoko" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(142900) } [2785]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2786) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ikare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(140800) } [2786]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2787) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sapele" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Edo & Delta" ["Population"]=> int(139200) } [2787]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2788) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Deba Habe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Bauchi & Gombe" ["Population"]=> int(138600) } [2788]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2789) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Minna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Niger" ["Population"]=> int(136900) } [2789]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2790) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Warri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Edo & Delta" ["Population"]=> int(126100) } [2790]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2791) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Niger" ["Population"]=> int(125500) } [2791]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2792) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ikire" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(123300) } [2792]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2793) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Makurdi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Benue" ["Population"]=> int(123100) } [2793]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2794) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lafia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(19) "Plateau & Nassarawa" ["Population"]=> int(122500) } [2794]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2795) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Inisa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(119800) } [2795]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2796) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Shagamu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ogun" ["Population"]=> int(117200) } [2796]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2797) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Awka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Anambra & Enugu & Eb" ["Population"]=> int(111200) } [2797]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2798) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gombe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Bauchi & Gombe" ["Population"]=> int(107800) } [2798]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2799) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Igboho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(106800) } [2799]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2800) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ejigbo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Oyo & Osun" ["Population"]=> int(105900) } [2800]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2801) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Agege" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(105000) } [2801]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2802) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ise-Ekiti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Ondo & Ekiti" ["Population"]=> int(103400) } [2802]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2803) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ugep" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Cross River" ["Population"]=> int(102600) } [2803]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2804) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Epe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NGA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lagos" ["Population"]=> int(101000) } [2804]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2805) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Alofi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NIU" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(682) } [2805]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2806) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kingston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NFK" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(800) } [2806]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2807) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Oslo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NOR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Oslo" ["Population"]=> int(508726) } [2807]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2808) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bergen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NOR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Hordaland" ["Population"]=> int(230948) } [2808]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2809) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Trondheim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NOR" ["District"]=> string(15) "Sør-Trøndelag" ["Population"]=> int(150166) } [2809]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2810) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Stavanger" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Rogaland" ["Population"]=> int(108848) } [2810]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2811) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bærum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NOR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Akershus" ["Population"]=> int(101340) } [2811]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2812) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Abidjan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CIV" ["District"]=> string(7) "Abidjan" ["Population"]=> int(2500000) } [2812]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2813) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bouaké" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CIV" ["District"]=> string(7) "Bouaké" ["Population"]=> int(329850) } [2813]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2814) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Yamoussoukro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CIV" ["District"]=> string(12) "Yamoussoukro" ["Population"]=> int(130000) } [2814]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2815) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Daloa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CIV" ["District"]=> string(5) "Daloa" ["Population"]=> int(121842) } [2815]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2816) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Korhogo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CIV" ["District"]=> string(7) "Korhogo" ["Population"]=> int(109445) } [2816]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2817) ["Name"]=> string(6) "al-Sib" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "OMN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Masqat" ["Population"]=> int(155000) } [2817]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2818) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Salala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "OMN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Zufar" ["Population"]=> int(131813) } [2818]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2819) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bawshar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "OMN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Masqat" ["Population"]=> int(107500) } [2819]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2820) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Suhar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "OMN" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Batina" ["Population"]=> int(90814) } [2820]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2821) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Masqat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "OMN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Masqat" ["Population"]=> int(51969) } [2821]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2822) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Karachi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sindh" ["Population"]=> int(9269265) } [2822]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2823) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lahore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(5063499) } [2823]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2824) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Faisalabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(1977246) } [2824]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2825) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Rawalpindi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(1406214) } [2825]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2826) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Multan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(1182441) } [2826]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2827) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hyderabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sindh" ["Population"]=> int(1151274) } [2827]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2828) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gujranwala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(1124749) } [2828]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2829) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Peshawar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(988005) } [2829]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2830) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Quetta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(11) "Baluchistan" ["Population"]=> int(560307) } [2830]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2831) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Islamabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(9) "Islamabad" ["Population"]=> int(524500) } [2831]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2832) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sargodha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(455360) } [2832]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2833) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sialkot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(417597) } [2833]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2834) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bahawalpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(403408) } [2834]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2835) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sukkur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sindh" ["Population"]=> int(329176) } [2835]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2836) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jhang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(292214) } [2836]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2837) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Sheikhupura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(271875) } [2837]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2838) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Larkana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sindh" ["Population"]=> int(270366) } [2838]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2839) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gujrat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(250121) } [2839]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2840) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mardan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(244511) } [2840]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2841) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kasur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(241649) } [2841]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2842) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Rahim Yar Khan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(228479) } [2842]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2843) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sahiwal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(207388) } [2843]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2844) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Okara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(200901) } [2844]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2845) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Wah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(198400) } [2845]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2846) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Dera Ghazi Khan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(188100) } [2846]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2847) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Mirpur Khas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(184500) } [2847]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2848) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Nawabshah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(183100) } [2848]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2849) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mingora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(174500) } [2849]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2850) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chiniot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(169300) } [2850]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2851) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kamoke" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(151000) } [2851]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2852) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Mandi Burewala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(149900) } [2852]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2853) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jhelum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(145800) } [2853]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2854) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sadiqabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(141500) } [2854]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2855) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jacobabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(137700) } [2855]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2856) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Shikarpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(133300) } [2856]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2857) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Khanewal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(133000) } [2857]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2858) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hafizabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(130200) } [2858]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2859) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kohat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(125300) } [2859]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2860) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Muzaffargarh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(121600) } [2860]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2861) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Khanpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(117800) } [2861]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2862) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gojra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(115000) } [2862]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2863) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Bahawalnagar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(109600) } [2863]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2864) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Muridke" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(108600) } [2864]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2865) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pak Pattan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(107800) } [2865]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2866) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Abottabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(106000) } [2866]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2867) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Tando Adam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(103400) } [2867]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2868) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jaranwala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(103300) } [2868]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2869) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Khairpur" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(102200) } [2869]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2870) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Chishtian Mandi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(101700) } [2870]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2871) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Daska" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(101500) } [2871]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2872) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Dadu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sind" ["Population"]=> int(98600) } [2872]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2873) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Mandi Bahauddin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(97300) } [2873]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2874) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Ahmadpur East" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(96000) } [2874]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2875) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kamalia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(95300) } [2875]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2876) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Khuzdar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(11) "Baluchistan" ["Population"]=> int(93100) } [2876]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2877) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Vihari" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(92300) } [2877]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2878) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Dera Ismail Khan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(90400) } [2878]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2879) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Wazirabad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Punjab" ["Population"]=> int(89700) } [2879]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2880) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nowshera" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Nothwest Border Prov" ["Population"]=> int(89400) } [2880]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2881) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Koror" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PLW" ["District"]=> string(5) "Koror" ["Population"]=> int(12000) } [2881]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2882) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Ciudad de Panamá" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Panamá" ["Population"]=> int(471373) } [2882]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2883) ["Name"]=> string(13) "San Miguelito" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PAN" ["District"]=> string(13) "San Miguelito" ["Population"]=> int(315382) } [2883]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2884) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Port Moresby" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PNG" ["District"]=> string(20) "National Capital Dis" ["Population"]=> int(247000) } [2884]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2885) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Asunción" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRY" ["District"]=> string(9) "Asunción" ["Population"]=> int(557776) } [2885]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2886) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ciudad del Este" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRY" ["District"]=> string(12) "Alto Paraná" ["Population"]=> int(133881) } [2886]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2887) ["Name"]=> string(11) "San Lorenzo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRY" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(133395) } [2887]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2888) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Lambaré" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRY" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(99681) } [2888]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2889) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Fernando de la Mora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRY" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(95287) } [2889]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2890) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Lima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(4) "Lima" ["Population"]=> int(6464693) } [2890]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2891) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Arequipa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(8) "Arequipa" ["Population"]=> int(762000) } [2891]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2892) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Trujillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(11) "La Libertad" ["Population"]=> int(652000) } [2892]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2893) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chiclayo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(10) "Lambayeque" ["Population"]=> int(517000) } [2893]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2894) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Callao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Callao" ["Population"]=> int(424294) } [2894]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2895) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Iquitos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Loreto" ["Population"]=> int(367000) } [2895]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2896) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chimbote" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ancash" ["Population"]=> int(336000) } [2896]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2897) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Huancayo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Junín" ["Population"]=> int(327000) } [2897]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2898) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Piura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(5) "Piura" ["Population"]=> int(325000) } [2898]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2899) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Cusco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(5) "Cusco" ["Population"]=> int(291000) } [2899]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2900) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pucallpa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ucayali" ["Population"]=> int(220866) } [2900]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2901) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tacna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tacna" ["Population"]=> int(215683) } [2901]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2902) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(3) "Ica" ["Population"]=> int(194820) } [2902]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2903) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sullana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(5) "Piura" ["Population"]=> int(147361) } [2903]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2904) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Juliaca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(4) "Puno" ["Population"]=> int(142576) } [2904]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2905) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Huánuco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(7) "Huanuco" ["Population"]=> int(129688) } [2905]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2906) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ayacucho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ayacucho" ["Population"]=> int(118960) } [2906]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2907) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Chincha Alta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(3) "Ica" ["Population"]=> int(110016) } [2907]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2908) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cajamarca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(9) "Cajamarca" ["Population"]=> int(108009) } [2908]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2909) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Puno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(4) "Puno" ["Population"]=> int(101578) } [2909]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2910) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ventanilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(6) "Callao" ["Population"]=> int(101056) } [2910]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2911) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Castilla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PER" ["District"]=> string(5) "Piura" ["Population"]=> int(90642) } [2911]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2912) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Adamstown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PCN" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(42) } [2912]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2913) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Garapan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "MNP" ["District"]=> string(6) "Saipan" ["Population"]=> int(9200) } [2913]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2914) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lisboa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRT" ["District"]=> string(6) "Lisboa" ["Population"]=> int(563210) } [2914]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2915) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Porto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRT" ["District"]=> string(5) "Porto" ["Population"]=> int(273060) } [2915]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2916) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Amadora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRT" ["District"]=> string(6) "Lisboa" ["Population"]=> int(122106) } [2916]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2917) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Coímbra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRT" ["District"]=> string(8) "Coímbra" ["Population"]=> int(96100) } [2917]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2918) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Braga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRT" ["District"]=> string(5) "Braga" ["Population"]=> int(90535) } [2918]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2919) ["Name"]=> string(8) "San Juan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(8) "San Juan" ["Population"]=> int(434374) } [2919]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2920) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bayamón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bayamón" ["Population"]=> int(224044) } [2920]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2921) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ponce" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(5) "Ponce" ["Population"]=> int(186475) } [2921]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2922) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Carolina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(186076) } [2922]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2923) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Caguas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caguas" ["Population"]=> int(140502) } [2923]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2924) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Arecibo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arecibo" ["Population"]=> int(100131) } [2924]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2925) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Guaynabo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guaynabo" ["Population"]=> int(100053) } [2925]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2926) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mayagüez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(9) "Mayagüez" ["Population"]=> int(98434) } [2926]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2927) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Toa Baja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PRI" ["District"]=> string(8) "Toa Baja" ["Population"]=> int(94085) } [2927]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2928) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Warszawa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mazowieckie" ["Population"]=> int(1615369) } [2928]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2929) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lódz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lodzkie" ["Population"]=> int(800110) } [2929]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2930) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kraków" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Malopolskie" ["Population"]=> int(738150) } [2930]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2931) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Wroclaw" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Dolnoslaskie" ["Population"]=> int(636765) } [2931]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2932) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Poznan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Wielkopolskie" ["Population"]=> int(576899) } [2932]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2933) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gdansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(458988) } [2933]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2934) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Szczecin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(19) "Zachodnio-Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(416988) } [2934]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2935) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bydgoszcz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(18) "Kujawsko-Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(386855) } [2935]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2936) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lublin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Lubelskie" ["Population"]=> int(356251) } [2936]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2937) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Katowice" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(345934) } [2937]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2938) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bialystok" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Podlaskie" ["Population"]=> int(283937) } [2938]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2939) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Czestochowa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(257812) } [2939]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2940) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gdynia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(253521) } [2940]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2941) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sosnowiec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(244102) } [2941]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2942) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Radom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mazowieckie" ["Population"]=> int(232262) } [2942]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2943) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kielce" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(14) "Swietokrzyskie" ["Population"]=> int(212383) } [2943]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2944) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gliwice" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(212164) } [2944]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2945) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Torun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(18) "Kujawsko-Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(206158) } [2945]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2946) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bytom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(205560) } [2946]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2947) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Zabrze" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(200177) } [2947]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2948) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Bielsko-Biala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(180307) } [2948]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2949) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Olsztyn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(19) "Warminsko-Mazurskie" ["Population"]=> int(170904) } [2949]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2950) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rzeszów" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Podkarpackie" ["Population"]=> int(162049) } [2950]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2951) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Ruda Slaska" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(159665) } [2951]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2952) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rybnik" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(144582) } [2952]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2953) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Walbrzych" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Dolnoslaskie" ["Population"]=> int(136923) } [2953]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2954) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tychy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(133178) } [2954]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2955) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Dabrowa Górnicza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(131037) } [2955]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2956) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Plock" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mazowieckie" ["Population"]=> int(131011) } [2956]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2957) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Elblag" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(19) "Warminsko-Mazurskie" ["Population"]=> int(129782) } [2957]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2958) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Opole" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Opolskie" ["Population"]=> int(129553) } [2958]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2959) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Gorzów Wielkopolski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lubuskie" ["Population"]=> int(126019) } [2959]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2960) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Wloclawek" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(18) "Kujawsko-Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(123373) } [2960]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2961) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chorzów" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(121708) } [2961]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2962) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tarnów" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(11) "Malopolskie" ["Population"]=> int(121494) } [2962]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2963) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Zielona Góra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lubuskie" ["Population"]=> int(118182) } [2963]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2964) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Koszalin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(19) "Zachodnio-Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(112375) } [2964]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2965) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Legnica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Dolnoslaskie" ["Population"]=> int(109335) } [2965]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2966) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kalisz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(13) "Wielkopolskie" ["Population"]=> int(106641) } [2966]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2967) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Grudziadz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(18) "Kujawsko-Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(102434) } [2967]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2968) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Slupsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pomorskie" ["Population"]=> int(102370) } [2968]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2969) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Jastrzebie-Zdrój" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(102294) } [2969]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2970) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jaworzno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Slaskie" ["Population"]=> int(97929) } [2970]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2971) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Jelenia Góra" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "POL" ["District"]=> string(12) "Dolnoslaskie" ["Population"]=> int(93901) } [2971]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2972) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Malabo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GNQ" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bioko" ["Population"]=> int(40000) } [2972]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2973) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Doha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "QAT" ["District"]=> string(4) "Doha" ["Population"]=> int(355000) } [2973]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2974) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Paris" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Île-de-France" ["Population"]=> int(2125246) } [2974]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2975) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Marseille" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Provence-Alpes-Côte" ["Population"]=> int(798430) } [2975]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2976) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Lyon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Rhône-Alpes" ["Population"]=> int(445452) } [2976]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2977) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Toulouse" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Midi-Pyrénées" ["Population"]=> int(390350) } [2977]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2978) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Nice" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Provence-Alpes-Côte" ["Population"]=> int(342738) } [2978]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2979) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nantes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(16) "Pays de la Loire" ["Population"]=> int(270251) } [2979]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2980) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Strasbourg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Alsace" ["Population"]=> int(264115) } [2980]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2981) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Montpellier" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Languedoc-Roussillon" ["Population"]=> int(225392) } [2981]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2982) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bordeaux" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Aquitaine" ["Population"]=> int(215363) } [2982]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2983) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rennes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Haute-Normandie" ["Population"]=> int(206229) } [2983]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2984) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Le Havre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Champagne-Ardenne" ["Population"]=> int(190905) } [2984]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2985) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Reims" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(18) "Nord-Pas-de-Calais" ["Population"]=> int(187206) } [2985]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2986) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lille" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Rhône-Alpes" ["Population"]=> int(184657) } [2986]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2987) ["Name"]=> string(11) "St-Étienne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bretagne" ["Population"]=> int(180210) } [2987]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2988) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toulon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Provence-Alpes-Côte" ["Population"]=> int(160639) } [2988]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2989) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Grenoble" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Rhône-Alpes" ["Population"]=> int(153317) } [2989]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2990) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Angers" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(16) "Pays de la Loire" ["Population"]=> int(151279) } [2990]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2991) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Dijon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Bourgogne" ["Population"]=> int(149867) } [2991]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2992) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Brest" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bretagne" ["Population"]=> int(149634) } [2992]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2993) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Le Mans" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(16) "Pays de la Loire" ["Population"]=> int(146105) } [2993]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2994) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Clermont-Ferrand" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Auvergne" ["Population"]=> int(137140) } [2994]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2995) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Amiens" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Picardie" ["Population"]=> int(135501) } [2995]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2996) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Aix-en-Provence" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Provence-Alpes-Côte" ["Population"]=> int(134222) } [2996]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2997) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Limoges" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Limousin" ["Population"]=> int(133968) } [2997]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2998) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nîmes" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Languedoc-Roussillon" ["Population"]=> int(133424) } [2998]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(2999) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tours" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Centre" ["Population"]=> int(132820) } [2999]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3000) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Villeurbanne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Rhône-Alpes" ["Population"]=> int(124215) } [3000]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3001) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Metz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lorraine" ["Population"]=> int(123776) } [3001]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3002) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Besançon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Franche-Comté" ["Population"]=> int(117733) } [3002]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3003) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Caen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Basse-Normandie" ["Population"]=> int(113987) } [3003]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3004) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Orléans" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Centre" ["Population"]=> int(113126) } [3004]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3005) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mulhouse" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Alsace" ["Population"]=> int(110359) } [3005]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3006) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Rouen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(15) "Haute-Normandie" ["Population"]=> int(106592) } [3006]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3007) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Boulogne-Billancourt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Île-de-France" ["Population"]=> int(106367) } [3007]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3008) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Perpignan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(20) "Languedoc-Roussillon" ["Population"]=> int(105115) } [3008]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3009) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nancy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lorraine" ["Population"]=> int(103605) } [3009]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3010) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Roubaix" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(18) "Nord-Pas-de-Calais" ["Population"]=> int(96984) } [3010]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3011) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Argenteuil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Île-de-France" ["Population"]=> int(93961) } [3011]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3012) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tourcoing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(18) "Nord-Pas-de-Calais" ["Population"]=> int(93540) } [3012]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3013) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Montreuil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FRA" ["District"]=> string(14) "Île-de-France" ["Population"]=> int(90674) } [3013]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3014) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cayenne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "GUF" ["District"]=> string(7) "Cayenne" ["Population"]=> int(50699) } [3014]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3015) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Faaa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PYF" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tahiti" ["Population"]=> int(25888) } [3015]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3016) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Papeete" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PYF" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tahiti" ["Population"]=> int(25553) } [3016]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3017) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Saint-Denis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "REU" ["District"]=> string(11) "Saint-Denis" ["Population"]=> int(131480) } [3017]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3018) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bucuresti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bukarest" ["Population"]=> int(2016131) } [3018]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3019) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Iasi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Iasi" ["Population"]=> int(348070) } [3019]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3020) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Constanta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Constanta" ["Population"]=> int(342264) } [3020]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3021) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Cluj-Napoca" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Cluj" ["Population"]=> int(332498) } [3021]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3022) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Galati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Galati" ["Population"]=> int(330276) } [3022]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3023) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Timisoara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Timis" ["Population"]=> int(324304) } [3023]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3024) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Brasov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Brasov" ["Population"]=> int(314225) } [3024]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3025) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Craiova" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Dolj" ["Population"]=> int(313530) } [3025]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3026) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ploiesti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Prahova" ["Population"]=> int(251348) } [3026]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3027) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Braila" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Braila" ["Population"]=> int(233756) } [3027]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3028) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Oradea" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bihor" ["Population"]=> int(222239) } [3028]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3029) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bacau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bacau" ["Population"]=> int(209235) } [3029]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3030) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pitesti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Arges" ["Population"]=> int(187170) } [3030]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3031) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Arad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Arad" ["Population"]=> int(184408) } [3031]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3032) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sibiu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sibiu" ["Population"]=> int(169611) } [3032]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3033) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Târgu Mures" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mures" ["Population"]=> int(165153) } [3033]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3034) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Baia Mare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Maramures" ["Population"]=> int(149665) } [3034]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3035) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Buzau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Buzau" ["Population"]=> int(148372) } [3035]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3036) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Satu Mare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Satu Mare" ["Population"]=> int(130059) } [3036]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3037) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Botosani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Botosani" ["Population"]=> int(128730) } [3037]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3038) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Piatra Neamt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Neamt" ["Population"]=> int(125070) } [3038]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3039) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Râmnicu Vâlcea" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vâlcea" ["Population"]=> int(119741) } [3039]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3040) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Suceava" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Suceava" ["Population"]=> int(118549) } [3040]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3041) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Drobeta-Turnu Severin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Mehedinti" ["Population"]=> int(117865) } [3041]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3042) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Târgoviste" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Dâmbovita" ["Population"]=> int(98980) } [3042]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3043) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Focsani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vrancea" ["Population"]=> int(98979) } [3043]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3044) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Târgu Jiu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gorj" ["Population"]=> int(98524) } [3044]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3045) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tulcea" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tulcea" ["Population"]=> int(96278) } [3045]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3046) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Resita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ROM" ["District"]=> string(13) "Caras-Severin" ["Population"]=> int(93976) } [3046]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3047) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kigali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RWA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kigali" ["Population"]=> int(286000) } [3047]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3048) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Stockholm" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Lisboa" ["Population"]=> int(750348) } [3048]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3049) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Gothenburg [Göteborg]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(20) "West Götanmaan län" ["Population"]=> int(466990) } [3049]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3050) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Malmö" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(11) "Skåne län" ["Population"]=> int(259579) } [3050]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3051) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Uppsala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(12) "Uppsala län" ["Population"]=> int(189569) } [3051]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3052) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Linköping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(20) "East Götanmaan län" ["Population"]=> int(133168) } [3052]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3053) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Västerås" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(18) "Västmanlands län" ["Population"]=> int(126328) } [3053]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3054) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Örebro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(13) "Örebros län" ["Population"]=> int(124207) } [3054]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3055) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Norrköping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(20) "East Götanmaan län" ["Population"]=> int(122199) } [3055]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3056) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Helsingborg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(11) "Skåne län" ["Population"]=> int(117737) } [3056]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3057) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Jönköping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(17) "Jönköpings län" ["Population"]=> int(117095) } [3057]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3058) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Umeå" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(19) "Västerbottens län" ["Population"]=> int(104512) } [3058]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3059) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Lund" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(11) "Skåne län" ["Population"]=> int(98948) } [3059]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3060) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Borås" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(20) "West Götanmaan län" ["Population"]=> int(96883) } [3060]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3061) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sundsvall" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(21) "Västernorrlands län" ["Population"]=> int(93126) } [3061]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3062) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gävle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWE" ["District"]=> string(16) "Gävleborgs län" ["Population"]=> int(90742) } [3062]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3063) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jamestown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SHN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Saint Helena" ["Population"]=> int(1500) } [3063]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3064) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Basseterre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "KNA" ["District"]=> string(20) "St George Basseterre" ["Population"]=> int(11600) } [3064]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3065) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Castries" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LCA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Castries" ["Population"]=> int(2301) } [3065]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3066) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kingstown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VCT" ["District"]=> string(9) "St George" ["Population"]=> int(17100) } [3066]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3067) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Saint-Pierre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SPM" ["District"]=> string(12) "Saint-Pierre" ["Population"]=> int(5808) } [3067]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3068) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Berlin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(8) "Berliini" ["Population"]=> int(3386667) } [3068]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3069) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hamburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hamburg" ["Population"]=> int(1704735) } [3069]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3070) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Munich [München]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(1194560) } [3070]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3071) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Köln" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(962507) } [3071]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3072) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Frankfurt am Main" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hessen" ["Population"]=> int(643821) } [3072]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3073) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Essen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(599515) } [3073]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3074) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dortmund" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(590213) } [3074]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3075) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Stuttgart" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(582443) } [3075]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3076) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Düsseldorf" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(568855) } [3076]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3077) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bremen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Bremen" ["Population"]=> int(540330) } [3077]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3078) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Duisburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(519793) } [3078]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3079) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hannover" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(514718) } [3079]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3080) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Leipzig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Saksi" ["Population"]=> int(489532) } [3080]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3081) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Nürnberg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(486628) } [3081]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3082) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dresden" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Saksi" ["Population"]=> int(476668) } [3082]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3083) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bochum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(392830) } [3083]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3084) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Wuppertal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(368993) } [3084]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3085) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Bielefeld" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(321125) } [3085]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3086) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mannheim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(307730) } [3086]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3087) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bonn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(301048) } [3087]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3088) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Gelsenkirchen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(281979) } [3088]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3089) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Karlsruhe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(277204) } [3089]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3090) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Wiesbaden" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hessen" ["Population"]=> int(268716) } [3090]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3091) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Münster" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(264670) } [3091]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3092) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Mönchengladbach" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(263697) } [3092]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3093) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chemnitz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Saksi" ["Population"]=> int(263222) } [3093]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3094) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Augsburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(254867) } [3094]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3095) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Halle/Saale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(14) "Anhalt Sachsen" ["Population"]=> int(254360) } [3095]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3096) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Braunschweig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(246322) } [3096]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3097) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Aachen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(243825) } [3097]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3098) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Krefeld" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(241769) } [3098]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3099) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Magdeburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(14) "Anhalt Sachsen" ["Population"]=> int(235073) } [3099]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3100) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kiel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Schleswig-Holstein" ["Population"]=> int(233795) } [3100]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3101) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Oberhausen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(222349) } [3101]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3102) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lübeck" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Schleswig-Holstein" ["Population"]=> int(213326) } [3102]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3103) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Hagen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(205201) } [3103]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3104) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rostock" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(20) "Mecklenburg-Vorpomme" ["Population"]=> int(203279) } [3104]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3105) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Freiburg im Breisgau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(202455) } [3105]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3106) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Erfurt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(10) "Thüringen" ["Population"]=> int(201267) } [3106]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3107) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kassel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hessen" ["Population"]=> int(196211) } [3107]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3108) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Saarbrücken" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(8) "Saarland" ["Population"]=> int(183836) } [3108]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3109) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mainz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(15) "Rheinland-Pfalz" ["Population"]=> int(183134) } [3109]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3110) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hamm" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(181804) } [3110]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3111) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Herne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(175661) } [3111]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3112) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Mülheim an der Ruhr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(173895) } [3112]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3113) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Solingen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(165583) } [3113]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3114) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Osnabrück" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(164539) } [3114]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3115) ["Name"]=> string(21) "Ludwigshafen am Rhein" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(15) "Rheinland-Pfalz" ["Population"]=> int(163771) } [3115]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3116) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Leverkusen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(160841) } [3116]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3117) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Oldenburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(154125) } [3117]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3118) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Neuss" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(149702) } [3118]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3119) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Heidelberg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(139672) } [3119]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3120) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Darmstadt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hessen" ["Population"]=> int(137776) } [3120]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3121) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Paderborn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(137647) } [3121]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3122) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Potsdam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(11) "Brandenburg" ["Population"]=> int(128983) } [3122]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3123) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Würzburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(127350) } [3123]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3124) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Regensburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(125236) } [3124]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3125) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Recklinghausen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(125022) } [3125]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3126) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Göttingen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(124775) } [3126]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3127) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bremerhaven" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Bremen" ["Population"]=> int(122735) } [3127]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3128) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Wolfsburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(121954) } [3128]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3129) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bottrop" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(121097) } [3129]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3130) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Remscheid" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(120125) } [3130]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3131) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Heilbronn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(119526) } [3131]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3132) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pforzheim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(117227) } [3132]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3133) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Offenbach am Main" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hessen" ["Population"]=> int(116627) } [3133]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3134) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ulm" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(116103) } [3134]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3135) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ingolstadt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(114826) } [3135]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3136) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Gera" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(10) "Thüringen" ["Population"]=> int(114718) } [3136]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3137) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Salzgitter" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(112934) } [3137]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3138) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cottbus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(11) "Brandenburg" ["Population"]=> int(110894) } [3138]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3139) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Reutlingen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(110343) } [3139]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3140) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fürth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(109771) } [3140]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3141) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Siegen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(109225) } [3141]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3142) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Koblenz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(15) "Rheinland-Pfalz" ["Population"]=> int(108003) } [3142]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3143) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Moers" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(106837) } [3143]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3144) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Bergisch Gladbach" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(106150) } [3144]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3145) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zwickau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Saksi" ["Population"]=> int(104146) } [3145]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3146) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Hildesheim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(13) "Niedersachsen" ["Population"]=> int(104013) } [3146]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3147) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Witten" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(103384) } [3147]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3148) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Schwerin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(20) "Mecklenburg-Vorpomme" ["Population"]=> int(102878) } [3148]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3149) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Erlangen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baijeri" ["Population"]=> int(100750) } [3149]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3150) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Kaiserslautern" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(15) "Rheinland-Pfalz" ["Population"]=> int(100025) } [3150]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3151) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Trier" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(15) "Rheinland-Pfalz" ["Population"]=> int(99891) } [3151]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3152) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Jena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(10) "Thüringen" ["Population"]=> int(99779) } [3152]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3153) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Iserlohn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(99474) } [3153]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3154) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Gütersloh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(95028) } [3154]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3155) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Marl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(93735) } [3155]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3156) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lünen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(92044) } [3156]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3157) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Düren" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(91092) } [3157]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3158) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ratingen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(90951) } [3158]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3159) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Velbert" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(19) "Nordrhein-Westfalen" ["Population"]=> int(89881) } [3159]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3160) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Esslingen am Neckar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DEU" ["District"]=> string(18) "Baden-Württemberg" ["Population"]=> int(89667) } [3160]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3161) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Honiara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Honiara" ["Population"]=> int(50100) } [3161]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3162) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lusaka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Lusaka" ["Population"]=> int(1317000) } [3162]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3163) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Ndola" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(10) "Copperbelt" ["Population"]=> int(329200) } [3163]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3164) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kitwe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(10) "Copperbelt" ["Population"]=> int(288600) } [3164]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3165) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kabwe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(154300) } [3165]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3166) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chingola" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(10) "Copperbelt" ["Population"]=> int(142400) } [3166]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3167) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mufulira" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(10) "Copperbelt" ["Population"]=> int(123900) } [3167]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3168) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Luanshya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZMB" ["District"]=> string(10) "Copperbelt" ["Population"]=> int(118100) } [3168]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3169) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Apia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "WSM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Upolu" ["Population"]=> int(35900) } [3169]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3170) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Serravalle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SMR" ["District"]=> string(17) "Serravalle/Dogano" ["Population"]=> int(4802) } [3170]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3171) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Marino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SMR" ["District"]=> string(10) "San Marino" ["Population"]=> int(2294) } [3171]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3172) ["Name"]=> string(10) "São Tomé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "STP" ["District"]=> string(11) "Aqua Grande" ["Population"]=> int(49541) } [3172]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3173) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Riyadh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Riyadh" ["Population"]=> int(3324000) } [3173]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3174) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Jedda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mekka" ["Population"]=> int(2046300) } [3174]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3175) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mekka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mekka" ["Population"]=> int(965700) } [3175]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3176) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Medina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Medina" ["Population"]=> int(608300) } [3176]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3177) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Dammam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(482300) } [3177]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3178) ["Name"]=> string(7) "al-Taif" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mekka" ["Population"]=> int(416100) } [3178]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3179) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tabuk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tabuk" ["Population"]=> int(292600) } [3179]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3180) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Burayda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Qasim" ["Population"]=> int(248600) } [3180]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3181) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Hufuf" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(225800) } [3181]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3182) ["Name"]=> string(11) "al-Mubarraz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(219100) } [3182]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3183) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Khamis Mushayt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(4) "Asir" ["Population"]=> int(217900) } [3183]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3184) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hail" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(4) "Hail" ["Population"]=> int(176800) } [3184]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3185) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Kharj" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(4) "Riad" ["Population"]=> int(152100) } [3185]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3186) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Khubar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(141700) } [3186]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3187) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jubayl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(140800) } [3187]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3188) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Hafar al-Batin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(137800) } [3188]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3189) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Tuqba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(125700) } [3189]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3190) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Yanbu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Medina" ["Population"]=> int(119800) } [3190]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3191) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Abha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(4) "Asir" ["Population"]=> int(112300) } [3191]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3192) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ara´ar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(20) "al-Khudud al-Samaliy" ["Population"]=> int(108100) } [3192]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3193) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Qatif" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(11) "al-Sharqiya" ["Population"]=> int(98900) } [3193]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3194) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Hawiya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mekka" ["Population"]=> int(93900) } [3194]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3195) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Unayza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(5) "Qasim" ["Population"]=> int(91100) } [3195]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3196) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Najran" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SAU" ["District"]=> string(6) "Najran" ["Population"]=> int(91000) } [3196]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3197) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pikine" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Cap-Vert" ["Population"]=> int(855287) } [3197]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3198) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Dakar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Cap-Vert" ["Population"]=> int(785071) } [3198]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3199) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Thiès" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Thiès" ["Population"]=> int(248000) } [3199]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3200) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kaolack" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kaolack" ["Population"]=> int(199000) } [3200]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3201) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ziguinchor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Ziguinchor" ["Population"]=> int(192000) } [3201]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3202) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rufisque" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Cap-Vert" ["Population"]=> int(150000) } [3202]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3203) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Saint-Louis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Saint-Louis" ["Population"]=> int(132400) } [3203]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3204) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mbour" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Thiès" ["Population"]=> int(109300) } [3204]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3205) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Diourbel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Diourbel" ["Population"]=> int(99400) } [3205]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3206) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Victoria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYC" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mahé" ["Population"]=> int(41000) } [3206]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3207) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Freetown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SLE" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(850000) } [3207]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3208) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Singapore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SGP" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(4017733) } [3208]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3209) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bratislava" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SVK" ["District"]=> string(10) "Bratislava" ["Population"]=> int(448292) } [3209]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3210) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Košice" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SVK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Východné Slovensko" ["Population"]=> int(241874) } [3210]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3211) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Prešov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SVK" ["District"]=> string(20) "Východné Slovensko" ["Population"]=> int(93977) } [3211]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3212) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ljubljana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SVN" ["District"]=> string(17) "Osrednjeslovenska" ["Population"]=> int(270986) } [3212]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3213) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Maribor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SVN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Podravska" ["Population"]=> int(115532) } [3213]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3214) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mogadishu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SOM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Banaadir" ["Population"]=> int(997000) } [3214]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3215) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hargeysa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SOM" ["District"]=> string(15) "Woqooyi Galbeed" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3215]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3216) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kismaayo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SOM" ["District"]=> string(13) "Jubbada Hoose" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3216]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3217) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Colombo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(645000) } [3217]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3218) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dehiwala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(203000) } [3218]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3219) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Moratuwa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(190000) } [3219]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3220) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jaffna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Northern" ["Population"]=> int(149000) } [3220]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3221) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kandy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(140000) } [3221]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3222) ["Name"]=> string(25) "Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(118000) } [3222]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3223) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Negombo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "LKA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Western" ["Population"]=> int(100000) } [3223]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3224) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Omdurman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Khartum" ["Population"]=> int(1271403) } [3224]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3225) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Khartum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Khartum" ["Population"]=> int(947483) } [3225]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3226) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Sharq al-Nil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Khartum" ["Population"]=> int(700887) } [3226]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3227) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Port Sudan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "al-Bahr al-Ahmar" ["Population"]=> int(308195) } [3227]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3228) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kassala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kassala" ["Population"]=> int(234622) } [3228]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3229) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Obeid" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(20) "Kurdufan al-Shamaliy" ["Population"]=> int(229425) } [3229]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3230) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nyala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(18) "Darfur al-Janubiya" ["Population"]=> int(227183) } [3230]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3231) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Wad Madani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Jazira" ["Population"]=> int(211362) } [3231]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3232) ["Name"]=> string(10) "al-Qadarif" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(10) "al-Qadarif" ["Population"]=> int(191164) } [3232]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3233) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kusti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(16) "al-Bahr al-Abyad" ["Population"]=> int(173599) } [3233]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3234) ["Name"]=> string(9) "al-Fashir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(19) "Darfur al-Shamaliya" ["Population"]=> int(141884) } [3234]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3235) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Juba" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SDN" ["District"]=> string(13) "Bahr al-Jabal" ["Population"]=> int(114980) } [3235]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3236) ["Name"]=> string(22) "Helsinki [Helsingfors]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Newmaa" ["Population"]=> int(555474) } [3236]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3237) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Espoo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Newmaa" ["Population"]=> int(213271) } [3237]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3238) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tampere" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Pirkanmaa" ["Population"]=> int(195468) } [3238]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3239) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Vantaa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Newmaa" ["Population"]=> int(178471) } [3239]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3240) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Turku [Åbo]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(15) "Varsinais-Suomi" ["Population"]=> int(172561) } [3240]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3241) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Oulu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(17) "Pohjois-Pohjanmaa" ["Population"]=> int(120753) } [3241]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3242) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lahti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "FIN" ["District"]=> string(14) "Päijät-Häme" ["Population"]=> int(96921) } [3242]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3243) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Paramaribo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SUR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Paramaribo" ["Population"]=> int(112000) } [3243]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3244) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mbabane" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SWZ" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hhohho" ["Population"]=> int(61000) } [3244]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3245) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zürich" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHE" ["District"]=> string(7) "Zürich" ["Population"]=> int(336800) } [3245]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3246) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Geneve" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Geneve" ["Population"]=> int(173500) } [3246]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3247) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Basel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHE" ["District"]=> string(11) "Basel-Stadt" ["Population"]=> int(166700) } [3247]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3248) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Bern" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHE" ["District"]=> string(4) "Bern" ["Population"]=> int(122700) } [3248]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3249) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Lausanne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CHE" ["District"]=> string(4) "Vaud" ["Population"]=> int(114500) } [3249]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3250) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Damascus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Damascus" ["Population"]=> int(1347000) } [3250]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3251) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Aleppo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aleppo" ["Population"]=> int(1261983) } [3251]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3252) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hims" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Hims" ["Population"]=> int(507404) } [3252]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3253) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Hama" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Hama" ["Population"]=> int(343361) } [3253]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3254) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Latakia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Latakia" ["Population"]=> int(264563) } [3254]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3255) ["Name"]=> string(13) "al-Qamishliya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(9) "al-Hasaka" ["Population"]=> int(144286) } [3255]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3256) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Dayr al-Zawr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(12) "Dayr al-Zawr" ["Population"]=> int(140459) } [3256]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3257) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jaramana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Damaskos" ["Population"]=> int(138469) } [3257]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3258) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Duma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Damaskos" ["Population"]=> int(131158) } [3258]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3259) ["Name"]=> string(8) "al-Raqqa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(8) "al-Raqqa" ["Population"]=> int(108020) } [3259]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3260) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Idlib" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "SYR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Idlib" ["Population"]=> int(91081) } [3260]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3261) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Dushanbe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TJK" ["District"]=> string(9) "Karotegin" ["Population"]=> int(524000) } [3261]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3262) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Khujand" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TJK" ["District"]=> string(7) "Khujand" ["Population"]=> int(161500) } [3262]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3263) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(2641312) } [3263]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3264) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kaohsiung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kaohsiung" ["Population"]=> int(1475505) } [3264]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3265) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Taichung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Taichung" ["Population"]=> int(940589) } [3265]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3266) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tainan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tainan" ["Population"]=> int(728060) } [3266]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3267) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Panchiao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(523850) } [3267]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3268) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chungho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(392176) } [3268]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3269) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Keelung (Chilung)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Keelung" ["Population"]=> int(385201) } [3269]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3270) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Sanchung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(380084) } [3270]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3271) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Hsinchuang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(365048) } [3271]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3272) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hsinchu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hsinchu" ["Population"]=> int(361958) } [3272]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3273) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chungli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Taoyuan" ["Population"]=> int(318649) } [3273]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3274) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Fengshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kaohsiung" ["Population"]=> int(318562) } [3274]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3275) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taoyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Taoyuan" ["Population"]=> int(316438) } [3275]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3276) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Chiayi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Chiayi" ["Population"]=> int(265109) } [3276]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3277) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hsintien" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(263603) } [3277]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3278) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Changhwa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Changhwa" ["Population"]=> int(227715) } [3278]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3279) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Yungho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(227700) } [3279]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3280) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tucheng" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(224897) } [3280]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3281) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pingtung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Pingtung" ["Population"]=> int(214727) } [3281]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3282) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Yungkang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tainan" ["Population"]=> int(193005) } [3282]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3283) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pingchen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Taoyuan" ["Population"]=> int(188344) } [3283]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3284) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tali" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Taichung" ["Population"]=> int(171940) } [3284]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3285) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taiping" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(0) "" ["Population"]=> int(165524) } [3285]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3286) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Pate" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Taoyuan" ["Population"]=> int(161700) } [3286]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3287) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Fengyuan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Taichung" ["Population"]=> int(161032) } [3287]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3288) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Luchou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(160516) } [3288]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3289) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hsichuh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(154976) } [3289]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3290) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Shulin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(151260) } [3290]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3291) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yuanlin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Changhwa" ["Population"]=> int(126402) } [3291]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3292) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yangmei" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Taoyuan" ["Population"]=> int(126323) } [3292]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3293) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Taliao" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(0) "" ["Population"]=> int(115897) } [3293]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3294) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kueishan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(0) "" ["Population"]=> int(112195) } [3294]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3295) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tanshui" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(111882) } [3295]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3296) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Taitung" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Taitung" ["Population"]=> int(111039) } [3296]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3297) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hualien" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Hualien" ["Population"]=> int(108407) } [3297]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3298) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nantou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nantou" ["Population"]=> int(104723) } [3298]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3299) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lungtan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Taipei" ["Population"]=> int(103088) } [3299]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3300) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Touliu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Yünlin" ["Population"]=> int(98900) } [3300]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3301) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tsaotun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nantou" ["Population"]=> int(96800) } [3301]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3302) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kangshan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kaohsiung" ["Population"]=> int(92200) } [3302]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3303) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ilan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ilan" ["Population"]=> int(92000) } [3303]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3304) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Miaoli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TWN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Miaoli" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3304]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3305) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Dar es Salaam" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Dar es Salaam" ["Population"]=> int(1747000) } [3305]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3306) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dodoma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Dodoma" ["Population"]=> int(189000) } [3306]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3307) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mwanza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Mwanza" ["Population"]=> int(172300) } [3307]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3308) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zanzibar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Zanzibar West" ["Population"]=> int(157634) } [3308]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3309) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tanga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tanga" ["Population"]=> int(137400) } [3309]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3310) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mbeya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Mbeya" ["Population"]=> int(130800) } [3310]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3311) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Morogoro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Morogoro" ["Population"]=> int(117800) } [3311]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3312) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Arusha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Arusha" ["Population"]=> int(102500) } [3312]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3313) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Moshi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Kilimanjaro" ["Population"]=> int(96800) } [3313]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3314) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tabora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TZA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tabora" ["Population"]=> int(92800) } [3314]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3315) ["Name"]=> string(10) "København" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DNK" ["District"]=> string(10) "København" ["Population"]=> int(495699) } [3315]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3316) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Århus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DNK" ["District"]=> string(6) "Århus" ["Population"]=> int(284846) } [3316]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3317) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Odense" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DNK" ["District"]=> string(3) "Fyn" ["Population"]=> int(183912) } [3317]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3318) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Aalborg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DNK" ["District"]=> string(11) "Nordjylland" ["Population"]=> int(161161) } [3318]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3319) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Frederiksberg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "DNK" ["District"]=> string(13) "Frederiksberg" ["Population"]=> int(90327) } [3319]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3320) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bangkok" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Bangkok" ["Population"]=> int(6320174) } [3320]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3321) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Nonthaburi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Nonthaburi" ["Population"]=> int(292100) } [3321]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3322) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Nakhon Ratchasima" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(17) "Nakhon Ratchasima" ["Population"]=> int(181400) } [3322]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3323) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chiang Mai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Chiang Mai" ["Population"]=> int(171100) } [3323]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3324) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Udon Thani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Udon Thani" ["Population"]=> int(158100) } [3324]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3325) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hat Yai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Songkhla" ["Population"]=> int(148632) } [3325]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3326) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Khon Kaen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khon Kaen" ["Population"]=> int(126500) } [3326]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3327) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pak Kret" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Nonthaburi" ["Population"]=> int(126055) } [3327]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3328) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Nakhon Sawan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Nakhon Sawan" ["Population"]=> int(123800) } [3328]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3329) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Ubon Ratchathani" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(16) "Ubon Ratchathani" ["Population"]=> int(116300) } [3329]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3330) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Songkhla" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Songkhla" ["Population"]=> int(94900) } [3330]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3331) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Nakhon Pathom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "THA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Nakhon Pathom" ["Population"]=> int(94100) } [3331]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3332) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lomé" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TGO" ["District"]=> string(8) "Maritime" ["Population"]=> int(375000) } [3332]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3333) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Fakaofo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TKL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fakaofo" ["Population"]=> int(300) } [3333]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3334) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Nuku´alofa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TON" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tongatapu" ["Population"]=> int(22400) } [3334]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3335) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Chaguanas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TTO" ["District"]=> string(6) "Caroni" ["Population"]=> int(56601) } [3335]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3336) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Port-of-Spain" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TTO" ["District"]=> string(13) "Port-of-Spain" ["Population"]=> int(43396) } [3336]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3337) ["Name"]=> string(11) "N´Djaména" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TCD" ["District"]=> string(14) "Chari-Baguirmi" ["Population"]=> int(530965) } [3337]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3338) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Moundou" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TCD" ["District"]=> string(17) "Logone Occidental" ["Population"]=> int(99500) } [3338]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3339) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Praha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(19) "Hlavní mesto Praha" ["Population"]=> int(1181126) } [3339]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3340) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Brno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(13) "Jizní Morava" ["Population"]=> int(381862) } [3340]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3341) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ostrava" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(15) "Severní Morava" ["Population"]=> int(320041) } [3341]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3342) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Plzen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(14) "Zapadní Cechy" ["Population"]=> int(166759) } [3342]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3343) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Olomouc" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(15) "Severní Morava" ["Population"]=> int(102702) } [3343]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3344) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Liberec" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(14) "Severní Cechy" ["Population"]=> int(99155) } [3344]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3345) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Ceské Budejovice" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(12) "Jizní Cechy" ["Population"]=> int(98186) } [3345]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3346) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Hradec Králové" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(16) "Východní Cechy" ["Population"]=> int(98080) } [3346]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3347) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Ústí nad Labem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(14) "Severní Cechy" ["Population"]=> int(95491) } [3347]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3348) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pardubice" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "CZE" ["District"]=> string(16) "Východní Cechy" ["Population"]=> int(91309) } [3348]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3349) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tunis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tunis" ["Population"]=> int(690600) } [3349]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3350) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Sfax" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sfax" ["Population"]=> int(257800) } [3350]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3351) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ariana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ariana" ["Population"]=> int(197000) } [3351]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3352) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ettadhamen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ariana" ["Population"]=> int(178600) } [3352]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3353) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sousse" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Sousse" ["Population"]=> int(145900) } [3353]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3354) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kairouan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kairouan" ["Population"]=> int(113100) } [3354]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3355) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Biserta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Biserta" ["Population"]=> int(108900) } [3355]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3356) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Gabès" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Gabès" ["Population"]=> int(106600) } [3356]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3357) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Istanbul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Istanbul" ["Population"]=> int(8787958) } [3357]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3358) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ankara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Ankara" ["Population"]=> int(3038159) } [3358]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3359) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Izmir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Izmir" ["Population"]=> int(2130359) } [3359]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3360) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Adana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Adana" ["Population"]=> int(1131198) } [3360]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3361) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bursa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bursa" ["Population"]=> int(1095842) } [3361]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3362) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Gaziantep" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Gaziantep" ["Population"]=> int(789056) } [3362]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3363) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Konya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Konya" ["Population"]=> int(628364) } [3363]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3364) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Mersin (Içel)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Içel" ["Population"]=> int(587212) } [3364]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3365) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Antalya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Antalya" ["Population"]=> int(564914) } [3365]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3366) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Diyarbakir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Diyarbakir" ["Population"]=> int(479884) } [3366]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3367) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kayseri" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kayseri" ["Population"]=> int(475657) } [3367]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3368) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Eskisehir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Eskisehir" ["Population"]=> int(470781) } [3368]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3369) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sanliurfa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Sanliurfa" ["Population"]=> int(405905) } [3369]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3370) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Samsun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Samsun" ["Population"]=> int(339871) } [3370]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3371) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Malatya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Malatya" ["Population"]=> int(330312) } [3371]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3372) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gebze" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kocaeli" ["Population"]=> int(264170) } [3372]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3373) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Denizli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Denizli" ["Population"]=> int(253848) } [3373]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3374) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sivas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sivas" ["Population"]=> int(246642) } [3374]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3375) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Erzurum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Erzurum" ["Population"]=> int(246535) } [3375]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3376) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tarsus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Adana" ["Population"]=> int(246206) } [3376]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3377) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Kahramanmaras" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Kahramanmaras" ["Population"]=> int(245772) } [3377]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3378) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Elâzig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Elâzig" ["Population"]=> int(228815) } [3378]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3379) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Van" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(3) "Van" ["Population"]=> int(219319) } [3379]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3380) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Sultanbeyli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Istanbul" ["Population"]=> int(211068) } [3380]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3381) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Izmit (Kocaeli)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Kocaeli" ["Population"]=> int(210068) } [3381]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3382) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Manisa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Manisa" ["Population"]=> int(207148) } [3382]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3383) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Batman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Batman" ["Population"]=> int(203793) } [3383]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3384) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Balikesir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Balikesir" ["Population"]=> int(196382) } [3384]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3385) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Sakarya (Adapazari)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sakarya" ["Population"]=> int(190641) } [3385]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3386) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Iskenderun" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hatay" ["Population"]=> int(153022) } [3386]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3387) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Osmaniye" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Osmaniye" ["Population"]=> int(146003) } [3387]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3388) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Çorum" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Çorum" ["Population"]=> int(145495) } [3388]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3389) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kütahya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kütahya" ["Population"]=> int(144761) } [3389]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3390) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Hatay (Antakya)" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hatay" ["Population"]=> int(143982) } [3390]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3391) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kirikkale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Kirikkale" ["Population"]=> int(142044) } [3391]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3392) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Adiyaman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Adiyaman" ["Population"]=> int(141529) } [3392]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3393) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Trabzon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Trabzon" ["Population"]=> int(138234) } [3393]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3394) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Ordu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ordu" ["Population"]=> int(133642) } [3394]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3395) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Aydin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aydin" ["Population"]=> int(128651) } [3395]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3396) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Usak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Usak" ["Population"]=> int(128162) } [3396]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3397) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Edirne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Edirne" ["Population"]=> int(123383) } [3397]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3398) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Çorlu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tekirdag" ["Population"]=> int(123300) } [3398]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3399) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Isparta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Isparta" ["Population"]=> int(121911) } [3399]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3400) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Karabük" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Karabük" ["Population"]=> int(118285) } [3400]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3401) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kilis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kilis" ["Population"]=> int(118245) } [3401]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3402) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Alanya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Antalya" ["Population"]=> int(117300) } [3402]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3403) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Kiziltepe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Mardin" ["Population"]=> int(112000) } [3403]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3404) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Zonguldak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Zonguldak" ["Population"]=> int(111542) } [3404]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3405) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Siirt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Siirt" ["Population"]=> int(107100) } [3405]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3406) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Viransehir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Sanliurfa" ["Population"]=> int(106400) } [3406]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3407) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Tekirdag" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tekirdag" ["Population"]=> int(106077) } [3407]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3408) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Karaman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Karaman" ["Population"]=> int(104200) } [3408]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3409) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Afyon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Afyon" ["Population"]=> int(103984) } [3409]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3410) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Aksaray" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Aksaray" ["Population"]=> int(102681) } [3410]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3411) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Ceyhan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Adana" ["Population"]=> int(102412) } [3411]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3412) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Erzincan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Erzincan" ["Population"]=> int(102304) } [3412]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3413) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bismil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Diyarbakir" ["Population"]=> int(101400) } [3413]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3414) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nazilli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Aydin" ["Population"]=> int(99900) } [3414]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3415) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tokat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tokat" ["Population"]=> int(99500) } [3415]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3416) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kars" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Kars" ["Population"]=> int(93000) } [3416]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3417) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Inegöl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Bursa" ["Population"]=> int(90500) } [3417]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3418) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bandirma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Balikesir" ["Population"]=> int(90200) } [3418]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3419) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ashgabat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TKM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ahal" ["Population"]=> int(540600) } [3419]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3420) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chärjew" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TKM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Lebap" ["Population"]=> int(189200) } [3420]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3421) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dashhowuz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TKM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Dashhowuz" ["Population"]=> int(141800) } [3421]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3422) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Mary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TKM" ["District"]=> string(4) "Mary" ["Population"]=> int(101000) } [3422]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3423) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Cockburn Town" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TCA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Grand Turk" ["Population"]=> int(4800) } [3423]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3424) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Funafuti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "TUV" ["District"]=> string(8) "Funafuti" ["Population"]=> int(4600) } [3424]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3425) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kampala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UGA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Central" ["Population"]=> int(890800) } [3425]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3426) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Kyiv" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kiova" ["Population"]=> int(2624000) } [3426]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3427) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Harkova [Harkiv]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Harkova" ["Population"]=> int(1500000) } [3427]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3428) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Dnipropetrovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Dnipropetrovsk" ["Population"]=> int(1103000) } [3428]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3429) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(1050000) } [3429]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3430) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Odesa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Odesa" ["Population"]=> int(1011000) } [3430]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3431) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Zaporizzja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Zaporizzja" ["Population"]=> int(848000) } [3431]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3432) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Lviv" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Lviv" ["Population"]=> int(788000) } [3432]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3433) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kryvyi Rig" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Dnipropetrovsk" ["Population"]=> int(703000) } [3433]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3434) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Mykolajiv" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Mykolajiv" ["Population"]=> int(508000) } [3434]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3435) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mariupol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(490000) } [3435]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3436) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["Population"]=> int(469000) } [3436]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3437) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Vinnytsja" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Vinnytsja" ["Population"]=> int(391000) } [3437]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3438) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Makijivka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(384000) } [3438]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3439) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Herson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Herson" ["Population"]=> int(353000) } [3439]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3440) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Sevastopol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Krim" ["Population"]=> int(348000) } [3440]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3441) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Simferopol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Krim" ["Population"]=> int(339000) } [3441]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3442) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Pultava [Poltava]" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pultava" ["Population"]=> int(313000) } [3442]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3443) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Tšernigiv" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tšernigiv" ["Population"]=> int(313000) } [3443]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3444) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Tšerkasy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tšerkasy" ["Population"]=> int(309000) } [3444]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3445) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Gorlivka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(299000) } [3445]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3446) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Zytomyr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Zytomyr" ["Population"]=> int(297000) } [3446]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3447) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Sumy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sumy" ["Population"]=> int(294000) } [3447]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3448) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Dniprodzerzynsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Dnipropetrovsk" ["Population"]=> int(270000) } [3448]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3449) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kirovograd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Kirovograd" ["Population"]=> int(265000) } [3449]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3450) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Hmelnytskyi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Hmelnytskyi" ["Population"]=> int(262000) } [3450]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3451) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tšernivtsi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Tšernivtsi" ["Population"]=> int(259000) } [3451]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3452) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Rivne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Rivne" ["Population"]=> int(245000) } [3452]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3453) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Krementšuk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pultava" ["Population"]=> int(239000) } [3453]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3454) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ivano-Frankivsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(15) "Ivano-Frankivsk" ["Population"]=> int(237000) } [3454]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3455) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ternopil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Ternopil" ["Population"]=> int(236000) } [3455]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3456) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Lutsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Volynia" ["Population"]=> int(217000) } [3456]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3457) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Bila Tserkva" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kiova" ["Population"]=> int(215000) } [3457]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3458) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kramatorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(186000) } [3458]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3459) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Melitopol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Zaporizzja" ["Population"]=> int(169000) } [3459]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3460) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kertš" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Krim" ["Population"]=> int(162000) } [3460]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3461) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nikopol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Dnipropetrovsk" ["Population"]=> int(149000) } [3461]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3462) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Berdjansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Zaporizzja" ["Population"]=> int(130000) } [3462]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3463) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Pavlograd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(14) "Dnipropetrovsk" ["Population"]=> int(127000) } [3463]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3464) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Sjeverodonetsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["Population"]=> int(127000) } [3464]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3465) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Slovjansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(127000) } [3465]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3466) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Uzgorod" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Taka-Karpatia" ["Population"]=> int(127000) } [3466]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3467) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Altševsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["Population"]=> int(119000) } [3467]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3468) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Lysytšansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["Population"]=> int(116000) } [3468]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3469) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Jevpatorija" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Krim" ["Population"]=> int(112000) } [3469]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3470) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Kamjanets-Podilskyi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Hmelnytskyi" ["Population"]=> int(109000) } [3470]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3471) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Jenakijeve" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(105000) } [3471]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3472) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Krasnyi Lutš" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["Population"]=> int(101000) } [3472]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3473) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Stahanov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lugansk" ["Population"]=> int(101000) } [3473]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3474) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Oleksandrija" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(10) "Kirovograd" ["Population"]=> int(99000) } [3474]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3475) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Konotop" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sumy" ["Population"]=> int(96000) } [3475]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3476) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Kostjantynivka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Donetsk" ["Population"]=> int(95000) } [3476]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3477) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Berdytšiv" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Zytomyr" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3477]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3478) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Izmajil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Odesa" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3478]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3479) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Šostka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(4) "Sumy" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3479]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3480) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Uman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tšerkasy" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3480]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3481) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Brovary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kiova" ["Population"]=> int(89000) } [3481]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3482) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mukatševe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UKR" ["District"]=> string(13) "Taka-Karpatia" ["Population"]=> int(89000) } [3482]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3483) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Budapest" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Budapest" ["Population"]=> int(1811552) } [3483]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3484) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Debrecen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Hajdú-Bihar" ["Population"]=> int(203648) } [3484]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3485) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Miskolc" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(22) "Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén" ["Population"]=> int(172357) } [3485]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3486) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Szeged" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(9) "Csongrád" ["Population"]=> int(158158) } [3486]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3487) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pécs" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Baranya" ["Population"]=> int(157332) } [3487]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3488) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Györ" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(18) "Györ-Moson-Sopron" ["Population"]=> int(127119) } [3488]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3489) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Nyiregyháza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(21) "Szabolcs-Szatmár-Ber" ["Population"]=> int(112419) } [3489]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3490) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kecskemét" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(12) "Bács-Kiskun" ["Population"]=> int(105606) } [3490]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3491) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Székesfehérvár" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "HUN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Fejér" ["Population"]=> int(105119) } [3491]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3492) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Montevideo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "URY" ["District"]=> string(10) "Montevideo" ["Population"]=> int(1236000) } [3492]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3493) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nouméa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NCL" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(76293) } [3493]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3494) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Auckland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Auckland" ["Population"]=> int(381800) } [3494]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3495) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Christchurch" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Canterbury" ["Population"]=> int(324200) } [3495]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3496) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Manukau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Auckland" ["Population"]=> int(281800) } [3496]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3497) ["Name"]=> string(11) "North Shore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Auckland" ["Population"]=> int(187700) } [3497]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3498) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Waitakere" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Auckland" ["Population"]=> int(170600) } [3498]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3499) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Wellington" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Wellington" ["Population"]=> int(166700) } [3499]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3500) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Dunedin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(7) "Dunedin" ["Population"]=> int(119600) } [3500]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3501) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hamilton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hamilton" ["Population"]=> int(117100) } [3501]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3502) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Lower Hutt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "NZL" ["District"]=> string(10) "Wellington" ["Population"]=> int(98100) } [3502]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3503) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Toskent" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(14) "Toskent Shahri" ["Population"]=> int(2117500) } [3503]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3504) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Namangan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(8) "Namangan" ["Population"]=> int(370500) } [3504]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3505) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Samarkand" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(9) "Samarkand" ["Population"]=> int(361800) } [3505]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3506) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Andijon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Andijon" ["Population"]=> int(318600) } [3506]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3507) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Buhoro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(6) "Buhoro" ["Population"]=> int(237100) } [3507]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3508) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Karsi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(11) "Qashqadaryo" ["Population"]=> int(194100) } [3508]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3509) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Nukus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(15) "Karakalpakistan" ["Population"]=> int(194100) } [3509]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3510) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kükon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fargona" ["Population"]=> int(190100) } [3510]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3511) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Fargona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fargona" ["Population"]=> int(180500) } [3511]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3512) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Circik" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toskent" ["Population"]=> int(146400) } [3512]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3513) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Margilon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Fargona" ["Population"]=> int(140800) } [3513]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3514) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ürgenc" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Khorazm" ["Population"]=> int(138900) } [3514]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3515) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Angren" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toskent" ["Population"]=> int(128000) } [3515]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3516) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Cizah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(5) "Cizah" ["Population"]=> int(124800) } [3516]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3517) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Navoi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(5) "Navoi" ["Population"]=> int(116300) } [3517]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3518) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Olmalik" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(7) "Toskent" ["Population"]=> int(114900) } [3518]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3519) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Termiz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "UZB" ["District"]=> string(12) "Surkhondaryo" ["Population"]=> int(109500) } [3519]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3520) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Minsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(11) "Horad Minsk" ["Population"]=> int(1674000) } [3520]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3521) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gomel" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gomel" ["Population"]=> int(475000) } [3521]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3522) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mogiljov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Mogiljov" ["Population"]=> int(356000) } [3522]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3523) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vitebsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vitebsk" ["Population"]=> int(340000) } [3523]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3524) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Grodno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Grodno" ["Population"]=> int(302000) } [3524]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3525) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Brest" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Brest" ["Population"]=> int(286000) } [3525]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3526) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bobruisk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(8) "Mogiljov" ["Population"]=> int(221000) } [3526]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3527) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Baranovitši" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Brest" ["Population"]=> int(167000) } [3527]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3528) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Borisov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Minsk" ["Population"]=> int(151000) } [3528]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3529) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Pinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Brest" ["Population"]=> int(130000) } [3529]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3530) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Orša" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vitebsk" ["Population"]=> int(124000) } [3530]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3531) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Mozyr" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Gomel" ["Population"]=> int(110000) } [3531]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3532) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Novopolotsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vitebsk" ["Population"]=> int(106000) } [3532]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3533) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Lida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(6) "Grodno" ["Population"]=> int(101000) } [3533]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3534) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Soligorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Minsk" ["Population"]=> int(101000) } [3534]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3535) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Molodetšno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "BLR" ["District"]=> string(5) "Minsk" ["Population"]=> int(97000) } [3535]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3536) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mata-Utu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "WLF" ["District"]=> string(6) "Wallis" ["Population"]=> int(1137) } [3536]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3537) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Port-Vila" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VUT" ["District"]=> string(5) "Shefa" ["Population"]=> int(33700) } [3537]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3538) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Città del Vaticano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VAT" ["District"]=> string(3) "–" ["Population"]=> int(455) } [3538]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3539) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Caracas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Distrito Federal" ["Population"]=> int(1975294) } [3539]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3540) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Maracaíbo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Zulia" ["Population"]=> int(1304776) } [3540]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3541) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Barquisimeto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(4) "Lara" ["Population"]=> int(877239) } [3541]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3542) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Valencia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Carabobo" ["Population"]=> int(794246) } [3542]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3543) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Ciudad Guayana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bolívar" ["Population"]=> int(663713) } [3543]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3544) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Petare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Miranda" ["Population"]=> int(488868) } [3544]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3545) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Maracay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aragua" ["Population"]=> int(444443) } [3545]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3546) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Barcelona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Anzoátegui" ["Population"]=> int(322267) } [3546]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3547) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Maturín" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Monagas" ["Population"]=> int(319726) } [3547]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3548) ["Name"]=> string(14) "San Cristóbal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Táchira" ["Population"]=> int(319373) } [3548]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3549) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ciudad Bolívar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bolívar" ["Population"]=> int(301107) } [3549]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3550) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cumaná" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sucre" ["Population"]=> int(293105) } [3550]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3551) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Mérida" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Mérida" ["Population"]=> int(224887) } [3551]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3552) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cabimas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Zulia" ["Population"]=> int(221329) } [3552]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3553) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Barinas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Barinas" ["Population"]=> int(217831) } [3553]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3554) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Turmero" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aragua" ["Population"]=> int(217499) } [3554]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3555) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Baruta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Miranda" ["Population"]=> int(207290) } [3555]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3556) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Puerto Cabello" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Carabobo" ["Population"]=> int(187722) } [3556]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3557) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Santa Ana de Coro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Falcón" ["Population"]=> int(185766) } [3557]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3558) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Los Teques" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Miranda" ["Population"]=> int(178784) } [3558]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3559) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Punto Fijo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Falcón" ["Population"]=> int(167215) } [3559]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3560) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Guarenas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Miranda" ["Population"]=> int(165889) } [3560]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3561) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Acarigua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Portuguesa" ["Population"]=> int(158954) } [3561]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3562) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Puerto La Cruz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Anzoátegui" ["Population"]=> int(155700) } [3562]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3563) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Ciudad Losada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(0) "" ["Population"]=> int(134501) } [3563]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3564) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guacara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Carabobo" ["Population"]=> int(131334) } [3564]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3565) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Valera" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Trujillo" ["Population"]=> int(130281) } [3565]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3566) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guanare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Portuguesa" ["Population"]=> int(125621) } [3566]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3567) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Carúpano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Sucre" ["Population"]=> int(119639) } [3567]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3568) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Catia La Mar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(16) "Distrito Federal" ["Population"]=> int(117012) } [3568]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3569) ["Name"]=> string(8) "El Tigre" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Anzoátegui" ["Population"]=> int(116256) } [3569]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3570) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Guatire" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Miranda" ["Population"]=> int(109121) } [3570]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3571) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Calabozo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guárico" ["Population"]=> int(107146) } [3571]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3572) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pozuelos" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(11) "Anzoátegui" ["Population"]=> int(105690) } [3572]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3573) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Ciudad Ojeda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Zulia" ["Population"]=> int(99354) } [3573]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3574) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Ocumare del Tuy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Miranda" ["Population"]=> int(97168) } [3574]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3575) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Valle de la Pascua" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(8) "Guárico" ["Population"]=> int(95927) } [3575]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3576) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Araure" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(10) "Portuguesa" ["Population"]=> int(94269) } [3576]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3577) ["Name"]=> string(21) "San Fernando de Apure" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(5) "Apure" ["Population"]=> int(93809) } [3577]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3578) ["Name"]=> string(10) "San Felipe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(7) "Yaracuy" ["Population"]=> int(90940) } [3578]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3579) ["Name"]=> string(9) "El Limón" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VEN" ["District"]=> string(6) "Aragua" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3579]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3580) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Moscow" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Moscow (City)" ["Population"]=> int(8389200) } [3580]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3581) ["Name"]=> string(13) "St Petersburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pietari" ["Population"]=> int(4694000) } [3581]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3582) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Novosibirsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Novosibirsk" ["Population"]=> int(1398800) } [3582]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3583) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Nizni Novgorod" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Nizni Novgorod" ["Population"]=> int(1357000) } [3583]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3584) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Jekaterinburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Sverdlovsk" ["Population"]=> int(1266300) } [3584]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3585) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Samara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Samara" ["Population"]=> int(1156100) } [3585]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3586) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Omsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Omsk" ["Population"]=> int(1148900) } [3586]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3587) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kazan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tatarstan" ["Population"]=> int(1101000) } [3587]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3588) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Ufa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Baškortostan" ["Population"]=> int(1091200) } [3588]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3589) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Tšeljabinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Tšeljabinsk" ["Population"]=> int(1083200) } [3589]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3590) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(1012700) } [3590]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3591) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Perm" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Perm" ["Population"]=> int(1009700) } [3591]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3592) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Volgograd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Volgograd" ["Population"]=> int(993400) } [3592]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3593) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Voronez" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Voronez" ["Population"]=> int(907700) } [3593]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3594) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Krasnojarsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Krasnojarsk" ["Population"]=> int(875500) } [3594]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3595) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Saratov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saratov" ["Population"]=> int(874000) } [3595]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3596) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Toljatti" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Samara" ["Population"]=> int(722900) } [3596]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3597) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Uljanovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Uljanovsk" ["Population"]=> int(667400) } [3597]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3598) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Izevsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Udmurtia" ["Population"]=> int(652800) } [3598]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3599) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Krasnodar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Krasnodar" ["Population"]=> int(639000) } [3599]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3600) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Jaroslavl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jaroslavl" ["Population"]=> int(616700) } [3600]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3601) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Habarovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Habarovsk" ["Population"]=> int(609400) } [3601]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3602) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Vladivostok" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Primorje" ["Population"]=> int(606200) } [3602]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3603) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Irkutsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Irkutsk" ["Population"]=> int(593700) } [3603]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3604) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Barnaul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Altai" ["Population"]=> int(580100) } [3604]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3605) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Novokuznetsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(561600) } [3605]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3606) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Penza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Penza" ["Population"]=> int(532200) } [3606]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3607) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Rjazan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Rjazan" ["Population"]=> int(529900) } [3607]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3608) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Orenburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Orenburg" ["Population"]=> int(523600) } [3608]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3609) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lipetsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lipetsk" ["Population"]=> int(521000) } [3609]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3610) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Nabereznyje Tšelny" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tatarstan" ["Population"]=> int(514700) } [3610]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3611) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tula" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Tula" ["Population"]=> int(506100) } [3611]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3612) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tjumen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tjumen" ["Population"]=> int(503400) } [3612]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3613) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(492700) } [3613]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3614) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Astrahan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Astrahan" ["Population"]=> int(486100) } [3614]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3615) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tomsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tomsk" ["Population"]=> int(482100) } [3615]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3616) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kirov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kirov" ["Population"]=> int(466200) } [3616]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3617) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ivanovo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ivanovo" ["Population"]=> int(459200) } [3617]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3618) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tšeboksary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tšuvassia" ["Population"]=> int(459200) } [3618]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3619) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Brjansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Brjansk" ["Population"]=> int(457400) } [3619]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3620) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Tver" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Tver" ["Population"]=> int(454900) } [3620]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3621) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kursk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kursk" ["Population"]=> int(443500) } [3621]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3622) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Magnitogorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Tšeljabinsk" ["Population"]=> int(427900) } [3622]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3623) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Kaliningrad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Kaliningrad" ["Population"]=> int(424400) } [3623]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3624) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Nizni Tagil" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Sverdlovsk" ["Population"]=> int(390900) } [3624]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3625) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Murmansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Murmansk" ["Population"]=> int(376300) } [3625]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3626) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Ulan-Ude" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Burjatia" ["Population"]=> int(370400) } [3626]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3627) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kurgan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kurgan" ["Population"]=> int(364700) } [3627]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3628) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Arkangeli" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Arkangeli" ["Population"]=> int(361800) } [3628]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3629) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Sotši" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Krasnodar" ["Population"]=> int(358600) } [3629]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3630) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Smolensk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Smolensk" ["Population"]=> int(353400) } [3630]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3631) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Orjol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Orjol" ["Population"]=> int(344500) } [3631]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3632) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Stavropol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Stavropol" ["Population"]=> int(343300) } [3632]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3633) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Belgorod" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Belgorod" ["Population"]=> int(342000) } [3633]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3634) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kaluga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kaluga" ["Population"]=> int(339300) } [3634]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3635) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Vladimir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Vladimir" ["Population"]=> int(337100) } [3635]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3636) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Mahatškala" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Dagestan" ["Population"]=> int(332800) } [3636]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3637) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Tšerepovets" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vologda" ["Population"]=> int(324400) } [3637]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3638) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Saransk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Mordva" ["Population"]=> int(314800) } [3638]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3639) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tambov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tambov" ["Population"]=> int(312000) } [3639]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3640) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Vladikavkaz" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(20) "North Ossetia-Alania" ["Population"]=> int(310100) } [3640]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3641) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tšita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tšita" ["Population"]=> int(309900) } [3641]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3642) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vologda" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Vologda" ["Population"]=> int(302500) } [3642]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3643) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Veliki Novgorod" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Novgorod" ["Population"]=> int(299500) } [3643]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3644) ["Name"]=> string(19) "Komsomolsk-na-Amure" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Habarovsk" ["Population"]=> int(291600) } [3644]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3645) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kostroma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kostroma" ["Population"]=> int(288100) } [3645]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3646) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Volzski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Volgograd" ["Population"]=> int(286900) } [3646]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3647) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Taganrog" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(284400) } [3647]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3648) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Petroskoi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Karjala" ["Population"]=> int(282100) } [3648]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3649) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Bratsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Irkutsk" ["Population"]=> int(277600) } [3649]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3650) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Dzerzinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Nizni Novgorod" ["Population"]=> int(277100) } [3650]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3651) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Surgut" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Hanti-Mansia" ["Population"]=> int(274900) } [3651]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3652) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Orsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Orenburg" ["Population"]=> int(273900) } [3652]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3653) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Sterlitamak" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Baškortostan" ["Population"]=> int(265200) } [3653]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3654) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Angarsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Irkutsk" ["Population"]=> int(264700) } [3654]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3655) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Joškar-Ola" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Marinmaa" ["Population"]=> int(249200) } [3655]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3656) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Rybinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Jaroslavl" ["Population"]=> int(239600) } [3656]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3657) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Prokopjevsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(237300) } [3657]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3658) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Niznevartovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Hanti-Mansia" ["Population"]=> int(233900) } [3658]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3659) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Naltšik" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(16) "Kabardi-Balkaria" ["Population"]=> int(233400) } [3659]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3660) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Syktyvkar" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Komi" ["Population"]=> int(229700) } [3660]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3661) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Severodvinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Arkangeli" ["Population"]=> int(229300) } [3661]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3662) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Bijsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Altai" ["Population"]=> int(225000) } [3662]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3663) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Niznekamsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tatarstan" ["Population"]=> int(223400) } [3663]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3664) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Blagoveštšensk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Amur" ["Population"]=> int(222000) } [3664]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3665) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Šahty" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(221800) } [3665]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3666) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Staryi Oskol" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Belgorod" ["Population"]=> int(213800) } [3666]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3667) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Zelenograd" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Moscow (City)" ["Population"]=> int(207100) } [3667]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3668) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Balakovo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saratov" ["Population"]=> int(206000) } [3668]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3669) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Novorossijsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Krasnodar" ["Population"]=> int(203300) } [3669]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3670) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Pihkova" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pihkova" ["Population"]=> int(201500) } [3670]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3671) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zlatoust" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Tšeljabinsk" ["Population"]=> int(196900) } [3671]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3672) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jakutsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Saha (Jakutia)" ["Population"]=> int(195400) } [3672]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3673) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Podolsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(194300) } [3673]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3674) ["Name"]=> string(25) "Petropavlovsk-Kamtšatski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Kamtšatka" ["Population"]=> int(194100) } [3674]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3675) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Kamensk-Uralski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Sverdlovsk" ["Population"]=> int(190600) } [3675]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3676) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Engels" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saratov" ["Population"]=> int(189000) } [3676]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3677) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Syzran" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Samara" ["Population"]=> int(186900) } [3677]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3678) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Grozny" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Tšetšenia" ["Population"]=> int(186000) } [3678]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3679) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Novotšerkassk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(184400) } [3679]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3680) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Berezniki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Perm" ["Population"]=> int(181900) } [3680]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3681) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Juzno-Sahalinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Sahalin" ["Population"]=> int(179200) } [3681]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3682) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Volgodonsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(178200) } [3682]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3683) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Abakan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Hakassia" ["Population"]=> int(169200) } [3683]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3684) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Maikop" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Adygea" ["Population"]=> int(167300) } [3684]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3685) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Miass" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Tšeljabinsk" ["Population"]=> int(166200) } [3685]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3686) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Armavir" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Krasnodar" ["Population"]=> int(164900) } [3686]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3687) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ljubertsy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(163900) } [3687]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3688) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rubtsovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Altai" ["Population"]=> int(162600) } [3688]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3689) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Kovrov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Vladimir" ["Population"]=> int(159900) } [3689]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3690) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Nahodka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Primorje" ["Population"]=> int(157700) } [3690]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3691) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ussurijsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Primorje" ["Population"]=> int(157300) } [3691]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3692) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Salavat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Baškortostan" ["Population"]=> int(156800) } [3692]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3693) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Mytištši" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(155700) } [3693]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3694) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kolomna" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(150700) } [3694]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3695) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Elektrostal" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(147000) } [3695]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3696) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Murom" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Vladimir" ["Population"]=> int(142400) } [3696]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3697) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kolpino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pietari" ["Population"]=> int(141200) } [3697]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3698) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Norilsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Krasnojarsk" ["Population"]=> int(140800) } [3698]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3699) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Almetjevsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tatarstan" ["Population"]=> int(140700) } [3699]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3700) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Novomoskovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Tula" ["Population"]=> int(138100) } [3700]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3701) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Dimitrovgrad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Uljanovsk" ["Population"]=> int(137000) } [3701]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3702) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Pervouralsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Sverdlovsk" ["Population"]=> int(136100) } [3702]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3703) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Himki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(133700) } [3703]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3704) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Balašiha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(132900) } [3704]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3705) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Nevinnomyssk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Stavropol" ["Population"]=> int(132600) } [3705]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3706) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pjatigorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Stavropol" ["Population"]=> int(132500) } [3706]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3707) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Korolev" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(132400) } [3707]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3708) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Serpuhov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(132000) } [3708]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3709) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Odintsovo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(127400) } [3709]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3710) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Orehovo-Zujevo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(124900) } [3710]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3711) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kamyšin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Volgograd" ["Population"]=> int(124600) } [3711]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3712) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Novotšeboksarsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tšuvassia" ["Population"]=> int(123400) } [3712]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3713) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Tšerkessk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(21) "Karatšai-Tšerkessia" ["Population"]=> int(121700) } [3713]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3714) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Atšinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Krasnojarsk" ["Population"]=> int(121600) } [3714]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3715) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Magadan" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Magadan" ["Population"]=> int(121000) } [3715]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3716) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Mitšurinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tambov" ["Population"]=> int(120700) } [3716]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3717) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kislovodsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Stavropol" ["Population"]=> int(120400) } [3717]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3718) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Jelets" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Lipetsk" ["Population"]=> int(119400) } [3718]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3719) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Seversk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Tomsk" ["Population"]=> int(118600) } [3719]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3720) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Noginsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(117200) } [3720]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3721) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Velikije Luki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pihkova" ["Population"]=> int(116300) } [3721]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3722) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Novokuibyševsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Samara" ["Population"]=> int(116200) } [3722]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3723) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Neftekamsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Baškortostan" ["Population"]=> int(115700) } [3723]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3724) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Leninsk-Kuznetski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(113800) } [3724]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3725) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Oktjabrski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(13) "Baškortostan" ["Population"]=> int(111500) } [3725]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3726) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Sergijev Posad" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(111100) } [3726]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3727) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Arzamas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Nizni Novgorod" ["Population"]=> int(110700) } [3727]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3728) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Kiseljovsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(110000) } [3728]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3729) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Novotroitsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Orenburg" ["Population"]=> int(109600) } [3729]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3730) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Obninsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kaluga" ["Population"]=> int(108300) } [3730]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3731) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Krasnojarsk" ["Population"]=> int(107400) } [3731]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3732) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Glazov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Udmurtia" ["Population"]=> int(106300) } [3732]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3733) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Solikamsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Perm" ["Population"]=> int(106000) } [3733]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3734) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Sarapul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Udmurtia" ["Population"]=> int(105700) } [3734]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3735) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Ust-Ilimsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Irkutsk" ["Population"]=> int(105200) } [3735]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3736) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Štšolkovo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(104900) } [3736]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3737) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Mezduretšensk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(104400) } [3737]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3738) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Usolje-Sibirskoje" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Irkutsk" ["Population"]=> int(103500) } [3738]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3739) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Elista" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kalmykia" ["Population"]=> int(103300) } [3739]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3740) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Novošahtinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(101900) } [3740]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3741) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Votkinsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Udmurtia" ["Population"]=> int(101700) } [3741]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3742) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Kyzyl" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Tyva" ["Population"]=> int(101100) } [3742]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3743) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Serov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Sverdlovsk" ["Population"]=> int(100400) } [3743]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3744) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Zelenodolsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tatarstan" ["Population"]=> int(100200) } [3744]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3745) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Zeleznodoroznyi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(100100) } [3745]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3746) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kinešma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Ivanovo" ["Population"]=> int(100000) } [3746]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3747) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Kuznetsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Penza" ["Population"]=> int(98200) } [3747]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3748) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Uhta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Komi" ["Population"]=> int(98000) } [3748]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3749) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Jessentuki" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Stavropol" ["Population"]=> int(97900) } [3749]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3750) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tobolsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(6) "Tjumen" ["Population"]=> int(97600) } [3750]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3751) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Neftejugansk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(12) "Hanti-Mansia" ["Population"]=> int(97400) } [3751]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3752) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bataisk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(14) "Rostov-na-Donu" ["Population"]=> int(97300) } [3752]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3753) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nojabrsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(16) "Yamalin Nenetsia" ["Population"]=> int(97300) } [3753]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3754) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Balašov" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Saratov" ["Population"]=> int(97100) } [3754]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3755) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Zeleznogorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kursk" ["Population"]=> int(96900) } [3755]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3756) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Zukovski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(96500) } [3756]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3757) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Anzero-Sudzensk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kemerovo" ["Population"]=> int(96100) } [3757]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3758) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Bugulma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tatarstan" ["Population"]=> int(94100) } [3758]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3759) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Zeleznogorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(11) "Krasnojarsk" ["Population"]=> int(94000) } [3759]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3760) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Novouralsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(10) "Sverdlovsk" ["Population"]=> int(93300) } [3760]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3761) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Puškin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Pietari" ["Population"]=> int(92900) } [3761]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3762) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vorkuta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Komi" ["Population"]=> int(92600) } [3762]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3763) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Derbent" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(8) "Dagestan" ["Population"]=> int(92300) } [3763]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3764) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Kirovo-Tšepetsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(5) "Kirov" ["Population"]=> int(91600) } [3764]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3765) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Krasnogorsk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(91000) } [3765]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3766) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Klin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(7) "Moskova" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3766]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3767) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tšaikovski" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(4) "Perm" ["Population"]=> int(90000) } [3767]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3768) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Novyi Urengoi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "RUS" ["District"]=> string(16) "Yamalin Nenetsia" ["Population"]=> int(89800) } [3768]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3769) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Ho Chi Minh City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(16) "Ho Chi Minh City" ["Population"]=> int(3980000) } [3769]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3770) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Hanoi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(5) "Hanoi" ["Population"]=> int(1410000) } [3770]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3771) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Haiphong" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Haiphong" ["Population"]=> int(783133) } [3771]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3772) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Da Nang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(17) "Quang Nam-Da Nang" ["Population"]=> int(382674) } [3772]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3773) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Biên Hoa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Dong Nai" ["Population"]=> int(282095) } [3773]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3774) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Nha Trang" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khanh Hoa" ["Population"]=> int(221331) } [3774]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3775) ["Name"]=> string(3) "Hue" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(14) "Thua Thien-Hue" ["Population"]=> int(219149) } [3775]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3776) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Can Tho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Can Tho" ["Population"]=> int(215587) } [3776]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3777) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Cam Pha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Quang Binh" ["Population"]=> int(209086) } [3777]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3778) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Nam Dinh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nam Ha" ["Population"]=> int(171699) } [3778]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3779) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Quy Nhon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Binh Dinh" ["Population"]=> int(163385) } [3779]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3780) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Vung Tau" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(15) "Ba Ria-Vung Tau" ["Population"]=> int(145145) } [3780]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3781) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rach Gia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Kien Giang" ["Population"]=> int(141132) } [3781]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3782) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Long Xuyen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(8) "An Giang" ["Population"]=> int(132681) } [3782]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3783) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Thai Nguyen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bac Thai" ["Population"]=> int(127643) } [3783]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3784) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hong Gai" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Quang Ninh" ["Population"]=> int(127484) } [3784]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3785) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Phan Thiêt" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Binh Thuan" ["Population"]=> int(114236) } [3785]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3786) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Cam Ranh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(9) "Khanh Hoa" ["Population"]=> int(114041) } [3786]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3787) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Vinh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Nghe An" ["Population"]=> int(112455) } [3787]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3788) ["Name"]=> string(6) "My Tho" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(10) "Tien Giang" ["Population"]=> int(108404) } [3788]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3789) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Da Lat" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(8) "Lam Dong" ["Population"]=> int(106409) } [3789]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3790) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Buon Ma Thuot" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VNM" ["District"]=> string(7) "Dac Lac" ["Population"]=> int(97044) } [3790]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3791) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Tallinn" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EST" ["District"]=> string(8) "Harjumaa" ["Population"]=> int(403981) } [3791]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3792) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tartu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "EST" ["District"]=> string(8) "Tartumaa" ["Population"]=> int(101246) } [3792]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3793) ["Name"]=> string(8) "New York" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "New York" ["Population"]=> int(8008278) } [3793]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3794) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Los Angeles" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(3694820) } [3794]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3795) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Chicago" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(2896016) } [3795]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3796) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Houston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(1953631) } [3796]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3797) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Philadelphia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Pennsylvania" ["Population"]=> int(1517550) } [3797]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3798) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Phoenix" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(1321045) } [3798]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3799) ["Name"]=> string(9) "San Diego" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(1223400) } [3799]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3800) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dallas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(1188580) } [3800]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3801) ["Name"]=> string(11) "San Antonio" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(1144646) } [3801]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3802) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Detroit" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(951270) } [3802]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3803) ["Name"]=> string(8) "San Jose" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(894943) } [3803]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3804) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Indianapolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Indiana" ["Population"]=> int(791926) } [3804]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3805) ["Name"]=> string(13) "San Francisco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(776733) } [3805]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3806) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Jacksonville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(735167) } [3806]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3807) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Columbus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ohio" ["Population"]=> int(711470) } [3807]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3808) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Austin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(656562) } [3808]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3809) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Baltimore" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Maryland" ["Population"]=> int(651154) } [3809]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3810) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Memphis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tennessee" ["Population"]=> int(650100) } [3810]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3811) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Milwaukee" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Wisconsin" ["Population"]=> int(596974) } [3811]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3812) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Boston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(589141) } [3812]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3813) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Washington" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(20) "District of Columbia" ["Population"]=> int(572059) } [3813]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3814) ["Name"]=> string(18) "Nashville-Davidson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tennessee" ["Population"]=> int(569891) } [3814]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3815) ["Name"]=> string(7) "El Paso" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(563662) } [3815]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3816) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Seattle" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Washington" ["Population"]=> int(563374) } [3816]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3817) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Denver" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(554636) } [3817]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3818) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Charlotte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(540828) } [3818]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3819) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Fort Worth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(534694) } [3819]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3820) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Portland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Oregon" ["Population"]=> int(529121) } [3820]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3821) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Oklahoma City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Oklahoma" ["Population"]=> int(506132) } [3821]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3822) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tucson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(486699) } [3822]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3823) ["Name"]=> string(11) "New Orleans" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Louisiana" ["Population"]=> int(484674) } [3823]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3824) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Las Vegas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nevada" ["Population"]=> int(478434) } [3824]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3825) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cleveland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ohio" ["Population"]=> int(478403) } [3825]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3826) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Long Beach" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(461522) } [3826]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3827) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Albuquerque" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "New Mexico" ["Population"]=> int(448607) } [3827]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3828) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Kansas City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Missouri" ["Population"]=> int(441545) } [3828]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3829) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Fresno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(427652) } [3829]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3830) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Virginia Beach" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(425257) } [3830]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3831) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Atlanta" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Georgia" ["Population"]=> int(416474) } [3831]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3832) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Sacramento" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(407018) } [3832]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3833) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Oakland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(399484) } [3833]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3834) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Mesa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(396375) } [3834]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3835) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tulsa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Oklahoma" ["Population"]=> int(393049) } [3835]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3836) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Omaha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Nebraska" ["Population"]=> int(390007) } [3836]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3837) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Minneapolis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Minnesota" ["Population"]=> int(382618) } [3837]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3838) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Honolulu" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hawaii" ["Population"]=> int(371657) } [3838]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3839) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Miami" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(362470) } [3839]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3840) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Colorado Springs" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(360890) } [3840]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3841) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Saint Louis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Missouri" ["Population"]=> int(348189) } [3841]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3842) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Wichita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kansas" ["Population"]=> int(344284) } [3842]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3843) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Santa Ana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(337977) } [3843]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3844) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Pittsburgh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Pennsylvania" ["Population"]=> int(334563) } [3844]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3845) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Arlington" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(332969) } [3845]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3846) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cincinnati" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ohio" ["Population"]=> int(331285) } [3846]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3847) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Anaheim" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(328014) } [3847]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3848) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Toledo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ohio" ["Population"]=> int(313619) } [3848]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3849) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tampa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(303447) } [3849]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3850) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Buffalo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "New York" ["Population"]=> int(292648) } [3850]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3851) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Saint Paul" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Minnesota" ["Population"]=> int(287151) } [3851]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3852) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Corpus Christi" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(277454) } [3852]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3853) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Aurora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(276393) } [3853]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3854) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Raleigh" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(276093) } [3854]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3855) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Newark" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "New Jersey" ["Population"]=> int(273546) } [3855]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3856) ["Name"]=> string(17) "Lexington-Fayette" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kentucky" ["Population"]=> int(260512) } [3856]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3857) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Anchorage" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Alaska" ["Population"]=> int(260283) } [3857]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3858) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Louisville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Kentucky" ["Population"]=> int(256231) } [3858]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3859) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Riverside" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(255166) } [3859]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3860) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Saint Petersburg" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(248232) } [3860]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3861) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Bakersfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(247057) } [3861]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3862) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Stockton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(243771) } [3862]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3863) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Birmingham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alabama" ["Population"]=> int(242820) } [3863]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3864) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Jersey City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "New Jersey" ["Population"]=> int(240055) } [3864]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3865) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Norfolk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(234403) } [3865]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3866) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Baton Rouge" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Louisiana" ["Population"]=> int(227818) } [3866]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3867) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hialeah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(226419) } [3867]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3868) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lincoln" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Nebraska" ["Population"]=> int(225581) } [3868]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3869) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Greensboro" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(223891) } [3869]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3870) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Plano" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(222030) } [3870]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3871) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Rochester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "New York" ["Population"]=> int(219773) } [3871]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3872) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Glendale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(218812) } [3872]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3873) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Akron" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ohio" ["Population"]=> int(217074) } [3873]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3874) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Garland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(215768) } [3874]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3875) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Madison" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Wisconsin" ["Population"]=> int(208054) } [3875]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3876) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Fort Wayne" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Indiana" ["Population"]=> int(205727) } [3876]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3877) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Fremont" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(203413) } [3877]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3878) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Scottsdale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(202705) } [3878]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3879) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Montgomery" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alabama" ["Population"]=> int(201568) } [3879]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3880) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Shreveport" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Louisiana" ["Population"]=> int(200145) } [3880]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3881) ["Name"]=> string(23) "Augusta-Richmond County" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Georgia" ["Population"]=> int(199775) } [3881]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3882) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lubbock" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(199564) } [3882]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3883) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Chesapeake" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(199184) } [3883]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3884) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mobile" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alabama" ["Population"]=> int(198915) } [3884]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3885) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Des Moines" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Iowa" ["Population"]=> int(198682) } [3885]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3886) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Grand Rapids" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(197800) } [3886]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3887) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Richmond" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(197790) } [3887]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3888) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Yonkers" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "New York" ["Population"]=> int(196086) } [3888]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3889) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Spokane" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Washington" ["Population"]=> int(195629) } [3889]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3890) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Glendale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(194973) } [3890]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3891) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Tacoma" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Washington" ["Population"]=> int(193556) } [3891]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3892) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Irving" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(191615) } [3892]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3893) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Huntington Beach" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(189594) } [3893]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3894) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Modesto" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(188856) } [3894]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3895) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Durham" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(187035) } [3895]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3896) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Columbus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Georgia" ["Population"]=> int(186291) } [3896]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3897) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Orlando" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(185951) } [3897]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3898) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Boise City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Idaho" ["Population"]=> int(185787) } [3898]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3899) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Winston-Salem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(185776) } [3899]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3900) ["Name"]=> string(14) "San Bernardino" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(185401) } [3900]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3901) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Jackson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Mississippi" ["Population"]=> int(184256) } [3901]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3902) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Little Rock" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Arkansas" ["Population"]=> int(183133) } [3902]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3903) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Salt Lake City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Utah" ["Population"]=> int(181743) } [3903]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3904) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Reno" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nevada" ["Population"]=> int(180480) } [3904]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3905) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Newport News" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(180150) } [3905]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3906) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Chandler" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(176581) } [3906]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3907) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Laredo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(176576) } [3907]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3908) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Henderson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nevada" ["Population"]=> int(175381) } [3908]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3909) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Arlington" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(174838) } [3909]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3910) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Knoxville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tennessee" ["Population"]=> int(173890) } [3910]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3911) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Amarillo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(173627) } [3911]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3912) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Providence" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Rhode Island" ["Population"]=> int(173618) } [3912]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3913) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Chula Vista" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(173556) } [3913]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3914) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Worcester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(172648) } [3914]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3915) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Oxnard" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(170358) } [3915]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3916) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Dayton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Ohio" ["Population"]=> int(166179) } [3916]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3917) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Garden Grove" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(165196) } [3917]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3918) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Oceanside" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(161029) } [3918]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3919) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Tempe" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(158625) } [3919]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3920) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Huntsville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Alabama" ["Population"]=> int(158216) } [3920]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3921) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Ontario" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(158007) } [3921]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3922) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Chattanooga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tennessee" ["Population"]=> int(155554) } [3922]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3923) ["Name"]=> string(15) "Fort Lauderdale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(152397) } [3923]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3924) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Springfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(152082) } [3924]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3925) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Springfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Missouri" ["Population"]=> int(151580) } [3925]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3926) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Santa Clarita" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(151088) } [3926]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3927) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Salinas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(151060) } [3927]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3928) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Tallahassee" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(150624) } [3928]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3929) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Rockford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(150115) } [3929]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3930) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pomona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(149473) } [3930]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3931) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Metairie" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Louisiana" ["Population"]=> int(149428) } [3931]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3932) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Paterson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "New Jersey" ["Population"]=> int(149222) } [3932]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3933) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Overland Park" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kansas" ["Population"]=> int(149080) } [3933]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3934) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Santa Rosa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(147595) } [3934]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3935) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Syracuse" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "New York" ["Population"]=> int(147306) } [3935]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3936) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Kansas City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kansas" ["Population"]=> int(146866) } [3936]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3937) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hampton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(146437) } [3937]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3938) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Lakewood" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(144126) } [3938]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3939) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Vancouver" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Washington" ["Population"]=> int(143560) } [3939]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3940) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Irvine" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(143072) } [3940]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3941) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Aurora" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(142990) } [3941]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3942) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Moreno Valley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(142381) } [3942]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3943) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pasadena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(141674) } [3943]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3944) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Hayward" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(140030) } [3944]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3945) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Brownsville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(139722) } [3945]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3946) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Bridgeport" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Connecticut" ["Population"]=> int(139529) } [3946]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3947) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Hollywood" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(139357) } [3947]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3948) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Warren" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(138247) } [3948]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3949) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Torrance" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(137946) } [3949]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3950) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Eugene" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Oregon" ["Population"]=> int(137893) } [3950]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3951) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Pembroke Pines" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(137427) } [3951]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3952) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Salem" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Oregon" ["Population"]=> int(136924) } [3952]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3953) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Pasadena" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(133936) } [3953]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3954) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Escondido" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(133559) } [3954]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3955) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Sunnyvale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(131760) } [3955]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3956) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Savannah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Georgia" ["Population"]=> int(131510) } [3956]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3957) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Fontana" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(128929) } [3957]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3958) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Orange" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(128821) } [3958]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3959) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Naperville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(128358) } [3959]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3960) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Alexandria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(128283) } [3960]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3961) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Rancho Cucamonga" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(127743) } [3961]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3962) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Grand Prairie" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(127427) } [3962]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3963) ["Name"]=> string(16) "East Los Angeles" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(126379) } [3963]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3964) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Fullerton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(126003) } [3964]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3965) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Corona" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(124966) } [3965]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3966) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Flint" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(124943) } [3966]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3967) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Paradise" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nevada" ["Population"]=> int(124682) } [3967]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3968) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Mesquite" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(124523) } [3968]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3969) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Sterling Heights" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(124471) } [3969]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3970) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Sioux Falls" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(12) "South Dakota" ["Population"]=> int(123975) } [3970]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3971) ["Name"]=> string(9) "New Haven" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Connecticut" ["Population"]=> int(123626) } [3971]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3972) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Topeka" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Kansas" ["Population"]=> int(122377) } [3972]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3973) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Concord" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(121780) } [3973]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3974) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Evansville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Indiana" ["Population"]=> int(121582) } [3974]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3975) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Hartford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Connecticut" ["Population"]=> int(121578) } [3975]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3976) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Fayetteville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(121015) } [3976]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3977) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Cedar Rapids" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Iowa" ["Population"]=> int(120758) } [3977]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3978) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Elizabeth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "New Jersey" ["Population"]=> int(120568) } [3978]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3979) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Lansing" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(119128) } [3979]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3980) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Lancaster" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(118718) } [3980]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3981) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Fort Collins" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(118652) } [3981]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3982) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Coral Springs" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(117549) } [3982]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3983) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Stamford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Connecticut" ["Population"]=> int(117083) } [3983]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3984) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Thousand Oaks" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(117005) } [3984]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3985) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Vallejo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(116760) } [3985]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3986) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Palmdale" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(116670) } [3986]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3987) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Columbia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "South Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(116278) } [3987]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3988) ["Name"]=> string(8) "El Monte" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(115965) } [3988]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3989) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Abilene" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(115930) } [3989]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3990) ["Name"]=> string(15) "North Las Vegas" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nevada" ["Population"]=> int(115488) } [3990]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3991) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Ann Arbor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(114024) } [3991]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3992) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Beaumont" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(113866) } [3992]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3993) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Waco" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(113726) } [3993]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3994) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Macon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Georgia" ["Population"]=> int(113336) } [3994]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3995) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Independence" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Missouri" ["Population"]=> int(113288) } [3995]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3996) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Peoria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(112936) } [3996]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3997) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Inglewood" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(112580) } [3997]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3998) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Springfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(111454) } [3998]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(3999) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Simi Valley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(111351) } [3999]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4000) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Lafayette" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Louisiana" ["Population"]=> int(110257) } [4000]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4001) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Gilbert" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(109697) } [4001]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4002) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Carrollton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(109576) } [4002]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4003) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bellevue" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "Washington" ["Population"]=> int(109569) } [4003]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4004) ["Name"]=> string(16) "West Valley City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Utah" ["Population"]=> int(108896) } [4004]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4005) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Clarksville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Tennessee" ["Population"]=> int(108787) } [4005]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4006) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Costa Mesa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(108724) } [4006]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4007) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Peoria" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Arizona" ["Population"]=> int(108364) } [4007]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4008) ["Name"]=> string(10) "South Bend" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Indiana" ["Population"]=> int(107789) } [4008]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4009) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Downey" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(107323) } [4009]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4010) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Waterbury" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(11) "Connecticut" ["Population"]=> int(107271) } [4010]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4011) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Manchester" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "New Hampshire" ["Population"]=> int(107006) } [4011]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4012) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Allentown" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Pennsylvania" ["Population"]=> int(106632) } [4012]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4013) ["Name"]=> string(7) "McAllen" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(106414) } [4013]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4014) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Joliet" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(106221) } [4014]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4015) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Lowell" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(105167) } [4015]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4016) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Provo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Utah" ["Population"]=> int(105166) } [4016]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4017) ["Name"]=> string(11) "West Covina" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(105080) } [4017]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4018) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Wichita Falls" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(104197) } [4018]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4019) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Erie" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(12) "Pennsylvania" ["Population"]=> int(103717) } [4019]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4020) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Daly City" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(103621) } [4020]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4021) ["Name"]=> string(14) "Citrus Heights" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(103455) } [4021]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4022) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Norwalk" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(103298) } [4022]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4023) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Gary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Indiana" ["Population"]=> int(102746) } [4023]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4024) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Berkeley" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(102743) } [4024]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4025) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Santa Clara" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(102361) } [4025]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4026) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Green Bay" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Wisconsin" ["Population"]=> int(102313) } [4026]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4027) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Cape Coral" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(102286) } [4027]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4028) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Arvada" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(102153) } [4028]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4029) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Pueblo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(102121) } [4029]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4030) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Sandy" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Utah" ["Population"]=> int(101853) } [4030]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4031) ["Name"]=> string(20) "Athens-Clarke County" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Georgia" ["Population"]=> int(101489) } [4031]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4032) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Cambridge" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(101355) } [4032]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4033) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Westminster" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(100940) } [4033]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4034) ["Name"]=> string(16) "San Buenaventura" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(100916) } [4034]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4035) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Portsmouth" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(100565) } [4035]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4036) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Livonia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Michigan" ["Population"]=> int(100545) } [4036]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4037) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Burbank" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(100316) } [4037]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4038) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Clearwater" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(99936) } [4038]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4039) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Midland" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(98293) } [4039]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4040) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Davenport" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(4) "Iowa" ["Population"]=> int(98256) } [4040]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4041) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Mission Viejo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(98049) } [4041]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4042) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Miami Beach" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(97855) } [4042]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4043) ["Name"]=> string(13) "Sunrise Manor" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nevada" ["Population"]=> int(95362) } [4043]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4044) ["Name"]=> string(11) "New Bedford" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(94780) } [4044]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4045) ["Name"]=> string(8) "El Cajon" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(94578) } [4045]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4046) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Norman" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Oklahoma" ["Population"]=> int(94193) } [4046]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4047) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Richmond" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(94100) } [4047]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4048) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Albany" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "New York" ["Population"]=> int(93994) } [4048]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4049) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Brockton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(93653) } [4049]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4050) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Roanoke" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Virginia" ["Population"]=> int(93357) } [4050]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4051) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Billings" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Montana" ["Population"]=> int(92988) } [4051]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4052) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Compton" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(92864) } [4052]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4053) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Gainesville" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(7) "Florida" ["Population"]=> int(92291) } [4053]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4054) ["Name"]=> string(9) "Fairfield" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(92256) } [4054]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4055) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Arden-Arcade" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(92040) } [4055]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4056) ["Name"]=> string(9) "San Mateo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(91799) } [4056]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4057) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Visalia" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(91762) } [4057]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4058) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Boulder" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Colorado" ["Population"]=> int(91238) } [4058]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4059) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Cary" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "North Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(91213) } [4059]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4060) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Santa Monica" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(91084) } [4060]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4061) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Fall River" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(13) "Massachusetts" ["Population"]=> int(90555) } [4061]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4062) ["Name"]=> string(7) "Kenosha" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(9) "Wisconsin" ["Population"]=> int(89447) } [4062]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4063) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Elgin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(8) "Illinois" ["Population"]=> int(89408) } [4063]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4064) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Odessa" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(5) "Texas" ["Population"]=> int(89293) } [4064]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4065) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Carson" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(10) "California" ["Population"]=> int(89089) } [4065]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4066) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Charleston" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "USA" ["District"]=> string(14) "South Carolina" ["Population"]=> int(89063) } [4066]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4067) ["Name"]=> string(16) "Charlotte Amalie" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "VIR" ["District"]=> string(9) "St Thomas" ["Population"]=> int(13000) } [4067]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4068) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Harare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZWE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Harare" ["Population"]=> int(1410000) } [4068]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4069) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Bulawayo" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZWE" ["District"]=> string(8) "Bulawayo" ["Population"]=> int(621742) } [4069]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4070) ["Name"]=> string(11) "Chitungwiza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZWE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Harare" ["Population"]=> int(274912) } [4070]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4071) ["Name"]=> string(12) "Mount Darwin" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZWE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Harare" ["Population"]=> int(164362) } [4071]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4072) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Mutare" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZWE" ["District"]=> string(10) "Manicaland" ["Population"]=> int(131367) } [4072]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4073) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Gweru" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "ZWE" ["District"]=> string(8) "Midlands" ["Population"]=> int(128037) } [4073]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4074) ["Name"]=> string(4) "Gaza" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PSE" ["District"]=> string(4) "Gaza" ["Population"]=> int(353632) } [4074]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4075) ["Name"]=> string(10) "Khan Yunis" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PSE" ["District"]=> string(10) "Khan Yunis" ["Population"]=> int(123175) } [4075]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4076) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Hebron" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PSE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Hebron" ["Population"]=> int(119401) } [4076]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4077) ["Name"]=> string(8) "Jabaliya" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PSE" ["District"]=> string(10) "North Gaza" ["Population"]=> int(113901) } [4077]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4078) ["Name"]=> string(6) "Nablus" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PSE" ["District"]=> string(6) "Nablus" ["Population"]=> int(100231) } [4078]=> array(5) { ["ID"]=> int(4079) ["Name"]=> string(5) "Rafah" ["CountryCode"]=> string(3) "PSE" ["District"]=> string(5) "Rafah" ["Population"]=> int(92020) } }